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A Walkthrough Of Nintendo's New California Theme Park


For the first time ever in the United States, Nintendo enthusiasts can enter the Mushroom Kingdom this year by stepping through a life-size warp pipe. Are you excited to be one of the visitors to enter this much-awaited park? Without further ado, let's have a walkthrough of Nintendo's new California theme park!

Super Nintendo World, an interactive recreation of Nintendo's dynamic environments and characters, will make its debut at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 17, after its premiere at Universal Studios Japan in 2021. The new addition to the California theme park will feature a racing experience with Mario and Luigi before guests encounter them in person.

Apart from that, the new theme park also has video game-themed food, retail, and products in a bowl-shaped building decorated with moving coins and turtle shells. A sneak peek of the land before it's finished shows the layered facade set to a chirping soundtrack of happy instrumentals and distant coin clinks. There's always something to look at, whether it's moving Koopa Troopas or a fake desert set against the real sky.

There's also always somewhere interesting to go first. Its main attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, has riders wearing helmets with augmented reality technology that allows them to play the Mario Kart racing game in real life while the challenge plays out in front of them virtually.

Bowser's Castle at the California theme park Super Nintendo World
Bowser's Castle at the California theme park Super Nintendo World

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The power-up Bands can be used all over Super Nintendo World to get to a deeper level of play for those who want a more mixed experience between their home devices and the theme park land. The wristbands can be worn and come in simple, cartoony designs that feature well-known characters: Peach's is pink and has a crown logo, while Mario's is red and has two dots.

They also make your visit better by keeping track of your in-land scores, and you have to pay extra for them. The retail price hasn't been set yet, but at Universal Studios Japan, a Power-Up Band costs 3,800 ($28). You may earn virtual currency by solving puzzles and completing challenges at four different Key Challenge locations all across the park thanks to a partnership with the Universal Studios Hollywood smartphone app.

These optional activities are a direct extension of the land's exterior and have guests doing things like placing a shell under a warp pipe or swiftly turning a crank to keep a Goomba that looks like a mushroom on top of a moving wheel. It all leads up to a boss encounter with Bowser Jr., which takes place within a massive, interactive display.

Wearers of Power-Up Bands will have a slight advantage on the land's one ride and will be able to interact with Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach, the three fully realized characters on the land, and more. But whether or not their scores are being kept, everyone can punch blocks with more force than you might think and reenact other parts of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Think of these as Super Nintendo World's version of the popular interactive wands used to cast spells in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Seeing someone else magically summon rain or levitate products inside store windows will make you want to give it a try, but you don't need one to appreciate your surroundings.

Super Nintendo World opened in March 2021 at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. When it comes to the United States, it will be the biggest opening at Universal Studios Hollywood since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion in 2016. It will also be the first big Nintendo attraction on U.S. soil.

In April, the Super Mario Bros. Movie starring Chris Pratt comes out in theaters, and in 2025, a third version of Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Orlando Resort's brand-new theme park, Epic Universe. In all of them, the Mario Kart experience is the main draw.

A replicate of Nintendo's worlds and characters that you can play with
A replicate of Nintendo's worlds and characters that you can play with

Here, riders in four-person vehicles will join Team Mario to race on different courses for the Golden Cup. Anyone who has played Nintendo's racing challenge at home will know what to expect. Using AR goggles on their heads and technology made just for the ride, riders will see Mario race alongside them before he appears on-screen.

This is done using a mix of augmented reality, real sets, and projection mapping. A long line that winds through hand-painted Yoshi's Island designs and ends with a very detailed walk-through of Bowser's Castle is another sign of how popular it will soon be.

According to Nintendo World representatives, each race is unique, with distinct outcomes, scoring, and, most importantly, repeated rideability, which is inherent in the video game on which it is based. During our preview, we did not have access to the ride itself, but the experience is likely to be similar to Japan's iteration, which YouTube videos reveal lasts roughly four minutes.

A Park That Takes You Into The World Of Super Mario

A new way to play. SUPER NINTENDO WORLDβ„’ opens 2/17/2023

All of Nintendo's new land builds on that famous and well-known interactivity, even giving people rewards for exploring. Here, they can find 8-bit elements that light up behind walls, a mine tunnel with question-mark boxes, or areas of discovery that lead to surprises, like a staircase to the Frosted Glacier territory with AR binocular views of Whomps and Piranha Plants crossing the kinetic expanse below.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is more grounded in reality, Super Nintendo World has the same kind of overwhelming immersion, taking people to a place they've seen before but never before in real life. No obvious Butterbeer rival has shown up yet, but at the Toadstool Cafe, you can still get cheesy garlic knots, mushroom soup, and tiramisu in the shape of a question block with real-world coins. The 1-Up Factory gift shop has land-based items like big hats and stuffed animals with themes.

Because the space is small and demand is expected to be high, a reservation system will be used to control capacity when it's needed. More information will be given as the restaurant opens next month. We don't play to win or compete in this new California theme park. Instead, we play to imagine ourselves in a story.

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