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IPhones With Original Twitter Logo Are Being Sold Online For Up To $24K


In a surprising turn of events, iPhones with original Twitter logo are being sold online for up to $24k. The phenomenon has garnered attention from tech enthusiasts, collectors, and investors alike. This unusual trend is sparked by the nostalgic appeal of the classic Twitter logo, which has been associated with the social media giant's early days.

A brief search of the buying and selling website reveals one listing for AUD $12,000, another for AUD $16,500 at auction, and a Buy It Now price of AUD $24,800.

Twitter made a significant design change to its logo, unveiling a new version called "Twitter X." However, the new logo's design received criticism and sparked controversy as some users and internet communities noticed similarities to certain explicit adult-themed websites.

The unfavorable comparisons led to heated discussions across social media platforms, with some even questioning Twitter's decision-making process behind the logo redesign.

If you download or upgrade the Twitter app, the icon on your phone will now have a black backdrop and an X logo instead of a blue background and a white bird.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/iphones-with-original-twitter-logo-are-being-sold-online-for-up-to-dollar-24k/ by Raven Noir on 2023-08-04T03:32:21.066Z

People who haven't done so yet are seeking to sell their smartphones on sites like eBay at exorbitant prices.

Old Twitter app shown in a smartphone
Old Twitter app shown in a smartphone

IPhones with the original Twitter logo are being sold online for up to $24k. The demand for iPhones featuring the original Twitter logo can be attributed to a combination of nostalgia and rarity.

The classic Twitter logo represents the early days of the social media platform when it was gaining popularity and becoming a cultural phenomenon. Owning a piece of technology with this iconic logo holds sentimental value for many users who have been part of the Twitter community since its inception.

Moreover, the rarity of these iPhones adds to their allure. The original Twitter logo was phased out years ago when the company rebranded and adopted the now-familiar bird silhouette logo. As a result, iPhones with the vintage Twitter logo are becoming increasingly scarce, making them highly sought-after among collectors and tech enthusiasts.

The online marketplace has become a hotbed for these unique iPhones, as sellers capitalize on the demand and rarity of the devices. The situation has led to a surge in prices, with some listings reaching astonishing figures of up to $24,000. Bidding wars and increased attention from potential buyers have driven up the prices, turning the iPhones into collector's items with hefty price tags.


IPhones with the original Twitter logo are being sold online for up to $24k. The rise in popularity and value of iPhones featuring the original Twitter logo is a fascinating development in the tech and collector's market.

The combination of nostalgia, rarity, and controversy surrounding the Twitter X logo has led to a surge in demand and high prices for these devices. As the trend continues to gain momentum, it remains to be seen how much these iPhones will appreciate in value, making them a unique investment prospect for tech enthusiasts and investors alike.

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