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Karambit Skins In Counter-Strike 2 And CS:GO: Prices And Design


The release of a new version of the famous shooter caused an unprecedented rush for skins. In CS2, skins are even brighter and more attractive. This is great news for fans of karambit loreand other exquisite skins of the famous knife, as the colors have become deeper with more detailed drawing. How will the skins of the legendary knife look in CS2?

Karambit | Lore

Lore has one of the highest prices among Karambit knife skins: it starts at $745 and costs at least $2,880 in a Factory New exterior.

On this skin, gold paint with various patterns has been applied to the surface of the blade and the ring of the knife. The handle of the knife is painted dark green. Now a little about the difference in qualities. On a Well-Worn exterior, the skin has some light wear on its surface. Of course, this spoils the appearance of the skin, but not critically. Everything in moderation. The StatTrak™ function is available for this skin in Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred exteriors only.

Karambit | Autotronic


Autotronic is another expensive knife skin; it costs from $869. On it, some parts of the blade seem to be covered in red, and some seem to be polished. The handle of the knife remains in the base color, so when worn, any inaccuracies or scratches are not visible.

This skin lacks the Factory New exterior and it turns out that the newest exterior is Minimal Wear, and the StatTrak™ function starts with Field-Tested. Because there is not a large amount of paint on this skin, the user will not notice much change. The maximum that awaits the skin is darkening of the metal, but this is not a big problem for some users. On the contrary, users like this color and are happy to use the skin.

Karambit | Night


Night has an above-average price and is also among the expensive Karambit skins (from $569). It has black paint on the surface of the blade and the ring of the knife, with a slight addition of blue paint. The handle of the knife is painted black and gray, with some blue parts.

On the Field-Tested exterior, the heaviest abrasions are on the surface of the ring blade. These abrasions slightly spoil the appearance of the knife, because they do not have a neat appearance at all, which seriously contrasts against the background of the black paint.

Karambit | Ultraviolet


Ultraviolet has an average price. You can buy it from $569, but if we are talking about a newer exterior, then the price will be higher—in MW it is $904.

On this skin, black spray paint has been applied to the surface of the blade, handle, and ring of the knife as a background. Purple paint is on some parts of the handle. Now a little about the difference in exteriors. In the Field-Tested exterior, the largest abrasions are on the surface of the blade, which some users like. The skin looks good even with a lot of wear.

Is it worth buying skins now?

The excitement around the release of CS2 created such a situation that even before the official release, the cost of some skins increased by 5–10%, and the most famous ones by even more. This situation suggests that you should not wait to buy skins, because now CS2 has been released, skins will continue to increase in price.

It turns out that the minimum growth will be about 20%, which allows traders to make money by buying and selling skins. However, in this case, you need to carefully analyze the market, understand trends, and know what is popular with users—and what is not.

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