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Bizarre Fashion Trends From Around The World - Exploring The Strangest Ones


Fashion is an ever-evolving and innovative industry that is constantly pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and creating new trends. However, some fashion trends can be downright bizarre and strange, often leaving many people scratching their heads in confusion. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most bizarre fashion trends from around the world.

Check out some examples of bizarre fashion trends from around the world:

Bagel Head - Japan

Bagel Head is a bizarre fashion trend that originated in Japan in the late 2000s. It involves injecting saline solution into the forehead to create a temporary swelling that resembles a bagel or donut.

The procedure is carried out by inserting a needle into the forehead, and the saline solution is then injected. Once the desired size is reached, the needle is removed and the fluid is left to settle, creating the signature bagel-like appearance.

The practice first gained widespread attention in 2009 when Vice Media produced a documentary about the trend. Despite its unusual appearance, it is not considered dangerous or harmful, as the saline solution is quickly absorbed by the body, and the swelling subsides within 24 hours.

A man with Bagel Head
A man with Bagel Head

Face-Kinis - China

Face-Kinis is a bizarre fashion trend that originated in China and gained popularity in the early 2010s. The trend involves wearing a full-face mask made from stretchy fabric that covers the entire head, except for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The masks are available in a variety of colors and designs and are designed to protect the wearer from the sun's harmful UV rays and prevent tanning.

The trend was initially popularized in the coastal city of Qingdao, where it was adopted by women who wished to protect their fair skin from the sun's damaging effects. Over time, it has become a fashion statement and is now worn by both men and women. The masks have even been worn by Olympic athletes from China during outdoor competitions.

Ganguro - Japan

Ganguro is a Japanese fashion trend that originated in the 1990s and involves dark tans, dyed hair, and heavy makeup. The term "ganguro" translates to "blackface" in Japanese and is often associated with the exaggerated facial features and tanned skin of the trend's followers.

The trend was initially popularized in the Shibuya district of Tokyo and was often associated with rebellious youth culture. Ganguro followers typically wear brightly colored clothing, platform shoes, and carry oversized accessories. The trend has been criticized for promoting unhealthy tanning practices and for appropriating African American culture.

Despite the controversy surrounding Ganguro, the trend has remained popular in certain circles in Japan and has even influenced other fashion trends around the world.

Extreme High Heels - United States

Extreme high heels are a bizarre fashion trend that originated in the United States and gained popularity in the early 2000s. The trend involves wearing high-heeled shoes that are much higher than traditional high heels, with some shoes reaching heights of up to 10 inches. The shoes are often decorated with glitter, jewels, and other embellishments.

The trend was popularized by celebritiessuch as Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham, who were often seen wearing extreme high heels at public events. The shoes are not only a fashion statement but also a form of artistic expression, with designers experimenting with unconventional materials and shapes to create unique and visually striking designs.

The trend has been criticized for promoting unhealthy and dangerous footwear, with many experts warning of the potential long-term damage to the feet and legs caused by wearing such high heels. However, despite the controversy surrounding the trend, extreme high heels continue to be embraced by those who wish to make a bold fashion statement.

Tooth Jewelry - United States

Tooth Jewellery, on the other hand, is a dental fashion trend that has gained popularity in the United States in recent years. The trend involves applying small jewels or crystals to the surface of the teeth using dental adhesive. The result is a sparkling, glittering effect that can be seen when the wearer smiles or talks.

Tooth jewelry is a relatively simple and painless procedure that is performed by a dental professional. First, the teeth are cleaned and prepared for the application of the adhesive.

Next, the jewels or crystals are carefully placed onto the surface of the teeth, and the adhesive is allowed to dry. The procedure can be completed in just a few minutes and is completely reversible, as the jewels can be easily removed by a dental professional.

While some people consider tooth jewelry to be a harmless and fun form of self-expression, others have raised concerns about the potential damage that the adhesive could cause to the teeth.

Additionally, the procedure is not covered by most dental insurance plans and can be expensive, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the materials used.

A miniature bunny jewely on teeth of a woman
A miniature bunny jewely on teeth of a woman

Bubble Wrap Dress - United Kingdom

The Bubble Wrap Dress is a bizarre fashion trend that originated in the United Kingdom in the early 2000s. The trend involves creating dresses made entirely out of bubble wrap, a popular packaging material made of plastic bubbles. The dresses are often designed with colorful bubble wrap and are popular at events such as art exhibitions and fashion shows.

The trend was popularized by designers such as Andrew McPherson and Louise Kirby, who created elaborate and intricate bubble wrap dresses that were both visually striking and environmentally friendly. The dresses were often accompanied by matching accessories, such as bubble wrap shoes and handbags.

The Bubble Wrap Dress trend represents a desire to explore unconventional materials and promote sustainable fashion. While the trend has not gained mainstream popularity, it has inspired other designers to experiment with unconventional materials and incorporate them into their designs.

Lampshade Hats - United States

Lampshade hats are a unique and unusual fashion trend that originated in the United States during the mid-20th century. The trend involved wearing a hat that resembled a lampshade, with a cylindrical shape and a wide, flat brim.

The lampshade hat first gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, during a period of time when women's fashion was characterized by bold, eye-catching designs. The hats were often made from materials such as straw, silk, or velvet, and were decorated with ribbons, flowers, and other embellishments.

The trend was popularized by Hollywood actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, who were often photographed wearing lampshade hats at public events. The hats were also a popular choice for weddings and other formal occasions, where they were seen as a way to make a bold and sophisticated fashion statement.

While the lampshade hat trend has largely faded from mainstream fashion, it continues to be embraced by those who appreciate its unique and quirky aesthetic. The hats are often worn by collectors and vintage fashion enthusiasts, who see them as a symbol of a bygone era of glamour and elegance.

In recent years, the lampshade hat has also made a resurgence on the runway, with designers incorporating the style into their collections in new and creative ways. Today, the lampshade hat remains a beloved and iconic fashion trend that has inspired countless designers and fashion lovers around the world.

People Also Ask

Some examples of bizarre fashion trends from around the world include bagel heads in Japan, face-kinis in China, and tooth jewelry in the United States.

What Is A Bagel Head?

A bagel head is a bizarre fashion trend that originated in Japan, in which saline solution is injected into the forehead to create a temporary swelling that resembles a bagel.

What Is A Face-kini?

A face-kini is a type of mask worn by beachgoers in China to protect their skin from the sun. The mask covers the entire face, except for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

What Is Tooth Jewelry?

Tooth jewelry is a cosmetic dental procedure in which a small gem or jewel is attached to the surface of a tooth, typically using dental adhesive.

People may embrace bizarre fashion trends as a way to express their individuality and creativity, challenge societal norms, or simply for the sake of fun and experimentation.


Fashion is an ever-changing industry that is constantly pushing boundaries and creating new trends. While some of these trends may seem bizarre and strange to outsiders, they often hold great significance and meaning to the cultures that embrace them. These bizarre fashion trends from around the world are just a few examples of how fashion can be used as a form of expression, creativity, and individuality.

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