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CBD Under The Dutch Opium Act - Rules And Regulations Regarding Cannabis


The use, possession, and trade of CBD under the Dutch Opium Act are all considered illegal; however, under certain conditions, the drug is openly tolerated by official policy.

Cannabis is classified as a Category II drug, which places it in the category of "soft drugs."

A person holding a bottle near the Cannabis plant
A person holding a bottle near the Cannabis plant

Dutch Opium Act

It is against the law to possess narcotics in the majority of countries.

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The same is true in the Netherlands, where the regulations are spelled out in the Opium Act and other legislation that is related to it. CBD under the Dutch Opium Act is illegal in the Netherlands.

The list of drugs that are protected under the Opium Act can be found in its appendices.

The Dutch Opium Act makes a distinction between drugs that have a low potential for harm (referred to as "soft drugs") and those that have a high potential for harm (referred to as "hard drugs").

It is possible that CBD will be approved as a novel food; however, this does not necessarily indicate that CBD will be able to be sold in the EU without encountering any (legal) barriers.

The Novel Food Catalogue makes this reservation clear by stating that the placing on the market of a cannabis product as food may be restricted by particular national legislation that is different from food regulation.

In actuality, the legislation surrounding opium will be of great significance.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that cannabidiol (CBD) is not a controlled substance; however, it did not specify the level of purity that CBD must have in order to be exempt from the Single Convention and be freely traded.

The respective suggestion put up by the WHO that was turned down called for a THC concentration of up to 0.2 percent.

However, in the Netherlands, the maximum percentage of contamination that can be tolerated is 0.05 percent or less.

This impurity may be brought on by traces of THC, but it may also be brought on by other cannabinoids that are present.

Cannabis plant farm during sunset
Cannabis plant farm during sunset

Only CBD that has been extracted and purified to a level greater than 99.95 percent is exempt from the provisions of the Dutch Opium Act.

Having said that, there is another catch, despite the fact that the Dutch Opium Act does not include CBD, this Act is applicable to the cannabis plant (or its parts) from which CBD is extracted.

This is the case even though CBD is not covered by the Act. Because of this, it is impossible for there to be a natural CBD production industry in the Netherlands.

Since 2003, patients in need of medical treatment are able to legally obtain cannabis in the Netherlands.

The legal framework in the Netherlands is an example of a well-established system that permits access to cannabis for medical purposes.

The Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis has complete authority over all activities that involve medicinal cannabis and has imposed stringent regulations on them all.

This means that permission must be sought before cultivating medicinal cannabis, importing it, or selling it to customers.

The number of situations in which authorizations will be issued is quite restricted.

Bedrocan is the only business in the Netherlands that has been granted permission to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes at this time.

Because the Dutch Medicines Act applies to cannabis used for medical purposes, a marketing authorization is necessary before the product can be sold legally in the Netherlands.

Dutch Opium Act And Bedrocan

However, this condition does not apply to the medicinal cannabis that Bedrocan grows; rather, a special access mechanism permits the medical use of this particular cannabis product even though it does not have marketing authorization.

If they have a valid prescription, patients can get their hands on medicinal cannabis through the dispensaries in their communities.

Since the sale and possession of small amounts of cannabis (less than 5 grams) for personal use are tolerated, cannabis can also be bought from establishments often known as "coffee shops."

On the other hand, because it is subject to stringent controls, the quality of medicinal cannabis that is bought through pharmacies is more protected.

It is possible to commit a crime if you break the Dutch Opium Act by cultivating, importing, possessing, or promoting opiates without a license, and you run the risk of receiving severe punishment for doing so (imprisonment for up to twelve years or a fine).

Coffee shop neon sign; The Netherlands flag
Coffee shop neon sign; The Netherlands flag

People Also Ask

Is Recreational Use Of CBD Allowed In the Netherlands?

CBD use for recreational purposes is allowed in the Netherlands if it contains 0.05% THC.

Is Industrial Use Of CBD Permitted In The Netherlands?

The cultivation, importation, and sale of industrial hemp are all legal activities in the Netherlands so long as the hemp is destined for the manufacture of fibers or seeds that will be used in the development of fiber variants. The European Union has established criteria that stipulate the cannabis variety must be registered in a plant variety database, and the amount of THC present must not be higher than 0.2 percent.

Are CBD Products Patentable In The Netherlands?

Products derived from cannabis are eligible for patent protection in the Netherlands, provided that their commercial exploitation does not go against the country's policies or values.


So CBD under the Dutch Opium Act is considered illegal in the Netherlands when the THC level is more than 0.05%. What are your thoughts on this?

Have you heard about CBD drug interactions?

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