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American In Melbourne Shocked By Aussie Men's Different Approach To Buying Drinks For Women


An American in Melbourne shocked by Aussie men's different approach to buying drinks for women went viral in TikTok. The US expat known as 'Tate' shared her amazement at the dating culture Down Under. After moving to Melbourne, she noticed a striking difference in the way Aussie men approached women in bars compared to men back in her home country.

US Expat "Shocked" By Aussie Men's Different Approach To Buying Drinks For Women

In America, it is very common for men to approach you and offer to buy you a drink. Sometimes it’s even too aggressive. But once I moved to Australia, I found the dynamic to be completely different. Men kind of sit back, let you approach them more, and they're not as aggressive with it.

Tate explained, recounting her experiences in bars in Arizona and LA.

Tate admitted feeling perplexed and even questioning her own attractiveness when she first went out in Australia. She was used to men being proactive in offering drinks, but here, it was more subtle. Her Australian friend explained that it's not as typical for men to approach strangers in bars Down Under.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/american-in-melbourne-shocked-by-aussie-mens-different-approach-to-buying-drinks-for-women/ by Raven Noir on 2023-07-28T04:02:39.743Z

There were times I'd go out in America and wouldn't even bring my wallet or card or anything because we would scheme, scam, and look for men. Everyone would do this; it was such a cultural norm. The guys wouldn't expect anything for it - most of the time you wouldn't get guys who were berating you for not giving them something afterwards.

Tate revealed, highlighting the cultural norm she was accustomed to back home.

However, she realized that things worked differently in Australia. Her friend explained that if a guy bought you a drink, he might expect a conversation or some kind of connection in return. This contrasted with the American approach, where buying a drink for someone was often seen as a friendly gesture without strings attached.

@twaynne or Tate, her tiktok about the difference between an Aussie and an American buying a woman a drink.
@twaynne or Tate, her tiktok about the difference between an Aussie and an American buying a woman a drink.

The TikTok video garnered significant attention, with many Aussies chiming in to share their perspectives on the matter. Interestingly, most agreed with the observation that buying drinks to impress or woo women wasn't the norm in Australia.

I don’t even buy my missus a drink; why would I buy one for strangers?- Tiktok Comment

one person commented, reflecting the sentiment that buying drinks for women wasn't a common practice, even among couples.

Another commenter pointed out the high cost of living in Australia as a possible reason for this difference in dating culture. Financial constraints might deter some from buying drinks for others, especially strangers.

Additionally, a third individual shared their personal experience of going out for years without approaching women. This viewpoint provided further evidence of the more reserved approach many Aussie men have when it comes to buying drinks for women.

As cultural norms vary across countries, dating, and social interactions can differ significantly. Tate's TikTok video shed light on one such difference between the US and Australia. While American men often take the initiative in offering drinks to women as a way to break the ice, Australian men generally adopt a more laid-back approach, letting women take the lead in initiating conversations.


Overall, Tate's video sparked a lively conversation about dating customs, cultural expectations, and gender dynamics in different parts of the world. It serves as a reminder that understanding and respecting these differences can lead to more meaningful connections in the global dating scene.

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