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Hello My Name Is Zuzie Lyrics - A Famous Tiktok Trend


In 2021, a trend went viral on Tiktok. It is the eye filter My Name Is Zuzie. The Hello My Name Is Zuzielyrics of the song EW, are by Baby Kaely.

TikTok is now e center for creating new trends and reviving out-of-style music. A fantastic illustration of this is the trend "Hello My Name is Zuzie."

The filter used to create the trend has two concentric circles that, when your eyes are placed on them, make your eyes stand out. The song Hello My Name is Zuzie lyricswhich is Zuzie with a Z, also immediately follows the placement of the eyes.

The trend has quickly gained widespread popularity. One of the first users of the trends on Tiktok was the Canadian Tiktoker. 18.8 million people have watched his video online thus far.

The lyrics to My Name Is Zuzie come from Baby Kaely's song "Ew." Rapper Baby is a 16-year-old musician and rapper. She actually has an older song called "Hello My Name Is Susie."

How To Do The Hello My Name Is Zuzie Trend On Tiktok?

  • You must first locate the eye filter in Tiktok. It is currently accessible in the app along with other filters.
  • The Hello My Name Is Zuzie music can then be downloaded from any other Tiktokers who have utilized it.
  • Put the filter on at the beginning of the song and move the camera around during the first two lines.
  • Put the filter directly in your eye, then pause the video at the chorus, "Hello, my name is Zuzie, that's Zuzie with a Z."
  • Post the ideal response to this. Wait for the Tiktok video to go viral right away!

Let's have a look at Hello My Name Is Zuzie lyrics.

EW Song By Baby Kaely

Hello, my name is Suzie

and I dream for a better, better glory

God bless you and I bless you

I’m angry why don’t you squeeze me

the stage is my home and I guess when I roam

things could get out of my head

God bless you and I leave you

when the weather is hot

Sucker, yeah!

Hello, my name is Suzie

don’t spit on that floor like a loony

I’ll b*** you, so don’t b*** me

I’m angry why don’t you squeeze me

the pain is my home and I guess when I roam

things blow away my thoughts

God bless you and I catch you

when the weather is hot

Sucker, yeah!

Hello, it’s still Suzie ready to play what you like

ready to say what you don’t say

immediately to do sports

suffering a new holocaust

don’t hit me, you will miss me

when the weather is hot

Sucker, yeah!

Slide and winged all the memories

sing with me this little irony

You won’t escapes from this reality

let us do such a sport activity

my time’s too short

I missed the mark and

I can’t remember why

BABY KAELY - EW (Lyrics) Hello, my name is Zuzie [TikTok Song]

People Also Ask

What's The Song That Goes Hello My Name Is Susie?

It is the song, EW, by Baby Kaely.

Who Made The Song Hello My Name Is Zuzie?

Baby Kaely made the song Hello My Name Is Zuzie.

When Was Hello My Name Is Zuzie Made?

"Hello, My Name Is Zuzie" was made in October 2012.


The "Hello My Name Is Zuzie" challenge was a popular TikTok trend in 2021, and this one was a little peculiar. In essence, it entails filming a subject, either a human or an animal, while playing the Baby Kaely song Ew, which contains the Hello My Name Is Zuzie lyrics.

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