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Guy Robs A Lady At Gunpoint, Then Demands She Add Him On Facebook


A guy robs a lady at gunpoint, then demands she add him on Facebookand invites her out. A guy is accused of 'robbing' a lady while threatening her with a pistol, after which the woman alleges the man demanded that she add him on Facebook and then asked her out on a date.

Amber Beraun claims that Damien Boyce even promised to pay her back for the heist because he thought she was "pretty" and asked her on Facebook if she would want to "chill out" with him.

This is according to the information provided by Amber. If you're looking for a date, there are probably more effective methods to meet people than to rob somebody at gunpoint and then hold them at gunpoint while you retrieve their money.

It's just a thought, but it might not be the greatest strategy.

On May 8, a guy approached Amber while she was standing outside of her home in Indianapolis checking the mailbox. He then pulled out a revolver and pointed it at her.

She said that the man coerced her into handing over all of her cash and then requested that she become his friend on Facebook. He then messaged her and told her that she is "too pretty to rob" and asked her to "come chill" with him.

'Come chill': Man robs woman at gunpoint, then asks her out on social media

Speaking to WRTV, Amber recalled.

He took [the gun] out of his pocket to show me what was going on — [he said] let me into your house. I did not do that.- Amber Beraun

Amber handed up about one hundred dollars in cash to the man after initially refusing to let him inside her home; nevertheless, the purported offender was not satisfied with this gesture and requested, all the while brandishing a firearm, that she add him on Facebook.

Obviously, she agreed. Well, you’re not going to say no, are you?

I thought if maybe I added him on Facebook, he would leave, and he did,- Amber Beraun

she explained.

However, flirtatious messages started coming through, claiming that he’d pay her back because she’s ‘pretty’.

One such message read:

Look you know I'mma pay you back. It's a f***** up way to meet someone, but d*** you wass to pretty to rob.- Damien

Amber responded:

I believe you man. I can tell you're sweet, times just got rough. I know that.- Amber

The next message came through:

Come chill with me. I swear I’m not on that type of timing.- Damien

This time, she responded:

I do have a man. You know I can’t do that LOL. I wish you the best tho.- Amber

As a result of the event, she reports that she no longer feels safe in her own residence.

"He really tried to rob me of my own things, but he took away my sense of safety from my own home," she continued.

It makes me a little on edge knowing that people walk up and down the street, looking for places to commit crimes. It makes it a little different when you hear noises at night.- Amber

Final Words

Boyce is presently free on bail after being charged with robbery at gunpoint; the amount of his bail bond is $7,500.

In addition, he was taken into custody on June 12 in connection with another robbery, and he is now facing charges of burglary, unauthorized possession of a firearm, criminal recklessness, and violence.

Before police claim he locked himself inside a building and finally surrendered to the SWAT team, he is said to have shot two individuals and hit another with a brick. He is also said to have trapped himself inside the building.

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