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Andrew Garfield Continues To Dominate As An Oscars Meme For The Second Consecutive Year


Andrew Garfield continues to dominate as an Oscars meme for the second consecutive year! Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield has once again made waves as an Oscars meme, with his awkward grin catching on camera during the 95th Academy Awards. This marks the second year in a row that the Spider-Man star has become the talk of the town among Oscars viewers.

Andrew Garfield Goes Viral Again as Oscars Meme for Second Year Running!

Andrew Garfield continues to be the star of the Oscars, as the actor has cemented himself as a true Oscars meme for the second year running. This year, Garfield's awkward grin caught on camera has gone viral overnight, making him the center of attention once again.

Andrew Garfield is the new meme at the Oscars 2023! #shorts #andrewgarfield

During the 95th Academy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about Will Smith's infamous Oscars slap last year in his opening monologue. Kimmel then joked that anyone hoping to recreate last year would also have to go through Spider-Man, and then the camera fixed on Garfield who smiled awkwardly at viewers.

Following the moment, many Oscars viewers flocked to social media, with one fan stating that "It would not be a legit Oscar night without Andrew Garfield being a meme." Another added, "I need that Andrew Garfield smile as a reaction image, stat."

Last year, Garfield quickly became a viral meme as he was filmed texting under the table in the immediate aftermath of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. When asked about who he was texting during an appearance on ABC's The View, Garfield replied: "That’s none of your business." However, he expressed his regret for missing Kevin Costner’s introduction to the Best Director nominees, which had followed the slap.


Garfield's continued success as an Oscars meme has left fans wondering what he will do next year. For now, he remains a favorite among audiences, proving that he truly is the star of the show.

Andrew Garfield being the Oscars meme for the 2nd year.- Fan of Andrew Garfield

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