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These Are Britain’s Favorite Bizarre Food Combinations That Are Shock For The Rest Of The World


One of the perks of adulthood is the ability to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Kids all throughout the world yearn for the day when they can eat dessert first or have cereal for dinner. However, it appears that some of us have gone a little too far with some truly strange food combinations. Sure, there are debates over whether Marmite or sprouts are devilish foods, but what about fish fingers with custard or hot dogs with jam?

It may sound like something out of an Alice in Wonderland tea party, but a new survey has found the oddest culinary pairings that Brits enjoy.

The results of a study of 2,000 respondents included mayonnaise on toast, spaghetti sandwiches, and butter on Weetabix.

"Am I the only one who used to put butter on a dry Weetabix and eat it?"

— Jm3nd0z4 (@JM3ND0Z4) August 20, 2020

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Yellow colored Weetabix pack along with Weetabix with beans on a white plate
Yellow colored Weetabix pack along with Weetabix with beans on a white plate

Sugar sandwiches are also available in three different varieties.

Bacon with a banana? We needed to see this image, and now you do as well.

Can't make up your mind whether to drink tea or coffee? One maverick will inspire you, and you'll get both in one cup! Consider dipping your fries in your milkshake.


— RT60 (@RT6013) August 23, 2020

French fries served with a caramel sauce on a black wooden table
French fries served with a caramel sauce on a black wooden table

Fish fingers and custard have become an unsavory culinary combo as a result of the eleventh Doctor's favorite cuisine being mentioned in Dr. Who.

Ocado conducted the study in collaboration with Niki Segnit, a food flavor specialist and author of The Flavour Thesaurus. She's also revealed some of her favorite strange pairings.

Niki said: “Everyone knows the traditional food combinations like bangers and mash, or fish with chips, but have you ever tried coffee and orange, or spinach and strawberry? There are many wonderful matches to be discovered, and you don’t need a PhD in molecular gastronomy to start experimenting. Interesting and unusual flavor matches can be made with common store-cupboard ingredients, like cheese and marmalade, or chocolate and aubergine.”

Top 10 British Foods That Confuse the Rest of the World

The following are the top 50 odd meal combinations:

  • Combine mayonnaise and ketchup in a mixing bowl.
  • Apple with cheddar cheese
  • Porridge and salt
  • Ketchup and pasta
  • Tuna with pizza
  • Fries and milkshake
  • Sandwiches with sugar
  • Melon and prosciutto
  • Crisps and chocolate
  • Sandwiches made with bananas and sugar
  • Ham marinated in cola and baked
  • Basil and strawberry
  • Pickles and french fries
  • Balsamic vinegar and strawberries
  • Feta cheese and watermelon
  • Sandwiches with butter and honey
  • Toast dipped in tea
  • Rice and ketchup
  • Salad cream with sausages
  • Weetabix, dry and buttered
  • Crispy tuna with salt and vinegar
  • Salad with cold baked beans
  • Mango and chili powder
  • Noodles in a pot on toast
  • Sandwiches with strawberry jam and cheese
  • Sugared Yorkshire pudding
  • Fries and ice cream
  • Honey and pizza
  • Cold Brussels sprouts and gravy
  • Toast with mayonnaise
  • Crisps and brown sauce
  • Watermelon and salt
  • Pasta sandwiches
  • Steak and blueberries
  • Salami with grapes
  • Using the same cup for tea and coffee
  • Banana and bacon
  • Chicken with marmalade
  • Mince pies with a cheese topping
  • Lettuce dressed with honey and vinegar
  • Cheddar cheese with banana bread
  • A cheese pizza with melted chocolate
  • On toast with apple and bacon
  • Jam and hot dogs
  • Burgers with peanut butter
  • Popcorn with ketchup
  • Chocolate and avocado
  • Chocolate/honey-covered chips
  • Fries and fish fingers


Not only do the British love weird combos but there is some weird American food combinations as well. Are you able to beat any of these strange combinations? Or you have some combos weirder than these. Let us know.

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