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French Newly-weds Divides Opinion After Serving McDonald's At Their Wedding


In the grand tapestry of wedding traditions, where lavish banquets and elegant dining often take center stage, one French couple decided to break with convention and serve McDonald's at their nuptial celebration. French newly-weds divides opinion after serving McDonald's at their wedding.

The food served at your wedding reception can make or break the event, which is why selecting the appropriate caterer for your event is a vital stage in the wedding-planning process. This was an easy decision for Ophélie and Thomas Billaudeau.

The French newly-weds divides opinion after serving McDonald's at their wedding in the northern French town of Beauvais. Thomas Billaudeau, 27, and Ophelie, 25, skipped the costly appetizers and a formal sit-down meal. Instead, they fed 45 people over 300 burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and nuggets.

Ophélie and Thomas said that they expected some resentment from their guests for offering McDonald's at their wedding, despite the fact that it was a small gathering of 45 loved ones.

This audacious move, intended to inject a dose of casual fun into the solemnity of the occasion, has ignited a fierce debate. Let's explore the details and the diverse reactions that this unconventional wedding feast has sparked.

The Controversial Celebration

After providing McDonald's to their wedding guests, a bride and groom have created quite a stir. French newly-weds divides opinion after serving McDonald's at their wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, Thomas Billaudeau, 27, and his wife, Ophélie, 25, opted to skip the traditional chicken or fish sit-down supper and instead serve Macca's on their special day.

“Thank you very much and so I’ll let you discovertonight’s meal,”Mrs Billaudeau said in a 2.3 million-view TikTok video. "Come as you are," she continued, referring to the fast-food chain's French slogan, as diners applauded the delivery man as he approached with brown paper bags. The Tiktok video is not available anymore.

The audience begins to erupt in thunderous applause. The happy couple, according to the site, ordered 300 burgers, sandwiches, and nuggets from MaccyD's for their wedding guests.

The newlyweds have always wanted to create a wedding buffet using their favorite things from the McDonald's menu. “We had the idea because we are big fans of McDonald’s and jokingly said when we were younger that we would have McDonald’s cater our wedding. Eventually, we decided to go for it. People who know us weren’t surprised,”said Thomas.

“We served only McDonald’s food, including all the burgers from the menu. We didn’t serve fries or potatoes to avoid them getting cold and soggy,”Mr. Billaudeau said.

They brought in another caterer for dessert: a pastry chef produced their wedding cake, and the newlyweds served more goodies.

The video has been viewed over 2.3 million times, and some individuals aren't thrilled with the concept. Viewers flocked to the video's comments section to criticize the newlyweds' selections.

People chastised the pair for not providing 'excellent food' to their guests and for being 'cheap'. Someone wrote, “I’m leaving.”Pasta with salmon I would have been even happier,”commented another. A third person said, “Is it a joke or what?”

Many others praised the couple for being economical, with one saying, “I would rather eat McDonald's at my wedding than go into debt for 25 years for a wedding.”

“Finally, people who have the wedding they want to have without going into debt to show off. Be happy!”said another. While a third stated, “I love it and so did your guest based on the reaction. McChicken and some fries please!!! What a cool wedding. Notice the HAPPY people.”

The bride, a marketing assistant, told Le Parisienthat she is a 'fussy' eater and that this would be a less expensive option than a formal sit-down lunch. Mrs. Billaudeau expressed concern that some of their senior guests would object to being given McDonald's. She explained, “We were a little afraid of the reaction of certain aunts and uncles. They had a little trouble at first, but everyone ate eventually.”

She concluded:

I was afraid that we were going to pay for something that we did not like. If you are going to pay, you may as well get something you like.- Ophelie

Because McDonald's embodied the bride and groom's relationship, it was the ideal venue for their wedding, but Thomas cautioned that fast food isn't necessarily appropriate for every couple's reception supper. Instead, he stated that couples should make decisions that are meaningful to them.

He said:

I believe everyone should do what they want for their wedding as long as there's a good atmosphere and the guests enjoy themselves.- Thomas Billaudeau

But this isn't the first time McDonald's has been at a wedding.

In 2022, a MalaysianMcDonald's location staged an "unofficial" wedding-cum-birthday party for a couple and their pals.

A Singapore couple married inside a McDonald's at West Coast Park in July 2023. They spent around $700 total on meals and venue.

McDonald's has launched a "Wedding Mekdi" package in Indonesia for US$230 (S$314), which contains 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 four-piece Chicken McNuggets.

Carmel and Phil Price de Pasquale, 30 and 27, from Rochester in Kent, decided to indulge in some fried pleasure before their wedding reception in 2018.

Carmel said:

We love the gym, too, so people are always surprised as we are always eating. We wanted our love for food to be incorporated into our wedding day as we kind of fell in love over our love for food. We got married and drove straight to McDonald's. I didn't actually manage to eat any of the food truck as I ate 20 McNuggets and chips in there before we got to our reception.- Carmel

Thomas Billaudeau, 27, and Ophelie, 25 served McDonald in their wedding
Thomas Billaudeau, 27, and Ophelie, 25 served McDonald in their wedding

Diverse Reactions

The decision to serve McDonald's at a wedding has elicited reactions ranging from admiration to outright disapproval. Supporters argue that it adds a touch of authenticity and reflects the couple's desire to prioritize their preferences over societal expectations. Detractors, on the other hand, view it as a departure from the elegance and formality traditionally associated with weddings.

Social Media Storm

The viral clip and images of the McDonald's wedding feast have become a focal point of discussion on various social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have witnessed a storm of opinions, memes, and humorous takes on unconventional catering choices. The couple inadvertently became the center of a globalconversation about the evolving nature of wedding traditions.

Cultural And Generational Shifts

The controversy surrounding this McDonald's wedding is not merely about fast food; it's a reflection of broader cultural and generational shifts. Traditional wedding norms are being reexamined, and couples are increasingly opting for personalization and authenticity, even if it means departing from established conventions.

In Defense Of Unconventionality

Supporters argue that weddings should be a celebration of the couple's unique identity and preferences. The McDonald's feast, in this context, symbolizes a rejection of societal pressure to conform and an embrace of authenticity.

Criticism And Tradition

Critics, however, emphasize the sacredness of wedding traditions and argue that certain occasions demand a level of formality and adherence to established norms. The clash between the desire for individual expression and the weight of tradition lies at the heart of this controversy.

Impact Of McDonald's Wedding On Wedding Norms

In the realm of wedding traditions, where opulent banquets and meticulously planned receptions often take center stage, the McDonald's wedding has emerged as a symbol of a paradigm shift. This unconventional choice made by a French couple has ignited discussions about the evolving nature of wedding norms and the influence of individuality over societal expectations.

Breaking The Mold

The decision by the bride and groom to serve McDonald's at their wedding was more than a culinary choice; it was a bold departure from the established norms that have long dictated the formality and structure of wedding celebrations. This departure has sparked conversations about the impact such choices can have on the broader landscape of wedding traditions.

Celebrating Authenticity

One of the significant impacts of the McDonald's wedding is its celebration of authenticity. In an era where couples are increasingly valuing personalization and uniqueness in their weddings, this bold move signifies a rejection of the one-size-fits-all approach to nuptial celebrations. It becomes a celebration of the couple's identity and preferences, prioritizing authenticity over conformity.

Global Conversations

The McDonald's wedding didn't just stay within the confines of the local community; it became a global conversation piece. The viral clip and images circulated widely on social media platforms, prompting discussions from various corners of the world. This global engagement underscores the universality of the conversation about the changing face of wedding traditions.

Challenging Traditional Expectations

The impact of the McDonald's wedding is, in part, a challenge to traditional expectations associated with weddings. It questions whether the grandeur of a wedding is defined by the extravagance of the banquet or the sincerity of the couple in reflecting their personalities and preferences in the celebration.

Generational Perspectives

Generational perspectives on weddings have played a crucial role in shaping opinions about McDonald's weddings. Younger generations, often more attuned to values of individualism and non-conformity, have been more supportive of the couple's decision. Older generations, rooted in more traditional views, may find it challenging to reconcile with the departure from established norms.

Redefining Formality

The impact of the McDonald's wedding extends to the concept of formality in weddings. Traditionally, formality has been synonymous with lavish sit-down dinners and meticulously planned catering. The McDonald's wedding challenges this notion, suggesting that formality can be redefined to align with the couple's vision rather than conforming to societal expectations.

Wedding trends are often influenced by high-profile events and viral moments. The McDonald's wedding has the potential to influence future trends, encouraging couples to think outside the traditional wedding box. This might lead to a surge in demand for more unconventional catering choices and a departure from conventional banquet expectations.

Big Mac deal
Big Mac deal

Weddings As Personal Statements

The impact of the McDonald's wedding underscores a broader trend, weddings as personal statements. Couples are increasingly viewing their weddings as an opportunity to make a personal statement about who they are and what they value. This shift places more emphasis on authenticity, creativity, and personalization.

Social Media As An Amplifier

The rapid spread of the McDonald's wedding on social media platforms has highlighted the role of these platforms as amplifiers of cultural conversations. What might have been a local event became a global talking point, demonstrating the power of social media in shaping and disseminating opinions about changing societal norms.

Reflections On Tradition

Ultimately, the impact of the McDonald's wedding is a reflection on the fluidity of tradition. While tradition provides a sense of continuity and connection to the past, it is not static. It evolves as societal values change, and the McDonald's wedding invites us to reconsider what traditions mean in the contemporary context.

The impact of the McDonald's wedding on wedding norms goes beyond the culinary choice made by a couple. It symbolizes a broader conversation about authenticity, personalization, and the evolving nature of traditions. As weddings continue to be a reflection of cultural values, the McDonald's wedding stands as a testament to the power of individuality in reshaping the narrative of how we celebrate love and commitment.


What Were The Reactions To The McDonald's Wedding?

Reactions were divided. Some praised the couple for their uniqueness and authenticity, while others criticized the move as a departure from wedding traditions.

What Cultural And Generational Shifts Does The McDonald's Wedding Symbolize?

The controversy reflects broader shifts in cultural and generational attitudes towards weddings, emphasizing personalization and authenticity over traditional norms.

How Did The McDonald's Wedding Become A Symbol Of Ongoing Dialogue?

The McDonald's wedding symbolizes the ongoing dialogue between convention and unconventionality in the realm of weddings, raising questions about the evolving nature of traditions.

Did The McDonald's Wedding Spark Discussions About Wedding Norms?

Yes, the controversy sparked discussions about the changing landscape of wedding norms, with couples increasingly opting for personalization and unique expressions of their identities.


French newlyweds divide opinion after serving McDonald's at their wedding. In the grand banquet of wedding celebrations, the McDonald's wedding has become a table of heated debate. It sparks questions about the evolving nature of traditions, the significance of individual choices in the face of societal expectations, and the role of authenticity in modern-day celebrations.

As the viral clip continues to circulate and discussions unfold, the McDonald's wedding will undoubtedly remain a symbol of the ongoing dialogue between convention and unconventionality in the world of weddings.

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