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Indonesian Fishermen Rescued After Six Days Without Food


In April 2023, it was reported that eleven Indonesian fishermen rescued after six days without food. They were rescued at the coast of Australia after being stranded at sea for six days without food and water. The men had been fishing in the Timor Sea when their boat experienced engine trouble and began taking on water.

After sending out a distress signal, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) received the call and launched a search and rescue operation. The fishermen were eventually located approximately 500 km (310 miles) northwest of Darwin, Australia. Then these Indonesian fishermen rescued after six days without food.

The AMSA dispatched a search and rescue plane to locate the men, who were found floating in a small dinghy. The fishermen, who had no access to food or water for six days, were dehydrated and suffering from severe exhaustion.

The rescue team quickly provided the fishermen with medical attention, including water, food, and first aid. The men were then airlifted to Darwin for further treatment and evaluation.

The successful rescue of the Indonesian fishermen is a testament to the importance of international cooperation in maritime search and rescue operations. The AMSA and the Indonesian government have a longstanding agreement to provide mutual assistance in search and rescue operations, which played a key role in the successful rescue of the fishermen.

This incident also highlights the dangers that fishermen face on a daily basis, particularly in remote areas of the ocean where help may not be readily available. It is a reminder of the importance of taking necessary precautions and having proper safety equipment on board to prevent accidents at sea.

The incident involving the stranded Indonesian fishermen also underscores the significant risks that fishermen face in their daily work. The Timor Sea, where the fishermen were stranded, is known for its treacherous conditions, including strong currents, rough seas, and unpredictable weather patterns. These factors can make fishing in the area extremely hazardous, even for experienced seafarers.

In addition, the Indonesian fishermen were using a small wooden boat, which is not typically designed for long-distance travel or adverse weather conditions. Such vessels are often used by local fishermen in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, but they may not have the same safety features or capabilities as larger commercial fishing vessels.

Despite these challenges, fishing remains a critical source of livelihood for millions of people around the world, including in Indonesia. The country has one of the largest fishing industries in the world, with approximately 7 million people employed in the sector. However, many Indonesian fishermen work under difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions, often with limited resources or support.

In response to these challenges, the Indonesian government has taken steps to improve safety standards and provide better training and resources for fishermen. For example, in 2019, the government launched a program to distribute life jackets to fishermen across the country. The program aimed to provide more than 200,000 life jackets to fishermen, with a particular focus on areas where fishing accidents are most common.


Eleven Indonesian fishermen rescued after six days without food. This rescue is a remarkable feat of international cooperation and highlights the importance of proper safety measures at sea.

This successful rescue is a testament to the importance of international cooperation and effective search and rescue operations. It is also a reminder of the significant risks that fishermen face in their daily work and the need for ongoing efforts to improve safety standards and support for this critical industry.

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