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British Airways Serves KFC Chicken - Passengers Get A Leg Each On 12-Hour Flight To London


London-bound passengers aboard a British Airways flight were left clucking with disbelief when British Airways serves KFC chickenon their 12-hour flight. Due to a catering snafu, the airline's travelers were treated to an unusual inflight dining experience - a single KFC chicken leg, and it wasn't even originally on the menu!

British Airways Serves KFC Chicken, A Leg Per Passenger

The incident, which unfolded last Sunday, was first reported on the travel blog "One Mile At A Time." Mr. Ben Schlappig, who chronicled the curious event, revealed that British Airways Flight 252 was about to depart from Providenciales, a picturesque British overseas territory nestled in the Atlantic Ocean.

However, as the crew geared up for takeoff, they were hit with a chilling revelation - the plane's catering carts had failed to maintain the required temperature, rendering all the perishable food unfit for consumption.

British Airways serve KFC to passengers after in-flight meal malfunction.
British Airways serve KFC to passengers after in-flight meal malfunction.

With a planeload of hungry passengers and a 12-hour flight ahead, the crew faced a culinary quandary. An emergency decision was made to divert the flight to Nassau, Bahamas, for an impromptu stopover and arrange alternative catering. The solution they conjured up - several buckets of finger-lickin' good KFC fried chicken.

Whether seated in business class or economy, all passengers were served the same unconventional meal - a solitary chicken leg each. Flight attendants were captured on camera, their hands full with KFC buckets, diligently handing out the unexpected entrees to puzzled passengers in the business class cabin.

Social media platforms soon lit up with reactions from the baffled travelers.

A Twitter post shared a picture of a "lucky passenger" grinning with not one but two pieces of chicken. However, not all reactions were filled with laughter and joy.

Twitter post on the lucky passenger with 2 pieces of KFc chicken.
Twitter post on the lucky passenger with 2 pieces of KFc chicken.

One disgruntled user on Twitter, KeepinUpW’Soghmanian, voiced their displeasure, saying, "Laughable... People with medical conditions left without any food or proper refreshments."

Similarly, an Instagram user, wheres_wally27, likened British Airways to a certain budget airline notorious for subpar customer service, adding, "BA are right up there... due to atrocious customer services!!!"

Another passenger expressed their exasperation, questioning how such a crucial aspect of the flight, catering, could have been overlooked. They labeled the incident an "absolute disgrace" and inquired:

How do you forget the catering for a 12-hour flight?- Passenger

However, amidst the storm of criticism, some travelers displayed a more forgiving stance. Chiefwakawaka, an Instagram user, found a silver lining in the mishap, acknowledging that an alternative meal was at least provided under the circumstances. They also speculated that additional compensation might have been offered to those inconvenienced.

Mr. Ben Schlappig, the travel writer who recounted the event, applauded British Airways for their quick thinking in finding a solution to the catering predicament. He opined:

I can’t imagine any passenger would have preferred to have their flights delayed by several hours or even cancelled over food. So, trying to find some alternative while minimizing the delay seems like the best option.- Ben Schlappig

While the airline's efforts were commendable, Mr. Schlappig humorously noted that KFC's finger-lickin' good chicken might not have been his personal first choice.


In the annals of aviation history, this quirky inflight meal will undoubtedly be remembered as a one-of-a-kind dining experience. From chilled catering carts to KFC buckets, British Airways' Flight 252 treated passengers to an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, bewilderment, and a shared tale they'll be clinging to for years to come. As they say, sometimes in travel, the unexpected can lead to the most memorable adventures. Bon appétit, or should we say happy clucking!

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