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Hong Kong Man Takes Pet Crabs For Walk And Amuses Social Media Users With Hilarious Pictures


Hong Kong social media has been buzzing with pictures of a man taking his pet crabs for a walk on a cycle path. The Hong Kong man takes pet crabs for walk, and had his photos circulating social media.

Hong Kong Man Takes Pet Crabs For Walk Later Revealed As Promotional Stunt For Food Delivery Company

The photos were first shared on April 17th by a Facebook user named Sam Ho in the local Tseung Kwan O Home Group. The photos show a man walking three crabs, with their pincers bound with string.

Since then, the photos have generated a huge response online. Many people joked about crabs for dinner, while others asked if it was performance art. Some even suggested that it was animal cruelty. The Facebook post by Sam Ho has received over 1,700 likes and 160 comments at the time of writing.

One person jokingly asked, "The crabs walk sideways, so he tied the string the wrong way. How can the crabs walk forward?" Another person shared a picture of a cooked crab on a dining table. A third suggested that because it was a hot day, "The crabs’ ‘feet’ were probably already cooked."

Three crabs tied with straw ropes
Three crabs tied with straw ropes

However, some people were concerned about the welfare of the crabs. One person wondered if it was animal cruelty to walk around in the sun with a tied-up animal that lives in the water. The comments prompted a debate among the group members, with some speculating that the crabs were being harmed.

The following day, the truth was revealed. It was discovered that the man walking the crabs and the woman pushing a fish tank around in a pram in the same area on the same day were both stunts promoting a local online food delivery company.

The crabs were not being harmed, and the stunt was intended to be a fun way to promote the company's food delivery service.

In response to the attention the photos received, the online food delivery company released a statement.

We apologize for any confusion or concern that our recent promotional activities may have caused. We did not intend to cause any harm to the crabs or any other animals.- Local Online Food Delivery Company


In conclusion, the viral photos of a man walking his pet crabs in Hong Kong caused a huge stir online. The photos generated a range of responses, from jokes about crabs for dinner to concerns about animal cruelty. However, it was later revealed that the photos were part of a promotional stunt by a local online food delivery company. While the stunt caused confusion and concern, the company apologized for any unintended harm caused to the crabs or any other animals.

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