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Gardener Makes Surprising Discovery While Examining The Pruned Rose Bush


Gardening can be a therapeutic and rewarding hobby, but sometimes unexpected surprises await even the most experienced gardeners. Such was the case for a gardener as the gardener makes surprising discovery while examining the pruned rose bush. This discovery revealed an invasive growth that had taken hold of the rose bush: a praying mantis egg sack.

"What on earth is this?"the original poster asks, attaching a photo of a brown, spherical sack to a rose bush limb.

The photograph was shared on the r/Gardening community, where enthusiastic gardeners exchange tips, methods, and advice.

The gardener makes a surprising discovery while examining the pruned rose bush. Upon closer examination, they identified it as a praying mantis egg sack. The gardener was initially shocked and concerned about this finding, as it raised questions about the potential impact on their garden's ecosystem and the future health of the rose bush.

One user writes:

Specifically, that is a Chinese mantid egg sack. If you live in the Americas, they are an invasive species and are much bigger than our native Carolina mantids. Chinese mantids will eat butterflies, hummingbirds, our native mantids, and much more.

Praying mantises are known to be beneficial insects in the garden, as they prey on harmful pests like aphids, beetles, and grasshoppers. However, when their population becomes too large, it can lead to imbalances in the ecosystem. Moreover, the egg sacks are known to be highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them difficult to eliminate.

Praying Mantis Hatching Timelapse

While the discovery of a praying mantis egg sack may initially cause concern for gardeners, it is important to understand that these insects can be beneficial to the overall health of the garden. Praying mantises help control pest populations, contributing to a more natural and balanced environment.

However, if the praying mantis population becomes overwhelming, it could potentially lead to the overconsumption of beneficial insects and disrupt the ecological balance within the garden.

If the gardener wishes to manage the praying mantis population in their garden, several approaches can be considered. Firstly, removing the egg sack from the rose bush and relocating it to another area may help prevent an excessive increase in population.

However, care should be taken to ensure that the new location is suitable for the praying mantis' natural habitat and does not disrupt the ecosystem in that area.

Another option is to introduce natural predators of praying mantises, such as birds or certain species of wasps, which can help maintain a balanced population. Additionally, monitoring and observing the garden regularly can provide valuable insights into the population dynamics and help determine if any further intervention is required.


A gardener makes surprising discovery while examining the pruned rose bush. The discovery of a praying mantis egg sack in a pruned rose bush might startle a gardener at first, but it also presents an opportunity to appreciate the delicate balance of nature.

By understanding the benefits and potential challenges associated with praying mantises, gardeners can make informed decisions about managing their population effectively. Whether by relocating the egg sack or introducing natural predators, the gardener can strike a balance that supports a healthy and thriving garden ecosystem.

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