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Nail The Indie Aesthetic With These Brands


There’s an abundance of aesthetics in fashion at the moment that it's difficult to stay ahead. Soft girlies, IG baddies, gorpcore, and evidently angelcore are all the rage right now. None, however, are as popular as the indie aesthetic. Indie vibes include mostly baby tees, large cardigans, hoodies, clunky sneakers, and baggy denim. As you’d expect, they’re popularized by TikTok. But, unlike the indie rock style, don't expect to see many logos or brand names. Instead, imagine a bunch of diverse, nostalgia-inspired pieces that appear like they came from the coolest thrift shop. Next time you win while online sports betting, consider shopping from these brands.

Los Angeles Apparel

This business prioritizes sustainability over aesthetics, although the two blend very well. To think independently means being a little rebellious at heart, and Los Angeles Apparel is all about that. This brand is deeply committed to sustainability and efficiency. They purchase textile and yarn products from the US to support domestic manufacturing. They benefit their consumers' interests, the health of the local and continental industrial bases, and the eventual wellbeing of the environment through a decreased carbon footprint.


Altaire is an indie accessories brand that is eager to design bags that are appropriate for life's dualities. Their locally designed and produced bags and pouches strike a mix between modern and traditional. They combine aspects of nature and structure, travel-inspired materials, and home-inspired shapes. Think out of the box with Altaire, whether it's texture, a little accent, or a colour scheme you never thought could complement your indie look.

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Abacus Row

There is no better brand to resort to when it comes to mastering the indie vibe than Abacus Row. Their elegant jewelry will become the appropriate final touch to your outfit. It will also seem effortlessly cool, adhering to the indie guidelines' principles. Each item of Abacus Row accessories is thoughtfully designed and skillfully created. They present a delicate approach to beading.

Alchemy Works

Alchemy Works, a beachside retail, art, and event facility, can help you take the retro indie look to the next level. This company sells everything from clothing to home furnishings. Among the brands it carries are Modern Weaving and Cult Gaia, with an emphasis on high craftsmanship and long-lasting products.

Taylor + Thomas

Taylor + Thomas is a cruelty-free premium women's shoe company that can help you get that retro indie look. Jessica and Elizabeth, co-founders, share the objective of offering a distinctly feminine viewpoint. This means the items are developed by women for women. Because shoes are a vital part of every wardrobe, every collection at this firm is designed with a focus on wardrobe staple styles. Taylor + Thomas is particularly devoted to being environmentally friendly. They believe that the more we care for the world, the more we will enjoy fashion.

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