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Imam Dies After Gurugram Mosque Attacked By Hindu Mob In India


A shocking incident unfolded in Gurugram, a suburb of the Indian capital, New Delhi, as an imam dies after Gurugram Mosque attacked by Hindu mob in India. The deputy imam, Maulana Saad, was only 19 years old. The tragic event occurred just hours after deadly communal violence rocked a neighboring district.

Deputy Imam Killed In Gurugram Mosque Attack

Maulana Saad was the prayer leader of the Anjuman Jama mosque located in Sector 57, Gurugram. Three other individuals were present at the time of the attack, with one person being injured, while the other two managed to escape unharmed.

Maulana Saad, Deputy Imam Killed In Gurugram Mosque Attack
Maulana Saad, Deputy Imam Killed In Gurugram Mosque Attack

A group of 50 to 60 miscreants resorted to firing and arson at Anjum in the early hours of Tuesday, which led to the death of one person and wounded another.- Deputy Commissioner of Police Nitish Agarwal

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/imam-dies-after-gurugram-mosque-attacked-by-hindu-mob-in-india/ by Raven Noir on 2023-08-02T07:24:01.513Z

The attack on the mosque happened on Tuesday, following violence that erupted in the nearby Nuh district, located in the northern state of Haryana. The clashes between Hindu and Muslim communities in Nuh resulted in the tragic deaths of at least four people, including two police personnel. The violence occurred when a Hindu religious procession passed through a Muslim-majority region.

Krishan Kumar, spokesperson of Nuh police, explained the situation.

The procession was meant to move from one temple to another but clashes broke out between two groups on the way, which resulted in the death of four people.- Krishan Kumar

As the situation remained tense in Gurugram, mobs took to the streets, targeting businesses owned by Muslims, such as scrap shops and small eateries. The Anjuman mosque, which was targeted in the attack, had been one of the few places officially recognized to hold prayers in the area. This incident came amidst a backdrop of Hindu far-right groups aligned with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) campaigning against Friday prayers in Gurugram.

Amidst the unsettling events, a disturbing incident also occurred on a train where a railway security guard, Chetan Singh, allegedly shot dead a colleague and three passengers in an act that appeared to be motivated by hate.

Indian train guard kills passengers in suspected hate crime | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

However, the police revealed that the suspect had mental health issues. In a video widely shared on social media, Singh made alarming statements referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh State Yogi Adityanath.

If you want to live and vote in Hindustan [India], I am telling you, it’s only Modi and Yogi.- Chetan Singh

The tragic shooting on the train sparked condemnation on social media, with Jairam Ramesh, a senior leader from the opposition Indian National Congress party, calling it "cold-blooded murders." Ramesh expressed concern about the escalation of hate and violence.

The genie of hate is now out of the bottle and it will take a lot of collective effort to put it back in.- Jairam Ramesh

He attributed blame to Modi's BJP, accusing its top leaders of being "complicit in damaging the social fabric of India."


The recent incidents in Gurugram and Nuh, along with the train shooting, have highlighted the deepening communal tensions and violence in the country. Authorities are working to restore peace and order while urging communities to come together to address the underlying issues and foster understanding and harmony in the region.

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