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Heinz On The Hunt For Sea Survivor Who Had Ketchup For 24 Days!


Heinz on the hunt for sea survivor who had ketchup for 24 days! Heinz seeks sea survivor who survived on ketchup for 24 days to gift him a new boat: Meet Elvis Francois, the adventurer from Dominica who defied all odds!

Who Is Elvis Francois And What Happened To Him?

In a desperate plea for help, Francois etched the word 'help' onto his sailboat, which was eventually spotted by a passing plane. Francois had drifted 700 miles away from his starting point on the island of Saint Martin due to unfavorable weather conditions. Lacking the necessary navigational skills, he was unable to find his way back to the shore.

After being rescued, Francois recounted his harrowing experience to NBC News, revealing that he had survived solely on a single bottle of tomato ketchup, and resorted to mixing garlic powder and stock cubes with water for added sustenance. "It was rough," he recalled.

Without no food, it was just a bottle of ketchup that was on the boat. Garlic powder and Maggi (stock cubes), so I mixed it up with some water.- Elvis Francois

Heinz, the popular ketchup manufacturer, has expressed a keen interest in helping Francois commemorate his miraculous return home by presenting him with a brand-new boat. However, the company has been unable to locate him so far.

Taking to Instagram, Heinz posted a message urging people to join the search, stating, "Help us #findtheketchupboatguy. We need your help to locate an incredible individual with an incredible story. Do you remember Elvis Francois, the fearless sailor who survived for 24 days stranded at sea surviving solely on ketchup and spices?".

Despite its efforts, Heinz has been unable to locate Francois, and as a result, the company has taken to the internet to seek assistance. "We want to celebrate his safe return home and help him purchase a new boat...but we can't seem to find him," Heinz stated in a message on Instagram.

Help us #find the ketchup boat guy written on photo with a bottle of heinz on the sand in the beach
Help us #find the ketchup boat guy written on photo with a bottle of heinz on the sand in the beach

The message goes on to encourage people to share the post and reach out via DMs if they or anyone they know can provide any information about Francois' whereabouts. Heinz's spokesperson told NBC News that the company intends to gift Francois with a new boat that comes equipped with advanced navigational technology to avoid any future mishaps.

Printed message on brown paper in black ink
Printed message on brown paper in black ink

Heinz has resorted to using social media in its quest to locate Francois, posting an update on Instagram that reads: "Dominica: 290 square miles, 53 villages, 18 towns...and Elvis Francois? He could be anywhere. We are turning to the internet to help us locate him so we can celebrate his return and assist in buying him a new boat."

The company's most recent update indicated that it had reached out to various organizations, including the government of Dominica, the Colombian Navy, and even Elvis impersonators, but to no avail. Despite the setback, Heinz remains determined to find Francois and is urging the public to aid in their search efforts. "We know he's out there, and we need your help to find him so we can provide him with a new boat," the company stated.

People Also Ask

What Happened To The Man Who Survived 24 Days At Sea With Only Ketchup?

The man, Elvis Francois, got stranded at sea for nearly a month after adverse weather conditions pushed his boat away from Saint Martin. He survived on only a bottle of ketchup, garlic powder, and stock cubes. He was eventually found 700 miles from where he started the restoration project on his boat.

Why Is Heinz Looking For The Sea Survivor Who Had Ketchup For 24 Days?

Heinz, the popular ketchup manufacturer, wants to celebrate Francois' safe return home and help him purchase a new boat. However, they have been unable to locate him thus far. Heinz has taken to social media to seek assistance in locating him.

How Is Heinz Trying To Find The Sea Survivor Who Had Ketchup For 24 Days?

Heinz has been using social media to help locate Francois. The company has posted several messages on Instagram, urging the public to help them track down the brave sailor. Despite reaching out to various organizations, including the Colombian Navy and Elvis impersonators, Heinz has not yet been able to locate Francois.


In conclusion, Heinz is still on the hunt for the sea survivor, Elvis Francois, who had nothing but ketchup to survive on for 24 days. Despite Heinz's efforts to locate him, including reaching out to various organizations, Francois has yet to be found. Heinz remains determined to celebrate his safe return home and help him purchase a new boat.

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