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Australia Welcomes Tearless Onions, Get Ready To Chop With Ease


Australians can now bid farewell to tear-filled chopping sessions in the kitchen, as Woolworths, one of Australia's largest supermarket chains, announces the arrival of tearless onions on its shelves. As Australia welcomes tearless onions, Australians will surely be happily chopping in the kitchen!

Woolworths Introduces "Happy Chop" Tearless Onions To Australian Consumers

The unique vegetable variety, named "Happy Chop," was first launched overseas two years ago and is finally making its debut in Australia. Starting from July 12, until September or while stocks last, shoppers in New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will have the opportunity to purchase this innovative tearless onion.

The tearless onion, as the name suggests, is designed to minimize the discomfort caused by chopping onions, a challenge faced by many home cooks. Paul Turner, Woolworths' general manager of fruit and vegetables, shared his excitement about introducing this groundbreaking variety to customers.

We're excited to bring this incredible variety to our customers to take the tears out of meal prep.- Paul Turner

The Science Behind The Tears

The process of developing tearless onions has been a scientific endeavor spanning several decades. Onions contain natural chemicals and enzymes, known as "volatile compounds," which are released when the vegetable is cut, causing eye irritation and triggering tears.

Happy Chop Tearless Onions and Kim Kardashian's Crying Face
Happy Chop Tearless Onions and Kim Kardashian's Crying Face

As a natural self-defence mechanism, onions release a combination of natural chemicals and enzymes (or ‘volatile compounds’) that can cause some tears and irritation when an onion is damaged or cut. Happy Chop – Tearless Onions contain fewer of these compounds, and these compounds continue to reduce after they are harvested, compared to regular onions where these compounds increase over time. This means they become more tearless over time.- Woolworths

Apart from their tear-reducing properties, Happy Chop onions also offer a pleasant alternative for individuals who find regular onions too pungent. These tearless onions produce a slightly sweeter taste compared to the traditional brown onions, making them a versatile option for various culinary creations.

The tearless onion, known as the "Sunion" onion, was initially introduced in the United States in 2018 before reaching the United Kingdom in 2022. Rick Watson, a plant breeder working for the German chemical company BASF, is the mastermind behind this innovative onion variety. Devoting his efforts to natural techniques rather than genetic modification, Watson spent years perfecting the tearless onion, allowing home cooks to bid farewell to teary eyes during meal preparation.

The introduction of tearless onions has received a mix of praise and criticism. While some individuals have enthusiastically embraced this tear-free chopping experience, others have expressed concerns about the flavor of the tearless onion.

Critics have described the flavor as "flavorless." However, testimonials from users across different countries have largely been positive, with one TikTok user exclaiming, "This is amazing, I'm not crying," as she demonstrated the tearless onion in a video.

With the arrival of Happy Chop's Tearless Onions, Australians can finally bid farewell to the inconvenience and discomfort of teary eyes during meal preparation. Whether it's a hearty French onion soup or a flavorful bolognese sauce, chopping onions will no longer be a dreaded task.

Starting from July 12, these tearless onions will be available at Woolworths stores across Australia for approximately $2.50 per 500 grams, offering a game-changing solution for home cooks across the nation.

Happy Chopping!

So, say goodbye to watery eyes and hello to hassle-free onion preparation. Happy Chop's Tearless Onions are here to revolutionize the Australian kitchen and make meal prep a more enjoyable experience for all.

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