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How To Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing For Free?

Is there a way to track my child's iPhone without them knowing for free? Find out about all the methods in today's article!

Raven Noir
Dec 05, 20233486 Shares83007 Views
Did you know that “How can I track my child's phone without them knowing for free?” is one of the most searched requests on Google? We guess that the reason for that is because smart parents know that even good kids are getting in trouble. Taking into consideration how much harm could be done to a small child by strangers, relatives, friends, or even teachers and adding up potential Internet-related threads, there is no way you can relax and not keep an eye on your kid.
We decided to investigate the topic and find out how a parent can track kids' phone without them knowing, monitor their location if needed, and what free methods could be used for these purposes.

Why Would I Want to Track My Kid’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Having so many dangerous people outside and not having the possibility to grant your kid 24/7 attention is a modern pain, and looking for ways to resolve the issue, people are coming to the parental control solution.
Still, there are some reasons for smart parents to keep tracking hush-hush from their kids. Here are some of the most popular:
  • Maintaining trust while ensuring safety
  • Preventing arguments or rebellion
  • Avoiding misinterpretation and lying
  • Surveillance as a last resort
  • Concerns about safety breaches and simple observation
  • Avoiding humiliation in front of the kid's friends

What Are the Benefits of Using Parental Control Apps to Track Your Child?

Using a parental control app/device or mobile number trackeris a good answer to the question, “How to track my child's phone without them knowing for free?” because this is the simplest way for location tracking, and some apps even allow you to monitor phone activities of your kid.
But what are the actual benefits for you when you track your child? Here are some potential advantages you might not know:
  • Emergencies - Location tracking serves as a valuable tool in emergencies, helping parents quickly locate their child, particularly in unfamiliar or crowded places
  • Preventing unauthorized locations - Parents can use location tracking to ensure their child is not in places they shouldn't be, contributing to the prevention of potentially risky situations
  • Promoting responsible independence - Location tracking allows parents to gradually grant more independence to their children while maintaining oversight, which is especially beneficial for teenagers exploring the world independently
  • Addressing safety concerns - Parents can utilize location tracking to address specific safety concerns, such as avoiding certain neighborhoods or areas known for higher risks

5 Ways to Track a Child’s Phone and What Information Parents Need to Track

Parents who want to track their child's phone without them knowing for freeor on a budget typically use various methods and apps. Here are 5 common ways to track a child's phone according to Google, along with the types of information parents can typically access:
  • Built-in phone features - parents can access location, call logs, and text messages information by using build-in parental controls and location trackers for Android and iOS
  • Third-party parental control apps - location, web browsing history, app usage, social media activity, texts, and call information can be tracked
  • Mobile number location tracking - parents can monitor real-time location information by a phone number via or
  • Google location sharing - GPS location tracking using Google Maps
  • Location tracking devices - AirTag, SmartWatches, etc.
Unfortunately, not all of the methods we mentioned are universal and can provide you with the needed information. Moreover, some would make it almost impossible to track a kid’s location without them knowing, as you have to get access to their phone at least once to set up the monitoring.
Let's then eliminate those methods and talk a bit more about the ones that would work flawlessly and be free or very cheap so parental control won't hurt your family budget.

Best Methods to Help You Track Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing on Budget

We picked 3 best phone location methods for you, and now we will share with you our main thoughts on them.

Parental Control - Phone Built-In Features

We start with the parental control method, which is based on the phone's built-in features. We advise you to go through the phone and see what it has to offer. The method is free, so it will go easy on your budget, but you need to remember that the built-in features strictly depend on the phone model and software, which means that some phones will be less useful for parental control purposes.
When it comes to any modern Android phone or iOS-powered devices, it's clear that developers were seeing all of those “How can I track my child's location without them knowing” and “How to track my child's iPhone without them knowing” Google requests and decided to do something about it. That is how “Find My” and “Find My Device” appeared on our phones and can now be used for GPS location and parental control.

Third-Party GPS Location Tracker -

GPS Location Tracker
GPS Location Tracker
We mentioned this method briefly before and found it to be absolutely genius, to be honest. Some third-party apps - the apps that you can install or use web-based - allow parents to track the real-time location of their kids anonymously, without the need to access their phones and only within a few clicks. Let us explain it better based on an example real quick.
We picked to demonstrate the location tracking process to you, but it has a lot of cool alternatives - like, for example. You will need only a phone number or any messenger to proceed.
The app doesn't require installation and works in 3 simple steps:
  • Step 1: Account creation and subscription plan picking. You have two options: $39.99 per 1-month subscription or $139.99 - annually. The smart parent's choice is obvious in this case. You may also run into a free trial offer online.
  • Step 2: Logging in and message creation. The app will generate a link that will be attached to the message and give you access to the target device location after being clicked on. The message might be any - the point is to make sure that your kid will open and click it. It can be sent via SMS, Facebook, or any messenger. You can also use an enticing picture to encourage them to click!
  • Step 3: Follow a real-life location of your child on your phone. That’s it! The method is simple, fast, and undetected - everything that you are looking for.

Location Tracking Device

The last way to track your kid's location on our list is to use a location-tracking device. If you have never heard of them, those are small electronic devices - like watches, tags, bracelets, necklaces, or even rings that can share the owner's location. Usually, they are well-hidden and almost undetected.
The biggest problem with this method is to ensure that the kids will have this device on them every day and won't ignore or give it to the other kids in school. Apart from that - this is one of the best solutions for location tracking created.

Conclusion About Child Phone Tracking Without Them Knowing for Free

Now you know the answer to the question, “How can I track my child's location without them knowing?” We hope that our investigation was helpful and insightful. The smart parent should remember, though, that while parental control apps can be beneficial, their effectiveness depends on a balanced approach that considers the child's age, maturity, and overall parent-child relationship.
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