A Nutella-themed pop-up hotel is about to open and it looks delicious in every sense of the word

It’s called Hotella Nutella and I bet it smells amaze.


If I’ve propelled you into some sort of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque daydream, I apologise. Cease from licking the Nutella-flavoured walls in that fantasy hotel room in your mind – this pop-up hotel’s not that delicious.

But, it is fairly spectacular and looks good enough to eat. Looks.

Hotella Nutella

Yes, that’s a Nutella-paved walkway.

Hotella Nutella

The Nutella-themed pop-up hotel in California’s Napa Valley is just weeks away from opening its doors. The “ultimate breakfast destination” is offering three lucky Nutella super-fans the chance to win “The Hotella Nutella Weekend Breakfast Experience”. According to their website this experience includes:

“Round-trip coach air transportation for Winner and one (1) travel companion.

“Accommodations for 3 days/2 nights at Hotella Nutella.

“Round-trip ground transportation between airport and Hotella Nutella.

“One-of-a-kind creative breakfast experiences with notable tastemakers.”


Sorry, we did mention it was a pop-up hotel. Nothing this beautiful can last forever.

The good news is this sweeter than sweet competition has only just opened and all you need to do to enter is provide a short video (of 60 seconds or less) showing and/or explaining your passion for Nutella hazelnut spread; the bad news is the competition’s only open to those living in the US. Full details can be found here.

US readers seriously considering this, I would recommend checking in with yourself first (no pun intended) and ensuring that you are, in fact, a true super-fan of Nutella, ’cause they’re really not kidding with that hotel name of theirs.


What’s inside Hotella Nutella?

“Nutella-inspired hotel items and larger than life breakfast décor”, apparently. We’ve spotted Nutella rugs, plushes, wallpaper, curtains, patio furniture and even some some croissant pillows in the bedrooms alone.

Hotella Nutella bedroom

Of course, what’s a Nutella-themed hotel without plenty of the delicious spread at breakfast? We mean that – we’re talking end-of-the-world amounts of Nutella.

For the lucky winners, breakfast sessions (I like that description – ‘sessions’ makes breakfast sound so epic, doesn’t it?) will be held with the “Nutella Weekend Breakfast Chef Team” over the weekend. The team is made up of celebrity chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Tanya Holland and a team of pancake artists known as DanCakes. We’ve heard that guests will be learning how to cook up the lushest of breakfasts for dinner, making their own southern-inspired Nutella breakfasts and will be basically drowning in pancakes all weekend long. Holy sh*t.


Hotella Nutella kitchen

Sadly, us Brits aren’t allowed to enter the competition (boo), so all we can do is sit back and dream while we munch on our morning Nutella crumpets. However, there are far more geographically-friendly ways to indulge this Christmas. For example, this Hitchin gelato shop is now selling pigs in blankets ice cream to its customers! Or, you could just stick with your local Costa and McDonalds  – honestly, their Christmas menus are not to be laughed at this year.


Hotella Nutella opens to the winners of the video competition the weekend of 10th January 2020.

Talk about spreading joy at Christmas. Well done, Nutella. Let’s have one in London next year, yeah?

Images via Nutella