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Decades Long Mystery Of Bleeding Waterfalls In Antarctica Finally Solved


The decades long mystery of bleeding waterfalls in antarctica finally solved!For decades, scientists and explorers alike have been mystified by the appearance of Blood Falls, a striking natural wonder located in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

The Mystery Of Blood Falls In Antarctica Finally Solved

The flow of water in the area appears to be tinged with bright red and orange hues, leading to wild speculation about its origins. While some theories were reasonable, such as red algae, others were downright ridiculous, including alien portals.

However, after years of confusion and speculation, researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have finally cracked the mystery of the 'bleeding' waterfalls.

Using radio-echo sounding, the team discovered that the water in the area is extremely salty, with more than twice the salt content of seawater.

Additionally, the water is high in iron, which oxidizes when it comes into contact with oxygen, leading to the unusual coloration of the water. The water's high salt content also explains why it flows, rather than freezes, despite the frigid temperatures in the area.

According to National Geographic explorer Erin C Pettit, the heat released by water as it freezes, combined with the lower freezing temperature of salty water, allows for brine movement in the extremely cold ice. This process is what allows Blood Falls to persistently flow, despite the inhospitable environment.

Why Blood flows from this waterfall? unbelievable mystery

The researchers also have a theory about how the water in the area became so rich in salt and iron. They believe that around five million years ago, the Dry Valleys were beneath the ocean. When the climate changed and the sea level dropped, the salty water was left isolated as a lake. Approximately 1.5 million years ago, a glacier advanced over the lake, leading to the formation of the salty brine that feeds Blood Falls today.

The discovery of the origins of Blood Falls is a fascinating breakthrough in our understanding of the natural world.

As Pettit notes, "Taylor Glacier is now the coldest known glacier to have persistently flowing water." The area's extreme conditions and unusual chemical makeup have combined to create one of the most striking natural wonders on the planet.

Thanks to the perseverance of researchers and the application of advanced technology, we now have a better understanding of the forces at work behind this mysterious phenomenon.


In conclusion, the mystery of Blood Falls in Antarctica has finally been solved. After decades of speculation, researchers have discovered that the water in the area is extremely salty and high in iron, leading to its unusual coloration.

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