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Forest Runner's Photo Captures 'Nightmarcher' Demon

In an eerie twist, a forest runner's photo captures 'Nightmarcher' demon during the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run, stirring intrigue and ancient myths in the heart of Hawaii's rainforests.

Morgan Maverick
Jan 16, 20243 Shares2595 Views
In the dense rainforests of Oahu, Hawaii, a runner's ordinary photo has potentially captured something extraordinary. Kay Borleis, the forest runner's photo captures 'nightmarcher' demonwhen she was participating in the grueling Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run, known as the HURT 100, in January 2019.

Unsettling Discovery In A Trail Race Photo

The HURT 100 involves an arduous journey of five 20-mile laps through the rainforest, a challenge daunting to even the most seasoned runners. Kay, running with her friend and pacer Cassie, didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. Cassie, capturing moments of their run, took a photo in which Kay later noticed a disturbing detail right beside her head.
"The race had taken place the day after a lunar eclipse," Kay remarked, insisting that no one was present during that particular moment of the race. Yet, the photo suggested otherwise, hinting at a presence that wasn't visible to the naked eye.
Upon researching, Kay speculated that the figure might be a 'Nightmarcher', a being from Hawaiian mythology known to be deadly. These ghosts, primarily nocturnal, are said to emerge on nights dedicated to the Hawaiian gods Kāne, Kū, Lono, and Kanaloa, marching to sacred sites or battlegrounds. "While they leave no physical trace, mythology says people can hear and smell them – the stench of death," Kay explained.
The sighting of a Nightmarcher during the day is rare, typically occurring to aid the spirit of a dying relative. This raised concerns, as legends state looking directly at a Nightmarcher could have dire consequences.
"Now I know what you're thinking, Nightmarcher demons aren't real and they're just mythological creatures that we made up like ghosts, Bigfoot and Santa Claus. Except not that last one because Santa is definitely real, honest," Kay humorously added, trying to lighten the mood.

The Peril And Protection Against Nightmarchers

According to ancient Hawaiian beliefs, encountering a Nightmarcher is no trivial matter. "Looking at a Nightmarcher means you will die violently," Kay shared, a belief that aligns with old Hawaiian traditions. This notion is alarming, but there are ways to avoid this fate.
"Lie face down on the ground and don't move to show respect and deference, and you might be spared," she advised. Additionally, if an ancestor is among the Nightmarchers, they could intervene on your behalf, signaling to the others to leave you unharmed.
While some may dismiss the idea of Nightmarchers as mere folklore, the experience has undoubtedly left Kay and many others intrigued. The photo, a curious amalgamation of reality and myth, continues to spark debate and wonder, blurring the lines between the natural world and the supernatural. As runners continue to traverse the rainforests of Hawaii, the legend of the Nightmarcher lingers, a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and the mysteries that may still hide within these ancient forests.


The encounter with the potential Nightmarcher adds a mysterious layer to Kay's experience, blending the realms of reality and myth. This incident leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that sometimes, the world holds more mysteries than we can see or understand, especially in places as ancient and storied as the Hawaiian rainforests.
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