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Viral Experiment Proves Humans Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water

Discover how humans hear the difference between hot and cold water through a unique TikTok experiment, shedding light on the remarkable nuances of auditory perception.

Xander Oddity
Dec 22, 20234627 Shares67052 Views
Did you know that humans hear the difference between hot and cold water? In a fascinating blend of everyday observation and scientific experimentation, a recent TikTok video has captivated over 25 million viewers by demonstrating a seemingly trivial but intriguing fact: humans can discern the difference between hot and cold water based solely on the sounds they make when poured.
This viral video, created by TikToker @curedeggyolk, serves not only as an interesting snippet of information but also as a testament to the nuanced capabilities of human perception.

The Experiment And Its Intriguing Premise

"It's all about the little details in this world that you just know, even if you don't know how you know it," begins the explanation of this auditory phenomenon. The idea that hot and cold water emit distinct noises when poured might seem far-fetched at first. However, @curedeggyolk's experiment intriguingly demonstrates this subtle difference.
The experiment's setup is simple yet effective: two glasses are filled, one with hot water and the other with cold. Participants are asked to close their eyes and listen to the sound of each being poured, then guess which is which.
The TikTok video cleverly encourages viewers to watch twice—once with eyes closed and once to confirm their guesses—thus cleverly boosting its view count. "First things first, it's a clever move from the TikToker as it essentially doubles their viewing count," highlights the strategic aspect of the experiment's presentation.

The Science Behind The Sounds

But what is the science behind this auditory distinction? As it turns out, "Cold water is several times more viscous than hot water so while they produce the same sound frequency when poured they do it at different strengths." This variation in viscosity between hot and cold water results in slightly different sounds, which the human ear can detect. This explains why one can tell which glass ought to have a teabag dropped in it and which could be immediately quaffed.
Despite its simplicity, this experiment sheds light on the remarkable sensitivity of human hearing and our ability to pick up on minor differences in our environment. "Just listen hard and make up your mind," the video encourages, turning what seems like an everyday act into an opportunity for sensory exploration and learning.

Reception And Learning

Interestingly, not all participants in this auditory challenge were successful. Some admitted in the comments that they had guessed incorrectly.
"Then again, it seems the experiment isn't perfect because there were some folks in the comments admitting they got it wrong," acknowledges the inherent limitations of such an informal experiment. Nevertheless, the exercise served its purpose: it engaged millions in a simple scientific inquiry and enhanced their appreciation for the subtleties of sound.


In conclusion, @curedeggyolk's TikTok video is more than just a viral sensation; it is a gentle reminder of the small wonders that surround us. It shows that even in an age dominated by advanced technology, there's still room for discovery in the mundane aspects of our daily lives.
As the video's popularity suggests, sometimes the most intriguing lessons come from paying closer attention to the world around us, listening to the sounds we often overlook, and embracing the curiosity that drives scientific exploration, even in its most basic form.
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