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Bella Ramsey Confesses To Enjoying Cereal With Orange Juice - A Surprising Breakfast Choice


Have you ever wondered if breakfast could surprise you? Bella Ramsey confesses to enjoying cereal with orange juice! Bella Ramsey, the star of "The Last of Us" video game adaptation HBO series, has recently revealed a shocking breakfast habit that left fans confused and outraged.

"The Last Of Us" Star Bella Ramsey Stuns Fans With Cereal And Orange Juice Combo

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Interview alongside co-star Pedro Pascal, Ramsey confessed that they love eating cornflakes with orange juice instead of milk.

Ramsey's character in the HBO series, Ellie, is immune to the deadly disease that has wiped out most of Earth's population, but it seems like their breakfast choices may not be as immune to scrutiny.

During the interview, Ramsey explained the reasoning behind the unconventional combo, saying, "There once wasn't milk I could drink, there wasn't oat milk or almond milk, so I just tried orange juice on it. Years ago! And I loved it. And it's been a thing ever since."

Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey Play "The Last Time I..." & Talk Recognizable Roles & 'The Last of Us'

The interview clip was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral, with many users expressing their shock and disbelief at the strange combination. One fan even warned others not to try it, saying, "Still not over the fact that Bella Ramsey eats their cereal with ORANGE JUICE. (also don’t try it.)"

Despite the backlash, Ramsey stands by their choice, saying that it is "actually fine" on their stomach.

Ramsey is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously played the role of Lyanna Mormont in "Game of Thrones" between seasons six and eight. They now star alongside Pedro Pascal, Nick Offerman, and Gabriel Luna in "The Last of Us" HBO series, with the video game's creator Neil Druckmann also involved.

While Ramsey's breakfast choices may not be for everyone, it's clear that they are not afraid to stand out and do things their own way. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks.


In conclusion, Bella Ramsey's revelation of their breakfast choice has caused quite a stir among fans and social media users. Although some were outraged and confused by the combination, Ramsey's explanation of why they chose it is understandable.

It just goes to show that we all have our own unique tastes and preferences, even when it comes to something as simple as breakfast. As Ramsey continues to shine in their role in "The Last of Us" series, it's clear that they will continue to march to the beat of their own drum both on and off the screen.

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