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Woman Gets Banned From Walmart After Riding A Cart Through The Parking Lot While Drinking Wine From A Pringles Can


In January 2019, a woman gets banned from Walmart after riding a cart through the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can in Wichita Falls, Texas. The incident quickly went viral and sparked many reactions and memes on social media.

The woman, who has not been identified by name, was reportedly spotted by Walmart employees around 9 a.m. on a Friday morning. Witnesses reported that she was driving the cart around the parking lot for several hours, drinking wine from the Pringles can. By the time police arrived, the woman had already left the scene, but officers found her at a nearby restaurant and informed her of the ban.

The incident in which a woman gets banned from Walmart after riding a cart through the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles was widely reported in the media and became a viral sensation. The woman was nicknamed the "Pringles Lady" and her image and story were shared across social media platforms.

Many people found the incident amusing and created memes and jokes about it. Some even created T-shirts and other merchandise featuring the Pringles logo and the phrase "Wine and Pringles."

However, some criticized the incident and the media coverage, arguing that it was an example of shaming and stigmatizing people who struggle with addiction or mental health issues.

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Others pointed out that the incident was a symptom of larger social issues, such as the lack of affordable healthcare and social support for people with mental health and addiction problems.

The incident also raised questions about the legal and ethical implications of banning someone from a store or public space. While Walmart has the right to ban customers who violate its policies, some argued that the ban was excessive and discriminatory. Others questioned whether the incident was a form of classism or discrimination against people who are perceived as "other" or "deviant."

In the aftermath of the incident, the woman's identity and motives were largely unknown. Some speculated that she was dealing with personal issues or mental health problems, while others suggested that she was simply having fun or expressing herself in an unconventional way.

Regardless of the woman's intentions, the incident served as a reminder of the power of social media and the ways in which viral content can both entertain and divide people.

Woman Drinking Wine From Pringles Can Banned From Walmart

The incident of the woman riding a cart through the Walmart parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can gained a lot of attention on social media and became a viral sensation. Many people were amused by the story, while others were concerned about the woman's behavior and the potential dangers it could pose to herself and others.

In response to the incident, Walmart released a statement saying that they do not tolerate this type of behavior on their premises and that they had banned the woman from the store. The store also reached out to local law enforcement to ensure that the woman did not drive under the influence.

While this incident may seem like a harmless bit of fun to some, it highlights the dangers of drinking and driving, even in a parking lot. It is important to remember that alcohol impairs judgment and reaction time, even in small amounts, and that it is never safe to drive while under the influence.

Additionally, this incident raises questions about public behavior and social norms. While it may seem funny to ride a shopping cart through a parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can, it is important to consider the potential consequences and the impact it may have on others. Public behavior can set an example for others, and it is important to act responsibly and considerately in all situations.

Strange Walmart Stories

Walmart is a popular American retail chain that attracts a wide range of shoppers, from budget-conscious families to hardcore deal-seekers. With its large size and low prices, it's no wonder that Walmart attracts some interesting and unique customers.

Over the years, there have been several strange and bizarre stories involving Walmart and its customers. In this article, we will explore some of the most unusual Walmart stories.

Walmart As A Hotel

One of the strangest Walmart stories involved a woman who was caught living in a Walmart store in Texas for nearly three weeks. The woman, who was homeless at the time, was discovered by employees after they noticed food and other items going missing.

It was discovered that the woman had set up a makeshift living area in one of the store's aisles, complete with a bed, a couch, and even a fish tank. She had been surviving by eating food from the store and taking showers in the store's bathroom.

Walmart As A Playground

In another bizarre Walmart story, a woman was caught allowing her children to ride their bikes inside the store. The woman had apparently told her children that Walmart was a "playground" and that they could do whatever they wanted inside the store. The children had been riding their bikes up and down the store's aisles, narrowly avoiding customers and causing chaos.

Walmart As A Zoo

In yet another strange Walmart story, a man was caught bringing his pet snake into the store. The man had wrapped the snake around his neck like a scarf and was walking around the store with it. Other customers were understandably freaked out by the snake, and Walmart employees were forced to call the police to remove the man and his pet.

Walmart As A Drive-in Movie Theater

In a particularly bizarre Walmart story, a man was caught watching a movie on a portable DVD player while driving a motorized shopping cart through the store. The man had apparently decided to turn his shopping trip into a movie-watching experience, and was driving the cart around the store while completely engrossed in the movie.

Walmart As A Wrestling Ring

In one of the more violent Walmart stories, a group of customers were caught engaging in a full-blown wrestling match in the middle of the store. The customers had apparently gotten into an argument over a parking spot outside the store, which had escalated into a physical fight once they were inside. The brawl caused damage to the store and several people were injured.

These strange Walmart stories serve as a reminder that anything can happen in the retail world. Walmart may be known for its low prices and wide selection, but it also attracts some interesting and unique customers.

While these stories may be amusing, they also highlight the importance of respecting retail employees and other customers while shopping. In any case, Walmart remains a popular destination for shoppers, and who knows what strange stories will come out of its aisles in the future.

People Also Ask

What Was The Reason For The Woman Getting Banned From Walmart?

The woman got banned from Walmart after she was spotted riding a cart through the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can.

How Long Was The Woman Riding The Cart Through The Parking Lot?

The exact duration of the woman's ride through the parking lot is not specified in the sources.

What Was The Response Of Walmart To The Incident?

Walmart issued a notice to the woman banning her from their stores across the country.

Has The Woman Made Any Statements About The Incident?

There are no reports of any public statements made by the woman about the incident.

Have There Been Any Similar Incidents Reported In The Past?

There have been several instances of customers being banned from Walmart stores for different reasons, but there is no information about similar incidents involving riding carts while drinking wine from a Pringles can.


The incident where a woman gets banned from Walmart after riding a cart through the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles highlights the complex and often contradictory dynamics of social media, public shaming, and cultural norms.

While the incident was widely shared and joked about, it also sparked important conversations about mental health, addiction, and social justice. It remains to be seen what the long-term implications of the incident will be, but it is clear that it has already left a lasting impression on many people.

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