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Top Funny Birthday Memes You Must Try 2022


Happy birthday, memesare a terrific way to let your loved ones know that you remembered their most recent voyage around the sun in an age where so many of us connect digitally.

These funny birthday memes, which feature funnysayings, cute animals, and pop culture allusions, will make someone you love grin and giggle this year (or will brighten your own social media feed because you deserve to celebrate yourself, too!).

One strategy to lessen the fear of aging is to keep a sense of humor! If you're like some people who hate mailing cards, below are some free and more environmentally friendly funny birthday memes.

Funny And Fabulous Birthday Memes

It's time to pick the PERFECT happy birthday meme to commemorate your loved ones' birth anniversary. Make their day brighter by sending them one of these hilarious birthday memes through text or social media

Let's be honest. Birthday celebrations aren't the same as they used to be in this strange year. So use comedy and a birthday meme to make someone else's day.

Birthday Memes For Friend

Every form of friendship, family member, and chance Facebook acquaintance has a corresponding birthday meme.

For the birthday friend who has a sense of humor and realizes that age and the chance of death go hand in hand with a birthday. Send them some quirky and funny memes to thank them for living this year.

For the unique someone who is aware of how awesome you are despite how great they are. On the occasion of their birthday, be sure to remind them of this.

A sarcastic and funny birthday meme
A sarcastic and funny birthday meme

This amusing happy birthday meme is ideal for the vain when you have a good-looking friend or family member (or someone who believes they are good-looking). Send this as a birthday greeting on Facebook.

"Happy Birthday, Good Looking" funny meme
"Happy Birthday, Good Looking" funny meme

For the birthday of a fellow wine enthusiast, here are some wine-related birthday memes for people who enjoy drinking wine, as well as other alcoholic beverages like sake, spirits, nightcaps, adult grape juice, sauce, and other things.

Wine Improves With Age

Always keep in mind that becoming older makes you more caustic and sassy. Birthday greetings!

Funny wine birthday meme on the background of a woman drinking wine
Funny wine birthday meme on the background of a woman drinking wine

Happy Birthday Meme For Mom

She'll laugh, cry, or roll her eyes at these birthday memes for mom. Simply remember to wish your mother a happy birthday (at least wish mom a happy birthday on Facebook.)

You were all born by her. And after sending her these amusing and quirky "happy birthday mom" memes, you may send her a humorous "mom" meme.

Happy Birthday Mother funny meme on the background of Minions laughing
Happy Birthday Mother funny meme on the background of Minions laughing

People Also Ask

What Are Funny Things To Say Happy Birthday?

  • "You don't appear to be 50 at all! Happy birthday, buddy! Enjoy your senior years!"
  • "I wish you a happy birthday and encourage you to bake cakes rather than start wars."

How Can I Wish Birthday In Unique Way?

  • "You endured for another year. Congrats!"
  • "I'm the first person to wish you a happier birthday."
  • "We didn't just commemorate this a year ago, right?"
  • "Champ, happy birthday."
  • "Enjoy your day rather than counting the candles."
  • "Happy day to you."
  • "I'm happy you were created."

What Are Some Birthday Sayings?

  • "May you receive all of your birthday wishes! "
  • "It's your special day; go out and enjoy it!"
  • "I'm sending you today's greatest piece of happiness."
  • "I hope your celebration brings you a lot of joy!"


Sending your friends and family these amusing and funny birthday memes can't possibly be better. You will snicker as you read this fantastic selection of hilarious and widely shared birthday memes that are given in this article.

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