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Lady Gaga’s Former Bullies Set Up A Facebook Group Saying ‘You’ll Never Be Famous’


Remember having those most likely to...' awards voted on by your peers in high school - or at least at the end of it?

Do you have any idea what I got? At 30, you're most likely to be requested for identification. Those who know me are aware of my baby face and inability to grow facial hair, but despite my fears, I just went with it at the time, dying on the inside.

Now that I'm four years older, I'm still being identified. They had been aware of the situation all along. The skeptics were correct, and it was foolish of me not to listen to them.

Lady Gaga's narrative, on the other hand, is virtually the polar opposite of my difficulties in every manner imaginable, since she's hushed her detractors in ways I've never been able to.

Thanks to her huge single "Shallow" from A Singer Is Born, the famous – and really lovely – star won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at this year's Oscars. She became the first person to win a BAFTA, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy all in the same year.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/lady-gagas-former-bullies-set-up-a-facebook-group-saying-youll-never-be-famous/ by Raven Noir on 2022-04-22T08:01:38.606Z

Lady gaga wearing a silver dress and a diamond necklace with blow-dry hair
Lady gaga wearing a silver dress and a diamond necklace with blow-dry hair

All of this happened after her university attackers created a Facebook group called 'Stefani Germanotta (her real name), you will never be famous,' dedicated to her.

That's it, haters!

"When Lady Gaga was in university, there was a Facebook group called “Stefani Germanotta, you’ll never be famous” Facebook and now she is the FIRST woman in history to win an Oscar, Grammy, BAFTA, and Golden Globe all in the same year."

— Majd (@majdgeorge98) February 25,2019.

Stefani Germanotta, You’ll Never Be Famous Members

Lauren Bohn, a Middle East correspondent for The GroundTruth Project, wrote in an op-ed for HelloGiggles that she discovered the organization as a college student when she "was a freshman at NYU and Facebook was only a year old," according to HelloGiggles. Members of the group referred to Gaga as an "attention-wh*re," according to Bohn.

People were enthralled by the story, which is a typical revenge story:

"The 12 members have me in tears. Yall couldn’t even hate effectively."

— Shaunté Daurice (@maseratishaunny) 26 February 2019

Lady gaga wearing a black off-shoulder dress with sleek hair; FB comments on FB group' Steffani Germanotta'
Lady gaga wearing a black off-shoulder dress with sleek hair; FB comments on FB group' Steffani Germanotta'

"Imagine being the people who told lady gaga she would never be famous LMFAO that’s so embarrassing."

— gray (@graysonmcmurphy) February 27, 2019

"Lady Gaga is an inspiration to all the haters, bullies, body shammers who try to bring people down because of their own fears and insecurities,..she was called ugly and teased that she’ll never be famous ..look at her now ..RESPECT! Rise above the hate and envy and SHINE."

— Luke Coutinho (@LukeCoutinho17) February 26, 2019

'Probably trying to push and shove to the front of the line. “sign this please, we went to university together” You’re so awesome!!'

— Creme Egg Greg (@jonochapman82) 26 February 2019

"She should have invited all 12 of them to the Oscars."

— kc jones ✌❄🇺🇸 (@krs10_) 26 February 2019


Gaga, without a doubt, has had the final laugh in a wonderfully inspirational way.

I'm currently listening to Ant Middleton's (the short, fiery guy from SAS: Who Dares Wins) memoirs, and he talks about how the only positive form of revenge is a success.

The key to happiness is to drown out the noise, to recognize yourself and your worth, and to work hard at your craft.

But why can't I just grow a f***ing mustache?

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