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Airbnb Host Renting Experience Turned Into Disaster

Airbnb host renting experience opens a gateway to a world where hosts craft memorable, personalized encounters for guests, creating a unique tapestry of shared moments.

Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Nov 16, 20234657 Shares155236 Views
Airbnb host renting experienceopens a gateway to a world where hosts craft memorable, personalized encounters for guests, creating a unique tapestry of shared moments.
In this realm, transparency, engagement, and inclusivity reign supreme, ensuring that every guest feels a genuine connection to their surroundings and the host's offerings.
From registering Co-Hosts to maintaining an exclusive Airbnb community during experiences, hosts navigate a dynamic landscape of expectations, safety guidelines, and the commitment to providing exceptional service.
Explore the intricate details of the Airbnb host renting experience, where each reservation is a promise upheld and guest feedback paints a picture of consistent quality and unparalleled hospitality.

How Airbnb Works

Airbnb is a game-changer in the hotel business. Hotel and motel reservations were the norm for out-of-town visitors prior to the company's formal start in 2008. Many of these same folks are now choosing to stay at Airbnb properties.
Airbnb's premise is straightforward: it connects travelers in need of temporary housing with locals who are willing to let them use their spare rooms or homes.
Using the platform, hosts may reach a globalaudience of potential guests while also benefiting from the security of a large organization's handling of payments and other needs.
In addition, Airbnb hosts can provide their visitors with a comfortable place to stay for a fraction of the cost of a hotel, complete with amenities like a kitchen so they don't have to eat out every day.
View of a drawing room with couch, table and book rack
View of a drawing room with couch, table and book rack

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Airbnb

For hosts, Airbnb presents a lucrative opportunity to generate income from their property, although the prospect of potential guest-induced damage looms. On the flip side, guests are drawn by the allure of cost-effective accommodations, tempered by the risk of the reality falling short of the listing's promise.


  • Diverse Selection -Airbnb's platform boasts a myriad of property types, from single rooms to entire castles, offering hosts the flexibility to showcase their unique spaces.
  • Cost-Free Listings -Hosts enjoy the privilege of listing their properties without incurring charges. Listings encompass detailed descriptions, captivating photos, and user profiles that provide insights into the hosts' personalities.
  • Pricing Autonomy -Hosts wield the authority to set their own pricing structures, determining nightly, weekly, or monthly rates based on their preferences.
  • Tailored Searches -Guests benefit from customizable searches, delving beyond dates and locations to refine options by price, property type, amenities, and host language. The addition of keywords enhances the precision of the search.
  • Diverse Offerings -Airbnb extends beyond mere accommodations, incorporating experiences and restaurant options. Guests can explore local activities hosted by Airbnb hosts and peruse restaurant reviews endorsed by the community.
  • Security Measures -Airbnb implements a payment safeguard mechanism, withholding guest payments for 24 hours post-check-in before releasing funds to hosts. Additionally, hosts receive coverage of up to $3 million for property damage, offering financial protection without extra charges.


  • Accuracy Variability -The authenticity of listings is contingent on individual hosts, leading to potential disparities between expectations and reality. Guest reviews serve as a crucial resource to manage anticipations.
  • Property Vulnerability -Property damage remains a primary concern for hosts, despite Airbnb's Host Damage Protection. This coverage, while substantial, may not encompass items like cash, precious artworks, jewelry, or pets, leaving hosts exposed to inconveniences.
  • Fee Structure -Airbnb, akin to hotels, introduces various fees. Both guests and hosts are subject to service fees, with potential additional fees imposed by banks or credit card issuers.
  • Taxation Challenges -Hosts and guests may grapple with value-added tax (VAT) in some countries, coupled with potential rental income taxes for hosts based on their location. Airbnb aids U.S. hosts in tax compliance through the collection of taxpayer information.
  • Legality Complexities -Before embarking on Airbnb hosting, individuals must navigate local zoning regulations to ensure legal compliance. Special permits or licenses may be mandatory, adding an additional layer of complexity.

Actual Price Of Booking Through Airbnb

It's possible that Airbnb's guests are unaware that we pay 14% and their hosts pay 3% of each booking. The host might have provided us a lesser price without Airbnb's participation.
Instead, we depend on OTAs like Airbnb to act as a go-between for hosts and guests. For protection, ease, and accessibility. We hate having to pay fees, yet the reality is that we need them.
The scenario becomes even more complex when exploring Airbnb experiences. While guests seek enriching local activities, hosts are encouraged to offer such experiences, with a catch – 20% of the earnings go straight to Airbnb, leaving hosts with nothing.
This trend extends to other experience platforms, raising questions about ownership, benefits, and the distribution of referral commissions.
The dilemma persists: Who truly owns the guest, and who deserves the referral commission – Airbnb or the host? While Airbnb makes it simple to integrate experiences, both hosts and customers bear the cost, both literally and figuratively.

Experience Requirements

Hosts seeking to publish an Experience must adhere to the three pillars of a quality submission: showcasing expertise, providing insider access, and fostering connections. These criteria are essential for eligibility and ensuring the unique and interactive nature of Airbnb Experiences.
Experiences that involve accommodations or lodging, except for Airbnb Adventures, are not allowed. If hosts are interested in renting their space, they should explore becoming hosts for a place to stay.
Services that do not offer expertise, insider access, and connection are generally ineligible for Airbnb Experiences. The platform emphasizes the importance of uniqueness and interactivity.
Certain activities with special requirements or restrictions are not permitted on the platform. This includes technically-specialized outdoor activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, heli-skiing, cave diving, certain ocean activities like free diving, kiteboarding, shark diving, and specific ice or mountain activities such as canyoneering, ice climbing, and free climbing.
Experiences that include sexual content or nudity must have a minimum age limit of 18+, disclose the presence of nudity, take place in public settings (not private residences), and provide clear behavior requirements for hosts and guests during the Experience. Guests should have the option to opt out if they feel uncomfortable, and sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited.
The use of projectile weapons is allowed only when the host possesses a valid license and insurance. Experiences involving firearms must have a minimum guest age limit of 18+.
Direct political actions, campaigning, fundraising, or activities that violate local laws are not allowed. However, informational and educational political activities are permitted.
Certain categories of experiences, such as online experiences using Zoom, animal experiences, cooking experiences, social impact experiences, and adventures (multi-day experiences), have additional standards that hosts must adhere to on Airbnb.

Verification Requirements

Experiences that include technically advanced tasks for which we want documentation of appropriate licensing, certification, or insurance will not be shared if any of the following conditions are met:
  • The necessary paperwork has since expired.
  • There is a discrepancy between the name on the documentation and the name on the Host's profile on Airbnb.
  • We can't use these papers since they lack the necessary licenses and insurance.
  • For any other reason (such as a blurry picture or an unidentified document type), Evident ID is unable to process the submitted papers.

Listing Page Requirements

Crafting a compelling Experience itinerary is crucial, and hosts must ensure clarity, completeness, and accuracy in all details to provide guests with a precise understanding of what to expect.
This encompasses various elements, such as the activities guests will engage in, the meeting address, and specific instructions for rendezvous with the host, along with a breakdown of what is included in the price and any items guests need to bring.
The time and date of the Experience should be clearly communicated to avoid any confusion. Airbnb emphasizes the need for each Experience to have a well-defined itinerary, discouraging "open-ended" plans where guests are tasked with shaping the schedule or choosing activities. While minor variations are acceptable, the core activities must be specified.
Examples of acceptable variations include, "My baking Experience varies based on the day of the week. On Mondays, we focus on baking bread, and on Tuesdays, our emphasis is on baking cookies." Another permissible instance is, "We'll explore galleries featuring emerging artists. Each afternoon, I'll select a different artist based on current interest." In both cases, the primary activity remains consistent.
Conversely, statements like, "I'll meet guests for coffee, and then we'll see where the afternoon takes us!" or "During the tour, guests can choose from several activities like rafting or visiting temples, among many others," are not allowed. Such open-ended plans lack the required specificity.
It's essential to adhere to Airbnb's photo quality standards, and information in the Accessibility section must meet the platform's accessibility feature description requirements.
Additionally, hosts are required to list their Experience as an individual rather than a business. The host's profile should feature a clear photo of them, not a company logo, and the profile name must be the host's personal name, not a business name.
Hosts are encouraged to provide a personal description in the "About Me" section of the Experience page, fostering a more personable and authentic connection with potential guests.

Hosting Standards

  • Transparent Hosting Information - It is crucial for guests to have clear knowledge of their hosts. Whether it's a friend, partner, or team member assisting in managing the Experience, proper registration as a Co-Host or assistant through the Teams tool on the Host dashboard is necessary. Co-Hosts should be specifically assigned to the instances they lead to ensure guests know their designated host in advance.
  • Personalized Hosting Responsibility - Handing guests off to third-party suppliers or leaving them without a designated host is strictly prohibited. Both Hosts and Co-Hosts are responsible for personally guiding guests throughout the entire duration of the Experience.
  • Exclusive Airbnb Participation - Instances of an Experience listed on Airbnb for a specific time and date are exclusively for Airbnb guests. Mixing guests from Airbnb with those from other platforms during the same instance is not allowed.
  • Inclusive Group Sizes - Hosts are not permitted to set a minimum group size, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all travelers, whether they are solo or in a group.
  • Adherence to Guidelines - Hosts are required to adhere to health and safety guidelines while hosting in-person Experiences. Further details about these requirements are available for reference.
  • Reservation Commitment - Hosts must honor all booked reservations, except in cases of valid extenuating circumstances, safety concerns, or dangerous weather conditions. Additional information can be found in the Experiences Host Cancellation policy.
  • Consistent Quality and Feedback - Guests value a consistent level of quality, and Experiences must maintain a high overall rating. Hosts should avoid accumulating too many low review ratings (1-3 stars) or experiencing guest-reported issues, as this could result in listing suspension or removal from Airbnb.

What We Don’t Allow On Experiences

  • Animal Welfare Safeguards - Airbnb's commitment to ethical hosting extends to the welfare of animals. These guidelines encompass both wild animals in their natural habitats and those under human care. Violations include direct interactions with wild animals (e.g., riding, petting, feeding), engaging in dog sledding, purchasing or consuming products derived from wild animals, and other specified activities.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property - Hosting on Airbnb requires a respect for intellectual property rights. Use of copyrighted materials, such as music, videos, photography, or literature, is only permitted if the Host holds the proper licenses or created the work. Unauthorized use of trademarks (e.g., brand names) or individual names (e.g., celebrities) suggesting affiliation with or endorsement by a Host or Experience is strictly prohibited.
  • Adherence to Local Laws and Regulations - Hosts are entrusted with understanding and complying with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to their Experience. Guidance on legal obligations concerning food, alcohol, public lands, and tour guiding can be found on Airbnb's Responsible Hosting Pages.
  • Content Policy and Non-discrimination Compliance - Experiences must align with Airbnb's Content Policy and Nondiscrimination Policy. Any content that violates these guidelines is not permissible.
  • National Boundaries and Experience Locations - Experiences are expected to occur within a single country. Experiences involving the crossing of country borders are not allowed.
  • Financial Transactions within Airbnb's System - Experience Hosts are explicitly prohibited from seeking online or offline payments from guests outside of Airbnb's payment system. The offsite payment policy should be reviewed for a comprehensive understanding of this prohibition.

FAQs - Airbnb Host Renting Experience

What Is Host An Experience On Airbnb?

Airbnb Experiences are tours and events put together by hosts in different cities and countries. You may already be aware with Airbnb's core service, a website that links local homeowners with guests to that specific region.

Is Airbnb Experience Profitable?

Offering unique Airbnb Experiences is a fantastic way to increase your Airbnb revenue. You have the option of joining the platform with or without providing a place to sleep, and you can even add an experience on top of your overnight stays. In order to increase their earnings, many Airbnb hosts have signed up for Airbnb Experiences.

What Is It Like To Be An Airbnb Host?

If you want to become an Airbnb host, all you have to do is post your home on the Airbnb website. When guests remain, hosts are compensated. Many travelers prefer Airbnb accommodations to hotels because they are more affordable, unique, and comfortable.

How Successful Is Airbnb Experience?

As a result of Airbnb, there are now over 40,000 Experience listings in 90+ countries, which has had a significant effect on the tourism industry as a whole.

Final Thoughts

In the vibrant tapestry of the Airbnb host renting experience, the threads of connection, innovation, and hospitality weave together to create an immersive journey for both hosts and guests.
As hosts uphold the commitment to transparent itineraries, personal engagement, and adherence to guidelines, the landscape of shared moments becomes richer.
Navigating the ever-evolving dynamics of hosting, from Co-Host collaborations to ensuring an exclusive Airbnb guest community, hosts embrace the responsibility of curating unforgettable encounters.
In this realm, the commitment to honoring reservations and maintaining a stellar rating echoes the dedication to quality and consistency.
The Airbnb host renting experience culminates in a mosaic of memories, where each reservation contributes to the ongoing narrative of exceptional hospitality on the global stage.
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