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South Korean Court Makes Historic Ruling Recognizing Same-Sex Couple Rights


South Korean Court Makes Historic Ruling Recognizing Same-SexCouple Rights. South Korea has taken a step forward for LGBTQ+ rights as the Seoul High Court recognizes the rights of a same-sex couple in the country. The ruling is the first of its kind in South Korea and is considered a significant leap forward for LGBTQ+ rights in the country.

The Seoul High Court issued a landmark verdict that a government health insurer was responsible for providing coverage to the partner of a customer after the firm withdrew coverage when it was discovered that the couple was gay. The couple held a wedding ceremony in 2019, but same-sex marriage is not recognized in South Korea. The case will be challenged in the Supreme Court.

The Case That Started It All

In 2021, the plaintiff, So Seong-wook, sued the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) after being denied coverage on his partner Kim Yongmin's plan. The couple had been granted coverage at first, but this was then revoked as the NHIS said they had made a mistake in granting it to the same-sex couple.

So Seong-wook praised the court for seeing "the principle of equality as an important issue" and noted that the ruling had significant meaning for members of the LGBTQ+ community who have faced discrimination, their allies, and all those who have been marginalized.

The court's decision noted that everyone has the potential to be part of a minority group and that is different from the majority should not be considered inherently wrong. The judgment read, "In a society where the principle of majority rule dominates, it is necessary to recognize the rights of minorities and make efforts to protect them."

Despite the ruling being considered a significant step forward for LGBTQ+ rights, discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community remains widespread in South Korea, according to a report by Human Rights Watch from last year. Same-sex couples, who are not legally recognized as married, are frequently excluded from government benefits intended for newlyweds.

South Korea's LGBTQ+ community faces many obstacles, including a lack of legal protections, discrimination in the workplace, and social stigma. This ruling serves as a glimmer of hope for LGBTQ+ individuals in South Korea, but more needs to be done to address systemic issues that continue to plague the community.

The ruling has sparked mixed reactions among South Koreans. Some have applauded the court's decision, seeing it as a step towards greater equality and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, while others have expressed concern about the implications of the ruling and the potential for further challenges to traditional values.

The ruling is expected to have significant implications for LGBTQ+ individuals in South Korea, as it sets a legal precedent for recognizing the rights of same-sex couples. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve full equality for the LGBTQ+ community in the country.

There is still a long way to go to end discrimination against the LGBTI community, but this ruling offers hope that prejudice can be overcome.- Amnesty International

The organization called on the South Korean government to take further steps to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, including legal recognition of same-sex partnerships.


In conclusion, the Seoul High Court's decision to recognize the rights of a same-sex couple in South Korea is a significant step towards greater equality and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community in the country. While there is still much work to be done to address discrimination and systemic issues facing the community, this ruling serves as a glimmer of hope for LGBTQ+ individuals in South Korea.

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