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Mattel Releases Limited-Edition 'Weird Barbie' Doll


In a bold move that celebrates diversity and uniqueness, Mattel releases limited-edition 'Weird Barbie' doll, captivating the world with a refreshing departure from the conventional.

This groundbreaking addition to the iconic Barbie lineup aims to break down barriers and redefine beauty standards by embracing the beauty of being different. As the world's leading toy manufacturer, Mattel's decision to introduce the 'Weird Barbie' doll is a testament to its commitment to inclusivity and representation in the world of play.

‘Weird Barbie’ Can Now Be Yours for $50

The toy firm that created the well-known Barbie line has unveiled a trademark doll based on the Kate McKinnon character from Greta Gerwig's hit "Barbie." Barbie is sent on her voyage by McKinnon's character in the film, played by Margot Robbie.

Mattel releases limited-edition 'Weird Barbie' doll, generating excitement and intrigue among Barbie enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. This limited-edition release is poised to be a game-changer, ushering in a new era of Barbie dolls that reflect the myriad facets of individuality and the vibrant spectrum of human experiences.

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Traditionally, Barbie dolls have portrayed conventional beauty ideals, often adhering to established norms. However, the introduction of the 'Weird Barbie' doll signals a revolutionary shift towards celebrating the unconventional and the extraordinary.

The limited-edition doll has a hot pink costume that is nearly identical to the one McKinnon wears in the film, as well as facial markings and unusually cut and colored hair "to emulate a doll that's been played with just a little too much," according to Mattel in the product description.

Weird Barbie has a $50 price tag and is currently up for pre-order on the Mattel website. It's anticipated that the dolls will arrive on or about May 31, 2024.

Weird Barbie
Weird Barbie

The doll is one among seven items in a larger collection inspired by the blockbuster movie, which also includes a Hot Wheels Corvette set and many Barbie and Ken dolls dressed as they did on-screen.

With a quirky and unique design, the doll defies expectations, encouraging children and collectors alike to embrace their quirks and idiosyncrasies proudly.

The 'Weird Barbie' doll is a celebration of individuality, reminding everyone that being different is a beautiful thing. With its whimsical accessories, vibrant hair colors, and playful clothing, the doll encourages a sense of self-expression that goes beyond the ordinary.

This message is particularly powerful for young minds, teaching them the importance of embracing diversity and being true to themselves.

Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s executive vice president and chief brand officer, said in a statement:

With the latest editions to the collection, we are offering even more ways for fans to immerse themselves in Barbie Land and celebrate the characters and stories they see on screen. Barbie continues to be the cultural event of the summer, and as we chart Mattel’s path forward, she will continue to serve as an icon of empowerment and inspiration for generations to come.- Lisa McKnight


In a world that celebrates diversity and uniqueness, Mattel releases limited-edition 'Weird Barbie' doll. The 'Weird Barbie' doll has emerged as a trailblazing symbol of progress.

Mattel's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining norms is commendable, and this limited-edition doll will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on both the toy industry and the hearts of those who believe that being 'weird' is a beautiful thing.

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