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Bear Grylls Accidentally Live Streams His Penis In Instagram Fail


Bear Grylls accidentally live-streams his penis in Instagram fail.

The star, who is best known for being a survival expert and hosting shows such as The Island, its celebrity version, and Running Wild, decided to film himself naked diving into a lake and ended up giving fans a lot more than they bargained for due to an unfortunate camera angle.

Grylls dives over the camera completely naked in the video below, flashing his underwear for his three million Instagram followers to see.

Bear Grylls accidentally live streams privates in Instagram fail

According to MailOnline, the explicit live stream remained on Grylls' Instagram account for several hours before being deleted.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/bear-grylls-accidentally-live-streams-his-penis-in-instagram-fail/ by Morgan Maverick on 2022-04-22T09:38:41.208Z

Grylls, on the other hand, is no stranger to flaunting his manhood, and the incident is unlikely to have left him too red-faced. According to the Irish Independent, Piers Morgan admitted in his life stories that he accidentally flashed his friend Dermot O'Leary in a photo he sent of himself cliff-diving naked in Wales.

Grylls stated on the show in 2014:

"If there's a large body of water nearby and nobody's looking, I'm frequently tempted to strip off and dive in."

"We own this small island in North Wales, and there's a great cliff jump into the sea, which I do every morning when I'm up there and before anyone else is out," he explained.

"However, with this photograph, I viewed it on my iPhone and when I texted it, it appeared to be fine, so I sent it to him... and indeed, if you enlarge it, you can see the end of what I didn't realize was visible, which is the danger of small iPhone screens."

Bear appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Friday, November 22nd, to discuss his recent work with Tusk, an African wildlife conservation charity.

Unfortunately, as soon as Grylls began discussing his recent charity work with Tusk on Good Morning Britain, the internet became obsessed with the adventurer's distinctive 'tache – and why, why was also a big question. That is about the worst thing a man can do with his facial hair. I'm all for a well-groomed beard and a well-maintained mustache, but the handlebar mustache is one of those looks that belongs in the '70s – on some sticky pornographic set floor.

Within minutes, social media users were drawing comparisons between Grylls' facial hair and that of a "'70s pornstar." And how can you blame them?

As one Twitter user put it:

So Bear Grylls now sports a 1970s pornstar mustache to match his 1970s pornstar moniker "GoodMorningBritain."

Thankfully, Grylls is fully aware of his less-than-desirable Ron Jeremy-esque exterior and has assured us all that it is not permanent.

He made a joke:

"I'm always apologizing before I've said a word!"

As it turns out, Grylls grew a beard during a recent stint in the jungle, but chose not to trim it prior to attending a Marines dinner - yes, because that's far superior – despite his wife's objections.

He stated at the time:

"I'm going to get rid of it because we're starting our new Netflix series next week – but it's November, so why not? This is a new endeavor and, as my family puts it, a temporary endeavor."


It has since been removed from Instagram. Bear was completely naked in the video, except for his water socks. However, it is being reported that this is not the first time Bear Grylls has appeared on television. According to reports, the risk-taker who recently debuted his new pornstache previously revealed that he accidentally sent a picture of himself flashing to his friend Dermot O'Leary. Bear was quoted as saying in Piers Morgan's 2014 series Life Stories: "If there's a substantial body of water nearby and nobody's looking, I'm frequently quite tempted to strip off and dive in."

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