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Florida Man Finds Hissing Iguana In Toilet


Florida, known for its peculiar encounters with wildlife, has once again made headlines with a bizarre incident as a Florida man finds hissing Iguana in toilet. The unusual event took place in an unsuspecting Floridian's bathroom, leaving him startled and bewildered. This peculiar story quickly gained attention on social media and news outlets, highlighting the uncanny encounters that can occur in the Sunshine State.

The incident occurred when a Florida man, John Riddle, walked into his bathroom and discovered an unexpected visitor: a hissing iguana lurking inside his toilet bowl. Startled and frightened, the man quickly retreated from the bathroom, unsure of how to handle the situation. The presence of the hissing reptile in such an intimate space left him feeling unsettled and anxious.

John said:

I thought I was in ‘Jurassic Park’ or something. He was splashing and hissing at me. I was scared. I’m not a reptile fan.

Florida man finds hissing Iguana in toilet and his encounter with the iguana was met with a mix of fear, surprise, and confusion. The hissing and aggressive behavior of the reptile intensified his unease, making it difficult for him to approach the situation calmly. The hissing sound, typically used by iguanas as a defensive mechanism, added to the already alarming nature of the situation.

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In an effort to address the peculiar situation, the man reached out for assistance. He contacted a local animal control agency, seeking guidance on how to safely remove the iguana from his toilet. The agency dispatched an expert to the man's residence to handle the matter professionally.

The expert, well-versed in dealing with reptiles, arrived equipped with the necessary tools to capture and relocate the hissing iguana. With caution and expertise, the professional managed to safely remove the reptile from the toilet bowl, ensuring the well-being of both the man and the iguana.

Florida man finds hissing iguana in toilet

After the iguana was successfully captured and removed, John Riddle expressed relief and gratitude towards the animal control agency for their prompt response and effective resolution of the situation. The story serves as a reminder of the unpredictable encounters Floridians can have with wildlife, even within the confines of their own homes.


Florida man finds hissing Iguana in toilet. This highlights the unique encounters people can have with wildlife in the Sunshine State. It showcases the importance of seeking professional help and exercising caution when faced with such unusual circumstances. While the incident may have been unsettling for the individual involved, it serves as a memorable tale that emphasizes the unpredictable nature of Florida's wildlife.

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