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Bonecrusher Necklace - Crushing Bones And Boosting Experience In RuneScape


Today we will explore the ins and outs of the Bonecrusher Necklace, its mechanics, benefits, and how it has become a staple accessory for many players. In the expansive world of RuneScape, players are constantly seeking ways to maximize their experience gain, efficiency, and convenience.

Among the array of tools and items available, the Bonecrusher Necklace stands out as a valuable accessory that combines utility, functionality, and visual appeal. Since its introduction in 2018 as part of the Dungeoneering update, the Bonecrusher Necklace has become a staple item for many players, providing them with a range of benefits and advantages.

Unleashing The Osrs Bonecrusher Necklace

The Bonecrusher Necklace was introduced to RuneScape in 2018 as part of the Dungeoneering update. This unique accessory combines both practicality and aesthetics, making it a desirable item for players.

To obtain the Bonecrusher Necklace, players must combine the Hydra tail, a drop from the Alchemical Hydra boss, with a Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit, which can be obtained as a rare reward from the Chambers of Xeric raid. This process results in a powerful and visually appealing accessory that enhances a player's combat experience.

The Bonecrusher Necklace
The Bonecrusher Necklace

The Power Of Bonecrushing

The defining feature of the Bonecrusher Necklace is its ability to automatically bury bones dropped by monsters during combat. This means that players no longer need to manually bury bones or pick them up, as the necklace does the work for them.

This function is especially useful during activities that involve battling large numbers of monsters or engaging in extended combat sessions, as it saves valuable time and inventory space.

Maximizing Experience Gain

One of the primary benefits of the Bonecrusher Necklace is its significant impact on Prayer experience gain. When equipped, the necklace automatically buries bones, which results in the player gaining Prayer experience equivalent to burying those bones manually.

This can greatly enhance a player's overall leveling progress in the Prayer skill, allowing them to reach higher levels more efficiently. The Bonecrusher Necklace is particularly advantageous during combat situations where many bones are dropped, such as Slayer tasks or boss fights.

Customization With The Ornament Kit

To add a touch of personalization, players can use the Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit to change the appearance of their Bonecrusher Necklace.

This kit, obtained as a rare reward from the Chambers of Xeric raid, allows players to modify the visual design of the necklace, giving it a unique and personalized look. This feature not only adds a level of individuality to a player's character but also serves as a visual representation of their achievements.

Compatibility And Synergy

The Bonecrusher Necklace is compatible with several other powerful items in RuneScape. Players can wear it alongside the Amulet of Torture, Amulet of Fury, or the Fire cape, allowing them to benefit from the bonecrushing ability while still enjoying the bonuses provided by these other items.

The Amulet of Torture
The Amulet of Torture

This flexibility enables players to customize their equipment setups to suit their combat needs and playstyle, maximizing their effectiveness in battle while reaping the benefits of the Bonecrusher Necklace.

Efficient Slayer Training

Slayer is a popular skill in RuneScape that involves completing tasks to hunt and defeat various creatures. These creatures often drop bones, which can be time-consuming to bury manually.

The Bonecrusher Necklace simplifies this process by automatically burying the bones, allowing players to focus on their slayer tasks without the hassle of constantly burying bones or managing inventory space. This efficient approach to slayer training saves time and effort, enabling players to progress through the skill more quickly.

Cost And Acquisition

While the Bonecrusher Necklace may require some investment, its utility and long-term efficiency gains make it a worthwhile purchase for many players.

The acquisition process involves obtaining both the Hydra tail and the Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit, which can be challenging and time-consuming. However, the rewards of owning a Bonecrusher Necklace far outweigh the initial investment, making it a valuable asset for dedicated adventurers.

OSRS | The Dragonbone and Bonecrusher Necklace: Should YOU Buy it? (Ep.2)

Slaying With Style

In addition to its practical benefits, the Bonecrusher Necklace also enhances the aesthetic appeal of a player's character. The Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit allows players to modify the appearance of their necklace, adding a unique visual flair.

This customization option provides players with an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and individuality while benefiting from the necklace's functionality. The combination of practicality and style makes the Bonecrusher Necklace a desirable accessory for RuneScape players.

The Bonecrusher Necklace In PvM (Player Vs. Monster) Content

The Bonecrusher Necklace proves to be exceptionally useful in PvM encounters, where players face formidable monsters and bosses. In these challenging battles, enemies often drop a significant number of bones.

With the Bonecrusher Necklace equipped, players can focus solely on combat without the need to interrupt their actions to bury bones. This not only saves time but also allows for a more efficient and uninterrupted combat experience, increasing the overall effectiveness and potential rewards of PvM encounters.

Bonecrusher Necklace And Wilderness Activities

The Bonecrusher Necklace's automatic bone-burying ability also extends to activities in the Wilderness. While players risk losing their items upon death in this PvP (Player vs. Player) zone, the Bonecrusher Necklace remains a valuable asset.

As monsters in the Wilderness drop bones, the necklace ensures that players can still gain Prayer experience while engaging in combat. This feature can be particularly advantageous for players participating in Wilderness Slayer tasks or engaging in PvP encounters, as it allows them to efficiently train their Prayer skills without interrupting their activities.

Strategies For Obtaining The Bonecrusher Necklace

Acquiring the Bonecrusher Necklace requires players to obtain both the Hydra tail and the Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit. The Hydra tail is a rare drop from the Alchemical Hydra boss, found within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

Players must engage in challenging battles and defeat the Hydra to obtain this crucial component. Additionally, the Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit can be acquired as a rare reward for completing the Chambers of Xeric raid, a high-level group PvM activity.

Successful completion of the raid provides players with the opportunity to receive the ornament kit, which can then be used to customize the appearance of the Bonecrusher Necklace. These acquisition methods add an element of challenge and rarity to obtaining the Bonecrusher Necklace, making it a prestigious and sought-after item in the RuneScape community.

What Is RuneScape?

RuneScape, developed and published by Jagex, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that has captivated players around the world for over two decades. Since its release in 2001, RuneScape has evolved and expanded, captivating millions of players with its immersive gameplay, rich lore, and thriving community.

The Evolution Of RuneScape

RuneScape began as a relatively simple browser-based game with 2D graphics. Over the years, it has undergone significant transformations, with the introduction of RuneScape 2 (now known as Old School RuneScape) and the subsequent release of RuneScape 3, featuring improved graphics and gameplay mechanics.

This evolution allowed players to experience the game in different iterations, catering to various preferences and providing a wealth of content for both new and veteran players.

Which Runescape should you play?

Gameplay Mechanics In RuneScape

RuneScape offers players immense freedom to choose their own paths. The game provides various skills to train, quests to embark on, and activities to participate in. Players can engage in combat, explore vast regions, gather resources, craft items, and trade with others in a player-driven economy.

The skill system in RuneScape allows players to specialize in certain areas, such as combat, magic, cooking, crafting, and more. This flexibility enables players to shape their characters and gameplay experience according to their preferences.

The Lore Of Gielinor

The world of RuneScape, known as Gielinor, is a captivating realm filled with diverse landscapes, cities, dungeons, and hidden treasures. The lore of RuneScape is rich and extensive, spanning multiple ages, gods, and factions.

Players can immerse themselves in epic quests that unveil the deep mythology and history of Gielinor, interacting with iconic characters and shaping the course of events. The game's storyline is ever-evolving, with frequent content updates that introduce new adventures and story arcs, ensuring that there is always something exciting to discover.

Social Interaction And Community

RuneScape's enduring appeal lies not only in its gameplay but also in its vibrant community. The game fosters social interaction through various means, including clans, group activities, and a bustling in-game chat system.

Players can form alliances, join guilds, and tackle challenging content together. The game also hosts regular events, such as seasonal festivities and community competitions, which bring players together and create a sense of camaraderie.

Additionally, the official RuneScape forums, subreddit, and social media channels provide platforms for players to connect, share their experiences, and offer support to one another.

The Thriving Economy Of RuneScape

RuneScape boasts a dynamic player-driven economy that allows players to engage in trade and commerce. Players can gather resources, craft items, and participate in the Grand Exchange, an in-game marketplace where items can be bought and sold.

The economy of RuneScape is influenced by supply and demand, as well as player interactions, creating a vibrant ecosystem where players can amass wealth and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

Accessibility And Cross-Platform Availability

RuneScape's accessibility is one of its strengths, with the game being available on multiple platforms. Initially a browser-based game, RuneScape can now be played on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems through dedicated clients.

Additionally, the game is available on mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the vast world of Gielinor on the go. The cross-platform availability ensures that players can access the game using their preferred devices and seamlessly continue their adventures across platforms.

People Also Ask

Can The Bonecrusher Necklace Be Used In PvP Combat?

The Bonecrusher Necklace can indeed be used in PvP combat. While players risk losing their items upon death in the Wilderness, the Bonecrusher Necklace's automatic bone-burying ability remains active, allowing players to gain Prayer experience from bones dropped by defeated opponents.

How Do I Obtain The Bonecrusher Necklace Ornament Kit?

The Bonecrusher necklace ornament kit can be obtained as a rare reward for completing the Chambers of Xeric raid, a high-level group PvM activity. Successful completion of the raid provides players with a chance to receive the ornament kit, which can then be used to customize the appearance of the Bonecrusher Necklace.

Does The Bonecrusher Necklace Work On All Types Of Bones?

Yes, the Bonecrusher Necklace works on all types of bones dropped by monsters or players. Whether it's regular bones, big bones, dragon bones, or any other type of bone, the necklace will automatically bury them, granting Prayer experience in the process. This makes it a versatile and efficient tool for training the Prayer skill.

Final Words

The Bonecrusher Necklace has become a sought-after item in RuneScape due to its unique ability to automatically bury bones, granting valuable Prayer experience.

Whether it's crunching bones while battling powerful foes or customizing its appearance with the ornament kit, the Bonecrusher Necklace offers an invaluable combination of utility and style, cementing its place as a valuable asset in the arsenal of RuneScape adventurers.

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