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A Neighbor Who Never Left His House Or Threw Out His Trash Passed Away - And What They Discovered Inside Was Extremely Startling


A Reddit member expressed their surprise at seeing their late neighbor's home was surrounded by a sea of trash. The worried member took to the WTFsubreddit to post gloomy photographs of the residence, which was filled with trash. "My neighbor, who never left his house or threw out his trash passed away," the post stated. This was his way of life.

They said that they discovered the property's disgusting state shortly after the renter died.

The gory photographs revealed a living room floor that was hardly visible beneath a mound of discarded boxes and food containers.

6 house parts full of trash and unnecessary stuffs
6 house parts full of trash and unnecessary stuffs

Additionally, the kitchen counters and oven top were clogged with dirty pans and rotting food, making it improbable that the tenant could cook at all.

Although there was considerable breathing room in the corridor, one room appeared to be crammed to the brim with bottles.

Externally, the garden was likewise referred to as a "forest," with neighbors oblivious to the horrors contained within.

Unfortunately, the Reddit user determined that the reclusive renter was compelled to sleep on the floor due to his appalling living conditions.

"I'm guessing he was cut off from his family," they continued.

The status of the residence perplexed users in the comments, as many paid tribute to the departed guy.

"There is so much pain in these images. The poor fellow. At the very least, his sadness has passed, "one wrote.

While another said, "I hope he was loved and had a nice death. RIP."

In 2020, The Sun Online reported on how a hoarder who suffered from despair resorted to wearing nappies after her home accumulated nearly 30 tons of trash.

Sylvie, who had had no visitors in 20 years, was unable to access her restroom due to the state of her York home and thus began using incontinence pads.

Additionally, she was unable to access her kitchen and was forced to store her food in the corridor without properly keeping it.

However, with the assistance of three neighbours and two charity volunteers, Sylvie's house was cleared of 27 tons of rubbish over the course of a week.

And then they took it a step further, laying new floorboards and installing a new oven, kitchen sink, and cabinets.

Sylvie stated at the time, "I cannot express my gratitude enough, and they continue to visit and assist me every week."

"There are insufficient words in the world to express how much they've helped me."

In that case, the man who was talked about was may called a "Troglodyte".

What Does It Mean If You Call Someone A Troglodyte?

The term literally translates as "one who lives in caves." While a troglodyte can refer to a prehistoric caveman, it can also refer to somebody who lives in a small, untidy abode. Nowadays, the term "troglodyte" refers to someone who lives alone, such as a hermit. If you don't mind living in a filthy hole, you may be a troglodyte.


Being a loner, which can also be interpreted as troglodyte, means that you prefer to be alone rather than with people. This could be a good or terrible thing, depending on the circumstances of the scenario and your personality and preferences.

Some people have an unfavorable attitude towards loners. However, some studies indicate that being a loner can increase an individual's happiness and may even be beneficial to one's health. Certain participants in this study reported higher levels of life satisfaction with less regular contact with their friends. Therefore, let us all respect others and understand why they are in that predicament, regardless of the reason.

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