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What Is The Butter Churner? The Favourite Sex Position Of One Love Island Contestant

When Love Island contestant Callum Jones revealed that he favors the "Butter Churner" position for sex, it sparked a lot of confusion online.

Morgan Maverick
Feb 09, 202212 Shares455 Views
When Love Island contestant Callum Jones revealed that he favors the "Butter Churner" position for sex, it sparked a lot of confusion online.
The Islanders took part in the "Spill The Tea" challenge on 2020 Winter's season of ITV2's reality dating show, where female contestants had to link facts about their male counterparts.
'The Butter Churner' was the sex trick of choice for Islander, Callum, and it's a position we've never heard of before.
Many of us had no idea what the lesser-known sex position was, but Callum was kind enough to demonstrate it for us by miming it with a fictitious partner.
Although we have a general idea of what the butter churner is, there are some lingering questions.
Fortunately, we've enlisted the help of sex experts to provide you with the ins and outs of this sex position.

What Is The Butter Churner?

Annabelle Knight, a sex and relationship expert at Lovehoney, gave light as to what a butter churner is, “The butter churner is an advanced sex position in which the woman lies on her back with her legs raised above and behind her head. The man then squats and penetrates her from above. The thrusting motion in this position is similar to making butter in an old fashioned butter churner, which is how this position gets its name.”
He believes the butter churner may also be called the "squat thruster," as the movement mimics that of a squat thrust.
It's a good idea to try the position if you're in good shape because it's a bit acrobatic. Also, there are a few things to keep an eye out for if you decide to give it a shot.
First and foremost, because this pose places a lot of strain on the neck and upper body, be on the lookout for cramps and remind your partner to go easy on thrusting.
“You do have to be pretty supple to pull off the butter churner position. Many of the ‘Love Island’ stars are gym fanatics so I imagine they will have the flexibility to do it without too much difficulty. But be careful if you do not exercise regularly. You can easily pull a muscle by contorting yourself in a way the body isn’t used to. Be careful not to strain your neck or back,” Knight added.
Additionally, getting up can make you feel a little woozy because the rush of blood to your head can amplify the sensations.
“Lots of new sex positions tend to emerge when ‘Love Island’ is on. The contestants love to discuss new ways to experiment sexually and that has to be a good thing. Most of the positions are quite technical and require a fair bit of athleticism. Give them a try and have fun while you are trying to make them work. And don't worry too much if they don't work for you,” she encouraged.


"Love Island" appears to have quite an impact on couples' sexual behavior, as we saw last year. Sex positions have been a topic of discussion on the show before. The newsthat Curtis Pritchard's favorite position was The Eagle caused a website to go down during the last season of the show.
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