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Bargain Retailer B&M Have Launched A New ‘Friends’ Collection And It Looks Like Perfection


New 'Friends' stuff is now available at B&M, one of our favorite places to shop. When you're looking for something to do, nothing beats going shopping and scooping up some bargains. With a collection of products made in the style of the hit 90’s US Sitcom we all know and love, the ‘Friends’ hype just keeps on going.

If you’ve been to a B&M store recently, you may have noticed that the ‘Christmas aisle’ which inevitably appears in every store (usually before Halloween), has been making a gradual comeback.

This year, it’s set to be even better, as you’ll be able to buy your friends or family (or your Lobster) some fantastic gifts relating to all things ‘Friends’.

The collection, which follows Lego’s announcement of a ‘Friends’ themed Lego set, features the following products:

A table with pencil case, mug, tumbler, notebook and hairbrush
A table with pencil case, mug, tumbler, notebook and hairbrush

Do you want a cup of coffee? With the new 'Friends' travel cup and coffee mug, which start at £4 each, you can take yourself straight to Central Perk!

Alternatively, keep yourself organized by using the notebook and pen set (£5) or a funny'Friends' calendar (also £5) to make coming back to school, uni, or job entertaining!

There's even a hairbrush in the form of Monica from 'Friends,' with Monica's iconic slogan "It's the humidity!" on it for your vanity.

" from Barbados' The One.

If that isn't enough to pique your interest, there's also a doormat featuring Joey's favorite pick-up line, 'How you doin'?' I'm tempted to get one right now, despite the fact that I haven't even moved out!

It’s surprising they haven’t made an umbrella for “when the rain starts to fall…”, but that’s a thought for another time.

There’s definitely something here for every ‘Friends’ fan, and the new products have proven that we really couldn’t BE more excited.

If you're a Friends fan, there's no time to spare because these things are sure to fly off the shelves faster than Joey eating pizza.

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