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Mom Names Baby 'McFlurry' After Giving Birth At McDonald’s Parking Lot During A Snowstorm

Read about the heartwarming story of how a mom names baby 'McFlurry' after giving birth at McDonald’s parking lot during a snowstorm, capturing hearts with this unique birth tale.

Raven Noir
Jan 25, 20241698 Shares24612 Views
In a remarkable turn of events, a Wisconsin mom names baby 'McFlurry' after giving birth at McDonald’s parking lot during a snowstorm. This unique birth story has captured the attention of Fox News Digital.

A Snowy Surprise - Early Arrival In The Fast Food Lot

Analysia Beck, a resident of Muskego, Wisconsin, was taken by surprise when she began experiencing contractions in the middle of the night on January 12, two weeks ahead of her scheduled due date.
Beck, already a mother of two, quickly realized that her baby was not going to wait for a hospital delivery. "I was like, ‘No, like, it’s happening right now. We need to pull over,'" she recalled.
The urgency of the situation led Beck and her husband to the nearest refuge they could find – the parking lot of a local McDonald's.
In an interview, Beck shared, “So I had him call the hospital and the hospital, of course, is asking all these questions, and they asked what my plan for pain was, and I [responded], ‘An epidural immediately’.” However, the fast-approaching birth meant that her plans would have to change.
As snow blanketed the area, Beck prepared for delivery in the trunk of their SUV. “Halfway through, I was just lying in our trunk, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. This is happening at McDonald’s … I can’t believe it,” she said, describing the surreal nature of her experience.
Their son, named Micah Daniel Beck aka McFlurry, made his entrance into the world right there, with the golden arches as a backdrop.
The paramedics arrived just in time to assist with the final moments of the birth. “As soon as I knew the paramedics were there, I pushed … [and] within minutes, they pretty much ran in and caught the baby,” Beck recounted. The snowstorm, which eventually left 15 inches of snow in Muskego, added to the drama of the situation.
The unique circumstances of Micah's birth inspired a variety of playful nicknames, with "McFlurry" being the chosen moniker. Alternatives like “Mickey D’s,” “McBaby,” and “Small Fry” were also considered.
First responder Brianna Baltutis, from the Hales Corners Fire Department, shared her perspective on the unexpected delivery. Initially dispatched to transfer Beck to the hospital, she found herself assisting in the baby's birth instead. “We got there and we were thinking we’d get her loaded up and to the hospital, before she actually delivered the baby,” she said.
For Baltutis, this experience was a career highlight. “For me, there are people who will go through the fire service for 30-plus years and they won’t ever deliver a baby, so I think that’s super, super cool,” she expressed.
Baltutis also noted the rarity of such a joyful occasion in her line of work. The young paramedic was thrilled to be part of a story with a happy ending, a contrast to the often challenging scenarios she faces in her job.


The birth of "McFlurry" Beck is a heartwarming reminder of the unpredictability of life and the resilience of the human spirit, even amidst challenging circumstances. This extraordinary tale of a snowstorm, a fast-food parking lot, and a newborn's timely arrival has become a cherished story for the Beck family and an inspiring anecdote for the community.
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