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Grandad Accidentally Brings Cannabis Cake Into Hospital Leaving Nurses Off Their Faces


Grandad accidentally brings cannabis cake into hospital leaving nurses off their faces. Nurses at Warrington Hospital in the United Kingdom were left "off their faces" after eating a cake that was laced with cannabis.

Nurses Accidentally Eat Cannabis-Laced Cake At Warrington Hospital

The incident happened on May 27th when an elderly man brought in the red velvet cake as a "thank you" to the staff for the care they had provided to his relative. It is believed that the cake was made for his grandson's 18th birthday, and he had no idea about the contents.

Initially, hospital bosses denied that anyone had consumed the cake. However, after police confirmed that it was eaten on the premises, they were forced to admit that "one member of staff" tried it but "did not experience any effects." But a staff member, who asked not to be identified, claimed that "three or four" nurses ate the cake and were left "off their faces" and "relaxed" by it.

Woman having a huge bite of a chocolate cake
Woman having a huge bite of a chocolate cake

"They were eating the cake, and then the next minute, the staff were all off their faces. It was brought in by a nice old man as a thank you, but it was full of funnystuff and had them all relaxed," the staff member said.

Cheshire Police confirmed that the cake contained cannabis and that it had been added to be enjoyed at a teenager's birthday party. The granddad unwittingly took it to the hospital when he saw that there was some left. The police investigation found that he had no idea what was in his grandson's cake and was shocked to discoverthe disruption it caused on the ward.

"It was genuinely an error by all parties, even the person who put something in that he shouldn't have because he didn't know it was going to the hospital. Nobody knew that, and that's why we're not taking it any further," a police source said.

Brown and gray building with many white windows with a white car in parking space outside
Brown and gray building with many white windows with a white car in parking space outside

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust conducted a 72-hour investigation into the incident. Their chief nurse, Kimberley Salmon-Jamieson, said that "one member of staff tried the cake, but they did not experience any effects, and there was no impact on our patients."

The police gave "strong words of advice" to all parties involved, and the case has now been closed, with the cake destroyed.

"This might be my favorite story of the day. Nay, the week," said a newscommentator.


The incident at Warrington Hospital serves as a reminder to always be cautious about the gifts we give and receive, especially in professional settings. While the incident was ultimately harmless, it could have had serious consequences.

It's important for hospitals and other organizations to have clear policies in place for dealing with unexpected gifts, and for staff to be trained on how to handle them appropriately. Let's hope that this incident can serve as a learning opportunity for everyone involved and that similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

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