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Multi-Millionaire's Secret To Reverse Aging - 20,000 Sit-Ups In 30 Minutes Revealed


Multi-millionaire's secret to reverse aging - 20,000 sit-ups in 30 Minutes revealed. What if you could turn back the clock on aging? For one man, Bryan Johnson, that's not just a dream - it's a $2 million reality. Johnson has revealed his secret weapon in his fightagainst aging - a special machine that helps him perform 20,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes.

Man Spends $2M To Turn Back Biological Clock With 20,000 Sit-ups In 30 Minutes

Bryan Johnson has been on a mission to reverse his biological age through an intensive and expensive medical program called Project Blueprint. Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old entrepreneur, has spent $2 million per year on an experimental medical program called Project Blueprint.

The goal of the program is to reverse his biological age and regain the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old.

This program has not been for the faint-hearted, with Johnson working out for at least an hour every day, following a strict vegan diet, and undergoing numerous medical procedures each month.

Despite the intense effort required, Johnson claims that his program has given him the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old, and he is committed to his goal of achieving and maintaining peak wellness.

Has this man really found the cure for ageing? | @BryanJohnson

Johnson worked with a team of 30 doctors to monitor his body and fitness levels closely. His intensive daily workout routine includes at least an hour of exercise per day and three high-intensity workouts per week.

One part of Johnson’s exercise routine involves a special machine that puts his body through the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes.

According to Johnson, the machine pulls his entire stomach out and makes him feel like it's being ripped out. However, he reports that his mid-section has never felt stronger, and he feels more athletic than ever before.

Bryan Johnson topless with minutes labeled in his chest area
Bryan Johnson topless with minutes labeled in his chest area

In addition to his workout regimen, Johnson follows a strict vegan diet that consists of 1,977 calories per day. He also maintains a consistent sleep schedule, wearing special blue light glasses for two hours before bedtime. Bloomberg reports that Johnson undergoes numerous medical procedures each month, some of which are described as "quite extreme and painful."

Achieving and maintaining peak wellness is just going to be a lot of really hard work.- Bryan Johnson wrote on Medium

However, he believes that by reversing his measured biological age by 1.01 years for every year that passes, he can reach the first stage of aging escape velocity, where life expectancy increases faster than passed time.


In conclusion, Bryan Johnson's dedication to reversing his biological age is extreme and expensive, but he believes that the results are worth it. Through his intense workout routine, strict vegan diet, and various medical procedures, Johnson hopes to achieve peak wellness and extend his life expectancy.

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