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Phone Case Saves IPhone In 16,000-ft Alaska Airlines Drop

Discover the astonishing story of how a phone case saves iPhone in 16,000-ft Alaska Airlines drop. Explore the incident's details, the case's features, and its impact on technology and the Spigen brand.

Xander Oddity
Jan 19, 20242159 Shares44059 Views
A phone case saves iphone in 16,000-ft Alaska Airlines drop. This incident has captured widespread attention, highlighting both the phone's resilience and the remarkable effectiveness of its protective case. The story not only showcases the extraordinary advancements in personal device protection but also raises compelling questions about the limits of technology's durability in extreme conditions.
How far can modern protective gear go in safeguarding our everyday devices, and what does this event reveal about the future of device safety?

Phone Intact After Sky-High Fall

On the evening of January 5, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9, en route from Portland to California, faced an unprecedented crisis. Approximately half an hour into the flight, a cabin door plug blew out, resulting in a window and a piece of the outer fuselage being ejected.
This alarming incident forced the aircraft to make an emergency return to Portland. All 177 passengers and crew members were safely evacuated, but not without an unexpected twist. Amidst the chaos, two phones were ejected from the aircraft, plummeting from an altitude of 16,000 feet. The odds of finding these devices intact were slim to none.
However, in a twist that defies belief, one of these smartphones was found in perfect working condition.
Seanathan Bates, who stumbled upon the phone by the roadside, shared his astonishment on social media: "Found an iPhone on the side of the road... Still in airplane mode with half a battery and open to a baggage claim for #AlaskaAirlines ASA1282. Survived a 16,000 foot drop perfectly in tact!"
This remarkable find prompted widespread curiosity about the phone case that offered such extraordinary protection.
Seanathan Bates stumbled on the iphone on the road side still on airplane mode.
Seanathan Bates stumbled on the iphone on the road side still on airplane mode.
The answer came from Spigen, a renowned phone case manufacturer. In a response to Bates' post on X (formerly Twitter), Spigen revealed that the phone was encased in their Cryo Armor model. Known for its "military-grade certified drop protection via Air Cushion Technology," this case is available for purchase at $65 on Spigen's website and for a discounted price of $25 on Amazon.
The incident has been a marketing boon for Spigen, with the Cryo Armor case receiving unprecedented attention. The case features thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), PC, graphite, and silicone sheets for heat reduction, alongside other features designed to enhance durability and functionality. Despite its robust build, it remains compatible with wireless charging and has even achieved climate neutrality certification by ClimatePartner.
Justin Ma, a representative from Spigen, conveyed the company's excitement upon learning that their product played a crucial role in this extraordinary event: “It was an opportunity that fell from the sky — literally!”
Ma recounted the initial skepticism and eventual elation that rippled through the Spigen office as they verified the case's identity. "When we got the message, we almost couldn’t believe it," he said.
The survival of the phone, still displaying the owner's checked baggage details and half-charged, has become a testament to the case's quality.
"As a lifelong satisfied Spigen user, I’m happy to hear my phone is safe even if it falls out of a plane," shared a fan on X.
Another added, “The best ads are the ones that are unintentional,” citing previous instances of products unexpectedly proving their worth in extreme situations.
Spigen Cryo Armor Case
Spigen Cryo Armor Case

The Spigen's Cryo Armor Case

The miraculous survival of an iPhone from a 16,000-foot fall can be attributed to the ingenuity behind the Spigen Cryo Armor case. This case is more than just a protective layer; it's a blend of advanced materials and technology.


At its core, the Cryo Armor case is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC). TPU is valued for its elasticity, resistance to oil, and transparency, acting as a shock absorber. PC adds strength and rigidity, ensuring the case withstands significant stress without damage.

Graphite And Silicone

Graphite's role in the case is crucial for heat dissipation. Known for conducting heat, it helps prevent overheating in powerful smartphones. Silicone sheets further aid in reducing heat, maintaining a cool temperature for the device even under heavy usage.

Air Cushion Technology

The standout feature of the Cryo Armor case is its "Air Cushion Technology." This military-grade certified drop protection involves air pockets within the case's structure, functioning as mini shock absorbers. These cushions drastically reduce the impact force, which likely contributed significantly to the iPhone's survival during the 16,000-foot descent.

Thoughtful Design

The AirCube pattern in the case increases airflow, essential for both cooling and added cushioning. Side grips, tailored for horizontal gaming, show a commitment to user comfort and practicality. This design ensures that the case is protective, comfortable, and convenient for daily use.

Safety And Sustainability

Compatibility with wireless charging adds a layer of modern convenience. However, the presence of a warning about Bisphenol A (BPA) indicates compliance with safety standards and transparency in manufacturing. Furthermore, the case's climate neutrality, certified by ClimatePartner, underscores Spigen's commitment to reducing environmental impact in the tech industry.

Implications And Reflections

This incident has not only highlighted the robustness of Spigen's product but also raised questions about the circumstances of the fall. While the height of the drop is staggering, the impact angle likely played a crucial role in the phone's survival. Dropping a phone from a mere few feet can result in a shattered screen if it lands incorrectly. Yet, this phone, falling from thousands of feet, remained unscathed, a fact that continues to amaze both tech enthusiasts and casual observers alike.
In the wake of this event, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has grounded Boeing 737 Max 9 airplanes for inspections, ensuring the safety of future flights. Meanwhile, the story of the phone's improbable journey continues to circulate, serving as a powerful, albeit unintentional, endorsement for the durability and reliability of Spigen's Cryo Armor case.

Phone Case Saves IPhone In 16,000-ft Alaska Airlines Drop FAQs

What Happened In The 16,000-ft Alaska Airlines IPhone Drop Incident?

An iPhone, encased in a Spigen Cryo Armor phone case, miraculously survived a 16,000-foot fall from an Alaska Airlines flight. The phone was ejected from the plane when a cabin door plug blew out mid-flight, and was later found by a passerby in perfect working condition.

How Was The Phone Discovered After The Fall?

The phone was discovered on the side of a road by a man named Seanathan Bates. He was astonished to find it still functional, in airplane mode, with half its battery remaining and a baggage claim screen open for Alaska Airlines Flight ASA1282.

What Is Special About The Spigen Cryo Armor Case?

The Spigen Cryo Armor case is designed with military-grade drop protection, featuring Air Cushion Technology. It is made from a combination of TPU, PC, graphite, and silicone sheets, which contribute to its shock-absorbing capabilities and heat reduction.

Did Both Phones Fall Out Of The Plane Survive?

Of the two phones that fell out of the Alaska Airlines plane, only the one protected by the Spigen Cryo Armor case was found intact and functioning. The fate of the second phone is not clearly documented.

How Did The Incident Affect Spigen's Product Popularity?

Following the incident, the Spigen Cryo Armor case received significant attention and acclaim for its durability and protective capabilities. This event acted as a powerful, real-world endorsement of the product's effectiveness.

Was Anyone Hurt During The Alaska Airlines Incident?

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. The flight made an emergency landing back in Portland, and all 177 passengers and crew members on board were safely evacuated.

What Measures Did The FAA Take Post-Incident?

After the incident, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded Boeing 737 Max 9 airplanes for inspections to ensure the safety of future flights and to investigate the cause of the cabin door plug malfunction.

Can The Spigen Cryo Armor Case Fit All Smartphone Models?

The Spigen Cryo Armor case is designed for specific smartphone models. It is advisable for customers to check the compatibility with their phone model before purchasing.

What Makes The Spigen Cryo Armor Case Environmentally Friendly?

The Cryo Armor case is certified climate neutral by ClimatePartner. This means the carbon footprint of the product is calculated, and all associated emissions are offset, reflecting Spigen's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Is The Spigen Cryo Armor Case Available Worldwide?

Yes, the Spigen Cryo Armor case is available for purchase worldwide. It can be bought directly from Spigen’s website or through various online retailers, including Amazon, where it is often available at a discounted price.


The phone case saves iPhone in 16,000-ft Alaska Airlines drop incident stands as a remarkable example of real-world product testing, inadvertently turning into one of the most effective advertisements for Spigen's Cryo Armor case. The incident not only proved the case's exceptional durability under extreme conditions but also catapulted the product into the spotlight, showcasing its capabilities to a globalaudience. This real-life demonstration of the product's resilience served as a more compelling endorsement than any traditional marketing campaign could have achieved, highlighting the importance of quality and innovation in product design.
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