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French Village Paints 'Squiggly Lines' On Roads To Stop Cars From Speeding


Speeding on village roads has long been a concern for communities around the world. While traditional methods like speed bumps and traffic signs attempt to address the issue, a small village in France has adopted a creative and unconventional approach.

French village paints 'squiggly lines' on roads to stop cars from speeding. This innovative solution not only catches the attention of drivers but also serves as a unique and thought-provoking visual reminder to prioritize safety.

The automobile markings, which were painted in the tranquil town of Baune near Angers, are more akin to contemporary art. Even the biggest petrolheads want to slam the breaks after seeing the road in front of them as they zigzag across the street.

French village paints 'squiggly lines' on roads to stop cars from speeding. The lines were put in place as a result of increasing local anxiety over drivers consistently exceeding the 19 mph (30 kph) limit in the sleepy community.

The use of 'squiggly lines' to combat speeding taps into the psychology of drivers. Human perception is wired to pay attention to novel and unexpected visuals. When drivers encounter these playful yet puzzling road markings, their brains automatically trigger caution signals.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/french-village-paints-squiggly-lines-on-roads-to-stop-cars-from-speeding/ by Morgan Maverick on 2023-08-29T03:55:42.485Z

Road signs painted
Road signs painted

The brain interprets the curvy lines as a potential hazard, prompting drivers to instinctively slow down to assess the situation, even though there might not be any actual obstacles on the road.

The 'squiggly lines' initiative isn't just about road safety; it's also about community engagement. The unconventional approach has garnered attention not only from locals but also from around the world. The initiative serves as a conversation starter, promoting discussions about road safety, creative solutions, and the power of visual cues in influencing human behavior.

One villager even stated that the design made them feel "seasick". She said, “Personally, I don't like driving on it. It turns my stomach like seasickness.”

Others concurred and said, “‘It's destabilizing the first time you pass over it.” Another remarked sharply, "Frankly I was very surprised and indeed my attention as a driver was disturbed because I wondered where I had to drive, if the direction of traffic had changed, etc…"

While the 'squiggly lines' concept might appear whimsical, its potential impact on road safety is significant. By promoting a natural reduction in speed, the village aims to create a safer road environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike.

The effectiveness of this approach lies in its simplicity, it doesn't rely on fines, penalties, or heavy enforcement, but rather on the innate human tendency to respond to novel visual cues.


French village paints 'squiggly lines' on roads to stop cars from speeding. The village's decision to paint 'squiggly lines' on their roads is a testament to the power of creative thinking in addressing real-world problems. By embracing unconventional ideas and harnessing the psychological aspects of human perception, communities can find innovative solutions to age-old challenges.

As the 'squiggly lines' initiative continues to capture global attention, it serves as an inspiration for other communities to think outside the box and explore new ways to enhance road safety while fostering a sense of unity and engagement among residents.

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