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Canadian Actor Passes Away In South Korea After 12 Surgeries To Resemble BTS' Jimin


A Canadian actor passes away in South Korea after 12 surgeries to resemble BTS' Jimin. The Canadian actor, Saint Von Colucci passed away in South Korea on April 23 due to complications from 12 cosmetic surgeries he had undergone to resemble K-pop group BTS member Jimin.

Canadian Actor Dies In South Korea After Undergoing 12 Cosmetic Surgeries To Look Like K-pop Star Jimin

Colucci reportedly spent $220,000 for these surgeries to play the role of Jimin for a US streaming network, according to a report by the Daily Mail. His publicist, Eric Blaker, stated that the actor underwent surgery on April 22 to remove implants from his jaw that he had put in in November, but developed an infection which led to complications and his death.

“It’s very tragic and very unfortunate,” said Blaker.

Colucci, who was identified as 23 years old in a press release issued by a company named IBG in January 2022, was born in Quebec, Canada, and moved to South Korea to become a trainee in an agency. He had started working in the entertainmentindustry as early as 2015, making his debut as an actor and commercial model in Canada.

The report stated that Saint Von Colucci started filming the Korean drama “Pretty Lies” in June of last year and completed it last December where he played an international student. The drama was set to air on a major US OTT platform in October.

Canadian actor, Saint Von Colucci and BTS Jimin
Canadian actor, Saint Von Colucci and BTS Jimin

“He was very, very excited and worked really hard,” added Blake.

Colucci reportedly underwent several surgeries in the past year, including jaw surgery, implants, a facelift, a nose job, an eye lift, an eyebrow lift, a lip reduction, and some other minor surgeries. According to Blake, the actor was very insecure about his looks and felt discriminated against for his Western appearance in South Korea.

“He was very insecure about his face. It was very hard for him to get a job in South Korea and he felt very discriminated against for his Western looks,” he said.

The press release issued by IBG in January 2022 stated that Saint Von Colucci was to make his K-pop debut in the summer with his first mini-album "T1K T0K H1GH SCH00L". The album reportedly had three songs written by the artist himself: "Pretty Lies" (거짓말) , "0PP4", and "I DON`T BLEED.”

“He started working in the entertainment industry as early as 2015, making his debut as an actor and commercial model in Canada. Due to his parents' jobs, he ended up living in many different countries, such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and England, resulting in him becoming fluent in five languages, those being English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Korean,” the press release stated.


This tragic incident raises concerns about the growing trend of people undergoing cosmetic surgeries to look like their favorite celebrities, particularly in the K-pop industry, where looks and image are crucial to success. Experts advise people to think carefully before undergoing any cosmetic procedure and to consult with a qualified and experienced professional.

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