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How To Shame Someone Who Owes You Money?


How to shame someone who owes you money? Most of the time, when you offer someone a present or a loan, you expect them to pay you back. However, what if they don't? Do you relinquish it? Make an effort to understand.

Or is there anything you can do to recover the money and persuade your friend or relative to pay attention? When dealing with someone who has borrowed money from you or caused you to harm in some other way, you might not consider humiliating them as a viable alternative.

However, believe us when we say that it's one of your most powerful instruments. And it might just be the secret to getting what's rightfully yours and ensuring that these people never exploit you again. Here's how to shame someone who owes you money.

My Friend Owes Me Money and Won't Pay!

How Do You Shame Someone Who Owes You Money?

Talk In-person

In-person is the best way to request restitution because it is more direct. The recipient may simply ignore a call, delete a text message, or toss a letter in the mail into the trash without giving it any attention.

Face-to-face dialogue is harder for them to ignore. In this situation, they will at least need to respond to you. In most circumstances, you'll be able to get the money back right away because of social pressure and the embarrassment of being asked to repay a loan.

Do Not Beat Around The Bush

It's time to take things seriously if this person is unable to pay you. You must demonstrate that you are not a pushover and that you are willing to keep looking for the money.

Being aggressive still has no advantages, but being submissive has no advantages either. Hold their gaze while stating that you require money immediately.

This should, at the very least, cause them to explain why they're unable to pay you right away or to begin negotiating a payment over a longer period of time.

Pay Attention To What's Best For Them

It can be easy to concentrate on why you need the money so badly when you owe someone money. Perhaps you have customers, workers, or debts of your own to settle.

The problem is that most individuals, especially those who are not your friends, will care more about themselves than they will about you. Therefore, it's critical to communicate the benefits to the opposing party in any talks.

Do Not Hold Back In Front Of Other People

If others are around, you shouldn't be afraid to shame this individual even though it might not be in your best interest to do so on purpose in front of them.

Asking for your money back in front of shared friends, clients, coworkers, or business partners may actually be more effective.

When others are around, people are less likely to act selfishly. Your debtor might not want to be perceived as a dishonest person by their friends. Perhaps the pressure from these individuals will be sufficient to get them to pay.

In fact, it might be a smart move to let this person's friends know that they are stringing you along if the wait to settle this obligation drags on for too long.

Escalate The Situation

If you are unable to settle the debt on your own, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to recover the money. You will be able to win this case with the use of a promissory note.

It's worth notifying the debtor in writing that you intend to do this in a few days once you've made the decision to pursue this course of action to recover the money.

Include the precise date you intend to begin legal action in this letter. You'll discoverthat this letter frequently motivates them to pay you the money you're owed.

If this letter doesn't scare them, the one regarding their court date that they get in the mail could. So please feel free to communicate during this period.

After all, they'll incur further fees and legal costs if a judge orders them to pay you back the money.

Publish The Proof

It's preferable to publicly humiliate yourself in a public setting. This will let the individual realize that they have a debt to settle. It will also show how terrible the problem is.

You can disseminate your proof using a variety of media. You can post it to a blog or share it on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Even better, include links to your blog article and social media updates in an email you send out.

How to Get Your Money Back from Someone Who Owes You

People Also Ask

What To Say To Someone Who Owes You Money?

Match their tone and behavior while keeping it succinct and brief. Gently remind them of the balance due and the repayment arrangements you two have agreed upon. Don't forget to explain to them why you need the money, especially if you have any urgent expenses.

How Do You Deal With Someone Who Owes Money?

Inform them that they are past due and that you require payment from them in a kind and polite manner. Make a formal agreement and request that they put their promise in writing. If things don't work out as you had hoped, you might wish to write them a letter reminding them of the money you are owed.

How Do You Get Back The Money Someone Owes You?

  • Avoid getting confrontational.
  • Drop indications that you require cash.
  • Draw attention to your personal financial circumstances.
  • Request the money's return in writing.
  • Regarding receiving money back, be accommodating.
  • Increase the sense of urgency.
  • Request that they pay your share of the bill.
  • Question their parents.

If Someone Owes You Money Can You Go Police?

The police will not get involved if you have lent money to someone or a company and they have failed to repay you. Most likely, they'll tell you to talk to Citizens Advice because it's a civil matter.


It may be alluring to consider ways to disgrace a debtor, but this is almost never a wise move. This will frequently encourage folks to hold onto their money out of contempt.

Here is a list of more sensible, cooperative, and successful methods for getting your money back. These are the best tips on how to shame someone who owes you money and get your money soon.

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