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Bulgarian Man Found Completely Mummified Just 16 Days After He Was Last Seen Alive


In a bizarre and tragic turn of events, a Bulgarian man found completely mummified just 16 days after he was last seen alive. The story is both perplexing and sheds light on the complexities of human decomposition, especially in extreme conditions.

A Bulgarian man was found completely mummified just 16 days after he was last seen alive. What makes this case particularly perplexing is the speed at which the man's body underwent mummification. Traditionally, mummification is associated with deliberate processes like those used in ancient Egypt. However, this instance appears to be a result of natural conditions and underlying factors.

Authorities in Sofia, Bulgaria discovered a man's body on the side of a railway line on September 3. The 34-year-old was last seen alive on August 18, but when his body was discovered, it was in a state of 'total mummification,' which has perplexed authorities.

The man was located wearing the same t-shirt, shorts, and socks he was wearing when he was last seen alive 16 days prior.

He also carried a backpack 'filled with personal items and a bottle of alcoholic beverage,' according to Cureus Journal of Medical Science.

Cureus' report adds:

There was information that the deceased was chronically abusing alcohol. The body was sent for an autopsy at the Clinic of Forensic Medicine and Deontology, Sofia. During the external examination, no traumatic injuries were found.- Cureus Journal of Medical Science

The man's soft tissues and internal organs had totally dissolved as a result of the body's 'full mummification' in just 16 days, making proper testing impossible.

The man's cause of death was later determined to be "unknown," while the science journal states that it "concluded that it is not associated with traumatic injuries" and "cannot exclude the possibility of alcohol intoxication or complications related to chronic abuse."

According to the publication, mummification normally takes several weeks to months'. So, how did the man become mummified in just 16 days?

Mummification can supposedly displace the decomposition process in "some cases," but it all depends on things like "dry air, good ventilation, solar radiation, and high temperature."

The temperature in Bulgaria has varied between 'between 16°C and 33°C' in the 16 days after the man was last seen, with relative humidity for August of 52 percent'. "The wind in Sofia during August blows at an average speed of 8.1 mph (13.03 km/h)," according to the newspaper.

The recorded readings throughout the 16-day period were 'near-mummification-inducing' in the 34-year-old's case. It continues, "We assume that the movement of the trains since he was found next to a railway line, could provoke an additional 'windy condition,' which could help in the fastening of the process."

The journal concluded that the 34-year-old's case is 'an exceptionally rare event', with 'few published cases in the literature with rapid, also known as precocious mummification'.

It concludes:

The presented case shows a complete natural mummification of the human body over just 16 days. The illustrated case will enrich the literature and will raise awareness of the possibility of fast-occurring mummification.- Cureus Journal of Medical Science

Final Thoughts

A Bulgarian man was found completely mummified just 16 days after he was last seen alive. The story of the Bulgarian man is a haunting and tragic one. It raises questions about the delicate balance between the environment, human physiology, and external factors that can influence the process of decomposition. While this case is exceptional, it serves as a somber reminder of the vulnerabilities we face as humans and the importance of addressing underlying health issues.

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