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How Much Does A Jamaica Destination Wedding Cost? - Locations, Pricing, Planning Tips, And More

In this article, we delve into the intricate details of Jamaica destination wedding cost, dissecting the various elements that make up the financial canvas of this extraordinary celebration. Join us as we navigate the pathways of love, unveiling the true cost of turning your dream of a Jamaican destination wedding into an unforgettable reality.

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Jamaica is often the first Caribbean island that comes to mind for many people. With its 700 miles of breathtaking coastline, top-notch all-inclusive resorts, and relaxed atmosphere that perfectly captures paradise, this tropical location has it all. It makes sense that Jamaica is now the Caribbean's top destination for destination weddings.1. Hey, this isthe island of "One Love,"right?
Jamaica may potentially be at the top of your list if you want to jump into paradise. Jamaica's honey-colored beaches, tropical climate all year round, and unexpectedly low cost make it one of the most sought-after locations for weddings worldwide. Before you and your soon-to-be husband board a plane, there are a few things you should know before marrying in Jamaica.
In this article, we delve into the intricate details of Jamaica destination wedding cost, dissecting the various elements that make up the financial canvas of this extraordinary celebration. Join us as we navigate the pathways of love, unveiling the true cost of turning your dream of a Jamaican destination wedding into an unforgettable reality.

Why Choose Jamaica For Your Wedding?

Two newlyweds walking on the beach
Two newlyweds walking on the beach
  • Stunning Natural Beauty -Jamaica is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and picturesque mountains. The natural beauty provides a romantic backdrop for wedding ceremonies and creates memorable moments for both the couple and their guests.
  • Perfect Weather -Jamaica enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. This makes it an ideal destination for couples seeking a sunny and pleasant environment for their wedding celebration.
  • Diverse Wedding Venues -From beachfront ceremonies to garden weddings and historic locations, Jamaica offers a diverse range of venues to suit different preferences. Whether you want a laid-back beach wedding or a more formal affair, you'll find options that cater to your style.
  • Cultural Richness -Jamaica is rich in culture, and incorporating local traditions into your wedding can add a unique and vibrant touch to your celebration. From reggae musicto delicious Jamaican cuisine, you can infuse your wedding with the spirit of the island.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere -The laid-back and friendly atmosphere of Jamaica can help create a stress-free and enjoyable wedding experience. Couples often appreciate the relaxed vibes that permeate the island, providing a perfect setting for a joyful celebration.
  • All-Inclusive Resorts -Jamaica boasts numerous all-inclusive resorts that specialize in hosting weddings. These resorts often have experienced wedding planners, beautiful ceremony locations, and a variety of amenities, simplifying the planning process for couples.
  • Adventure and Excursions -For couples and guests looking for adventure, Jamaica offers a range of exciting activities, such as waterfall tours, zip-lining, and exploring Dunn's River Falls. This adds an extra element of fun for those who want to turn their wedding into a longer celebration.
  • Ease of Travel -Jamaica is easily accessible, with major international airports serving popular tourist areas. This convenience can make it simpler for guests to attend the wedding and for the couple to travel to and from the destination.
  • Romantic Sunsets -Jamaica is known for its stunning sunsets, providing a naturally romantic setting for evening weddings or receptions. The vibrant colors of the sky can enhance the beauty of your wedding photos.
  • Honeymoon Paradise -Many couples choose Jamaica not only for their wedding but also for their honeymoon. The island offers a range of romantic accommodations and activities, allowing newlyweds to seamlessly transition from their wedding celebration to their honeymoon.

What To Look For In A Jamaican Wedding Venue

A wedding hall set up in Jamaica
A wedding hall set up in Jamaica
  • Appropriate Guest Accommodations - If you want to have a large number of guests, it's important to choose a location or nearby hotel that can handle both your wedding's requirements and those of your visitors. When it comes time to gather for wedding preparation, it may be chaotic and confusing if visitors must stay in a different hotel from you or if there isn't enough space for everyone at the ceremony. It can also make guests feel uncomfortable during the wedding celebrations.
  • Scenery That Matches Your Wedding Theme - The majority of locations have beautiful scenery to serve as your wedding's backdrop or ambiance. As was already said, there are many different kinds of landscapes in Jamaica. Therefore, choose a region or venue location that complements your wedding theme. Select a location beside the ocean if you're organizing a beach wedding in a tropical climate. Making a scene in the strange jungle? Choose a location that is nearer to the rainforest. Looking for a ceremony in the wild? Seek for a location close to caverns or waterfalls.
  • An Appropriate Type of Wedding Package- When looking for a Jamaican wedding site, consider the packages that each place has to offer. Most locations provide a few tiers of packages that address various wedding-related topics. Select a bundle that includes the most costly items that are necessary for both you and your ceremony. You don't always find one that includes everything you desire, since you can always buy the smaller items individually, most often for less money.
  • Cost- While most Jamaican wedding venues are reasonably priced, it's always important to confirm that the location will suit your budget. Make space in your budget for any additional costs, such decorations, drinks, or a wedding cake, that the venue may not be able to pay for.

Sample Budgets For Wedding Venues In Jamaica

A Jamaican landscape
A Jamaican landscape
The location from where you're traveling, the season, and the resort and location you choose will all affect the final cost. To obtain the best rate for the locations you're interested in, speak with a travel agent. You may generally search for typical costs similar to these:
Flights to Jamaica ($600 x 2 people)$1,200
All inclusive vacation at the resort ($250 x 7 nights)$1,750
Wedding package (for 20 to 30 guests)$4,000
Destination wedding photographer$ $1,250
Legal marriage at home$100
Wedding rings$300
Wedding clothes$1,200
Grand Total$10,000
If money is limited, search for beach resorts that provide complimentary wedding packages and complimentary nights. Continue reading for further money-saving tips:Cheap Destination Weddings at All Inclusive Resorts.

Jamaica Destination Wedding Cost

The map of Jamaica
The map of Jamaica
Destination weddings are popular in Jamaica, where most soon-to-be married couples are delighted to choose to say "I do." Jamaica creates a stunning scene with its vast oceanic expanses, private waterfalls, and towering mountains. This island offers dozens of resort types at comparatively low costs, catering to almost any style of wedding and budget.
But it's not always obvious which place is best for you and your spouse since there are so many different kinds and locations of wedding venues in Jamaica. Fortunately, we've put up the greatest information on wedding venues in Jamaica, complete with pricing breakdowns, destination wedding planning advice, and the top venues in each category and area.

Affordable Beachfront Wedding Venues In Jamaica

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica - Runaway Bay

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica - Runaway Bay
Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica - Runaway Bay
The Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica is the ideal combination of affordability and stunning ocean views for your wedding, combining elegance and enjoyment. This resort offers a great deal of entertainmentat an average cost of $320 per night, making it affordable for both you and your visitors.
There are many beaches within a five-minute stroll from the resort, and guests may enjoy a variety of water sports, such as snorkeling and water skiing, directly on the resort's beach. Upgraded accommodations with lovely balcony views and delectable foreign restaurants are available for individuals who would rather remain indoors.

Wedding Packages

This 4-star, all-inclusive resort offers three separate wedding packages for 10-30 guests, with additional guests at a flat rate per guest.
  • Joyful ($899 USD) - Ten guests, tables and chairs, a music system, a symbolic priest, a centerpiece, a bouquet, and a boutonniere, as well as expert photos, a one-tier cake, a wedding present, an improved hotel, and more are all included.
  • Beautiful ($4,099 USD) -Includes 30 guests, seats and tables, a music system, a minister acting symbolically, a bouquet, floral arrangements, expert photos, a two-tier cake, a wedding meal, a cocktail hour, a menu of appetizers, a bridal gift, an improved hotel, a late check-out, and more.
  • Wonderful ($8,699 USD) - Features 30 guests, tables and chairs, a sound system, a symbolic minister, a bouquet, floral arrangements, expert photos, a specialty drink, 45 minutes of live music, a 3-tier cake, an open bar, appetizers, a wedding present, hair and makeup on the wedding day, an upgraded room, a complimentary three-night stay, and more.

Unique Amenities

  • 18-hole golf course and tennis court
  • Water park
  • 5 restaurants
  • Beach bar and Beach spa treatments
  • Water sports, including water skiing and snorkeling
  • Yoga and gym activities
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($320/night on average).

Jewel Paradise Cove Adult Beach Resort & Spa - Runaway Bay

Jewel Paradise Cove Adult Beach Resort & Spa - Runaway Bay
Jewel Paradise Cove Adult Beach Resort & Spa - Runaway Bay
Right on the ocean's edge is the four-star, all-inclusive Jewel Paradise Cove resort. This resort has something to offer everyone; on the same plot of land, you may enjoy a spa day, an all-inclusive wedding, or a night at the club! You and your wedding guests may live in luxury at a reasonable price an average of $410 per night. With an abundance of views of the ocean and surrounding landscape, this resort is the ideal setting for a dreamy beach wedding.

Wedding Packages

There are four distinct all-inclusive wedding packages available at Jewel Paradise Cove, catering to small intimate gatherings of up to 30 guests or just you and your spouse. They list the contents of each bundle even if they don't disclose the exact cost.
  • Just for the Two of You- This package includes the couple, a certificate and symbolic marriage ceremony, a bouquet and boutonniere, a toast with sparkling wine, a wedding cake, a room decorated with petals and free champagne, an extended check-out time, and more.If you stay seven nights or longer, you can't beat this deal.
  • Intimate Elegance- Includes a symbolic marriage ceremony and certificate, a bouquet and boutonniere, a sparkling wine toast, a wedding cake, a room decorated with petals and free wine, late checkout, a ceremony table and chairs, a couples massage, a romantic dinner for the couple, and more. It also includes accommodations for up to 10 guests.
  • Lavish & Opulent- featuring a symbolic marriage ceremony and certificate, a romantic dinner for the couple, hair and makeup in the resort spa, manicures and pedicures, a private one-hour cocktail party, a three-hour wedding reception with a three-course meal, tables and chairs, a toast to wine, a toast to the wedding cake, and much more.
  • Deluxe Crown Jewel- This package includes a symbolic marriage ceremony led by an ordained officiant, premium flowers, a two-tier wedding cake with sparkling wine toast, a sound system, a private reception with tables and chairs for three hours, a standard open bar with a bartender for three hours, cold and hot canapés, a three-course dinner, china, linens, centerpieces, early and late check-in and check-out times, a wedding gift, and more.

Unique Amenities

  • On-site cafe/coffee bar
  • On-site spa
  • Swim-up bars and poolside bars
  • 7 on-site restaurants
  • Tennis, volleyball, and other outdoor activities
  • A nightclub
  • Water activities, like sailing and scuba diving
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($410/night on average).

Ocean Cliff Hotel - Negril

Ocean Cliff Hotel - Negril
Ocean Cliff Hotel - Negril
This 3.5-star hotel has a somewhat different layout than the other two choices; it isn't composed of eight-story mega-buildings. The resort has private cottages for you and your companion. Your nightly accommodations, which are estimated to be 600 square feet, are more akin to little homes with deluxe beds and a personal chef!
These charming, reasonably priced cottages, which cost an average of around $270 per night, are above all romantic. The location is the ideal private setting for your seaside wedding, with views of the ocean, international food, and spa facilities.

Wedding Packages

Three venues are available for wedding ceremonies at the Ocean Cliff Hotel Negril: the Pool Podium, the Spa Stone Deck, and the Sanded Courtyard. The number of guests you may have is not limited by any wedding package (as long as it's 250 people or fewer.) It is possible to accommodate up to 250 persons in all three sites. The Blue Mahoe Deck, which can accommodate up to 130 guests, is the only space available for the wedding reception at this site.
Ocean Package$2,000 USD
Cliff Package$3,000 USD
Pavilion Package$4,500 USD

Unique Amenities

  • Cottages instead of resort rooms
  • Three wedding ceremony locations to choose from
  • A personal chef for each cottage
  • Full-service spa
  • International restaurant
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay $270/night on average

Royalton Negril - Negril

The Royalton Negril is the perfect wedding venue for a luxury wedding feel on an affordable budget. This 4.5-star, all-inclusive resort offers a wide variety of amenities and breathtaking views. Indulge in a poolside bar, spa services, and eight international cuisine restaurants before your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Packages

Four distinct ceremony settings are available at the Royalton Negril: the Chairman Ocean Pier, which can accommodate 50 people, the Main Beach, which can accommodate 150 people, the Sky Terrace, which can accommodate 80 people, and the Ocean Point Gazebo, which can accommodate 130 people.
Just the Two of Us$699 USD
Luxury Complimentary Wedding$999 USD
Refined Wedding$4,199 USD
Exclusive Wedding$11,199 USD

Unique Amenities

  • Poolside bar and terrace
  • Full-service spa
  • 8 restaurants
  • Coffee shop and garden
  • Arcade room
  • Four wedding ceremony locations
  • Terrace or beach wedding locations
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($510/night on average)

Elegant Luxury Resorts For A Grand Jamaican Wedding

Secrets St. James - Montego Bay

Secrets St. James - Montego Bay
Secrets St. James - Montego Bay
With Secrets St. James Montego Bay, experience ultimate luxury. This five-star, adult-only resort provides an exquisite oceanfront setting for weddings, as well as a plethora of activities during the intervening period. Savor a grocery shop, a nightclub, a casino, and pubs around the pool. Situated in Montego Bay, the Secrets St. James Montego Bay is in close proximity to several parks, restaurants, and the airport.

Wedding Packages

Despite the resort's obvious opulence, four of the five wedding packages it offers are less than $4,000. Their options for weddings allow up to 100 guests to elope.
Weddings in Paradise$999 USD
Elope in Luxury$1,100 USD
Secrets of Love$3,399 USD
Secrets Ultimate$3,799 USD
Beyond Memorable (50-100 guests)$8,999 - $14,399 USD

Unique Amenities

  • Casino
  • Nightclub
  • Five wedding venue packages available
  • Swim-up bars
  • 24-hour room service
  • Full-service spa
  • Various gardens
  • Arcade room
  • Water sports and activities
  • Boat tours
  • International restaurants
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($840/night on average).

Sandals Royal Caribbean - Montego Bay

Sandals Royal Caribbean - Montego Bay
Sandals Royal Caribbean - Montego Bay
Sandals is a novel take on opulent resorts: exclusively for couples. Yes, Sandals Royal Caribbean offers luxurious getaways and wedding venues to couples. This five-star, opulent, all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay has swim-up bars, foreign food, limo service, spa services, and other activities to help you get ready for your nuptials. For family and wedding guests, this resort is conveniently located within a 7-minute drive from the airport.

Wedding Packages

Numerous wedding locations are available on this particular Sandals site. Select from the Oceanfront Gazebo, Beachfront Wedding, Intimate Resort Wedding Chapel, Over-the-Water Gazebos, or Pier Gazebos. They provide a basic outline of what every Sandals wedding entails, even if they don't disclose precise price for wedding packages.

Unique Amenities

  • Couples-only resort
  • Limo service
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Swim-up bars
  • Full-service spa
  • 12 on-site restaurants
  • Tennis courts
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($1,120/night on average).

Half Moon - Montego Bay

Half Moon - Montego Bay
Half Moon - Montego Bay
The Half Moon resort, ranked as the top-rated Jamaican resort by Forbes Travel Guides for 2023, is unlike any other on the island. You may enjoy exceptional estate-like experiences with views of the ocean or gardens at this five-star luxury resort.
With a big garden, horseback riding, swim-up bars, and a golf course, Half Moon is the ideal getaway before, during, or after your peaceful wedding ceremony. The breathtaking vistas, serene ambiance, and many activities will be enjoyed by both you and your visitors.

Wedding Packages

Half Moon offers five distinct wedding packages to suit most budgets and preferences. The resort lists the features of each package even if they don't provide prices for them all. To view all wedding packages or find out more details on this Jamaican wedding venue, visit Half Moon’s website.

Unique Amenities

  • Golf course/mini-golf
  • Horseback riding
  • Swim-up bars
  • Private beach
  • Full-service spa
  • Limo service
  • Arcade room
  • Water sports
  • Art gallery
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($710/night on average).

Garden And Estate Wedding Venues In Jamaica

Devon House - Kingston

Devon House - Kingston
Devon House - Kingston
Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica is the ideal choice if you're looking for a gorgeous garden wedding location in Jamaica. One of Jamaica's national monuments, this site represents the country's variety of cultures. A magnificent location with acres of verdant grass and stately palm trees is Devon House. This site is suitable for both modest and lavish wedding ceremonies, with its beauty and peacefulness. Devon House provides a luxurious setting and an inexpensive experience.

Wedding Packages

Although Devon House provides choices for both ceremonies and receptions, we will focus on ceremony and reception packages for the purposes of this article. Three options are available for 50–100 people. For off-season ceremonies, the starting costs for the venues are $1,000, while for in-season ceremonies, they are $2,500. For full details on Devon House wedding venue opportunities, please visit their website.

Unique Amenities

  • Fountain with marble steps
  • Lush gardens
  • Estate architecture
  • Mansion tours
  • Average Venue Starting Price ($1,500).

Bellefield Great House - Montego Bay

Bellefield Great House - Montego Bay
Bellefield Great House - Montego Bay
Bellefield Great House offers the perfect garden getaway. Tucked away in the heart of Montego Bay, this Jamaican wedding location is among the island's oldest sugar farms. There are several venues to choose from for your ceremony, all situated on more than ten acres of exquisite grounds. The website of Bellefield Great House claims that the owners of this home had a legendary love tale that may be emulated by upcoming couples.

Wedding Packages

For this site, there are no set rates or packages. Since every wedding is unique, our location takes pride in offering a unique wedding package and experience. Space for the ceremony and reception is available at their wedding location beginning at $1,000. A bridal suite, tableware, tables and chairs, setup, and linens are always included in the beginning price.
Additionally, they provide on-site catering for buffets, desserts, and cocktail parties. The best part is that for such lovely surroundings, this location seems to be rather reasonably priced. For more information on Bellefield Great House’s Jamaican wedding venue, please visit their site directly.

Unique Amenities

  • Historic buildings
  • Gardens and acreage
  • Indoor and outdoor setup
  • Catering services
  • Event cleanup.

The Cliff Hotel - Negril

The Cliff Hotel - Negril
The Cliff Hotel - Negril
In the center of Negril, the well regarded 4.5-star Cliff Hotel is situated. This wedding location is ideal for the couple that wants a little bit of everything since it offers settings that are both garden and oceanic.
With gardens and terraces, you and your guests may relax before or after the big day with yoga, spa treatments, and poolside bars. With four villas and five acres of gorgeous gardens, there are several options for ceremony venues. This wedding venue is the ideal balance of economy and quality for you and your guests, with nightly rates starting at $350.

Wedding Packages

The Cliff Hotel does not provide prices for each wedding package since most packages are customized depending on the amount of guests and extras the couple wants. They have alternatives for indoor, outdoor covered, and outdoor uncovered wedding venues. Dinnerware, ceremony site, setup, cleanup, and event planning are all included in wedding packages. For more details on their Jamaican wedding venue packages, view their wedding package listor visit The Cliff Hotel’s websitedirectly.

Unique Amenities

  • Ocean and garden atmospheres
  • Outstanding reviews
  • Full-service spa
  • Hair salon
  • Poolside bars
  • Custom wedding packages
  • Cost of Per-Night Stay ($350/night on average).

Tips For How To Plan A Destination Wedding In Jamaica

A bride taking a picture on a bridge
A bride taking a picture on a bridge
Planning a destination wedding in Jamaica can be an exhilarating experience, combining the magic of a tropical paradise with the joy of celebrating your love. To ensure that your special day in Jamaica is as seamless as it is memorable, consider these essential tips:
  • Research and Choose the Perfect Location - Start by exploring the diverse regions of Jamaica. From the vibrant Montego Bay to the serene Negril and the historic Ocho Rios, each locale offers a unique atmosphere. Consider factors like scenery, accessibility, and the type of experience you want for you and your guests.
  • Understand the Legal Requirements - Jamaica has specific legal requirements for getting married, including documentation and residency regulations. Research and understand the necessary paperwork, such as marriage licenses, and ensure you comply with all the legalities well in advance.
  • Hire a Local Wedding Planner - Enlist the services of a local wedding planner who is familiar with the Jamaican landscape. A professional planner can navigate local vendors, handle legal formalities, and ensure that every detail is taken care of, alleviating stress and allowing you to focus on the joy of your impending nuptials.
  • Visit in Advance - If possible, plan a visit to Jamaica before your wedding. This will give you the opportunity to meet with your wedding planner, finalize details, and experience firsthand the ambiance of your chosen venue. It also allows you to make any necessary adjustments to your plans.
  • Consider the Weather - Jamaica's tropical climate can vary, so be mindful of the weather patterns during your chosen wedding month. Hurricane season typically runs from June to November, so plan accordingly to avoid potential disruptions.
  • Communicate Clearly with Guests - Destination weddings often involve guests traveling from different parts of the world. Clearly communicate all relevant information well in advance, including travel details, accommodations, and any planned activities. Providing a detailed itinerary can help guests plan their trip accordingly.
  • Explore Wedding Packages - Many resorts and venues in Jamaica offer wedding packages that can simplify the planning process. These packages often include essentials like ceremony setup, floral arrangements, and catering. Evaluate the offerings to find one that aligns with your vision and budget.
  • Incorporate Local Flavors - Embrace the Jamaican culture by incorporating local elements into your wedding, such as traditional music, cuisine, or even a reggae band. This not only enhances the authenticity of your celebration but also provides a memorable experience for you and your guests.
  • Plan for Recreation - Since you and your guests are in a beautiful destination, consider planning recreational activities before or after the wedding. Whether it's a group excursion to Dunn's River Falls or a relaxing catamaran cruise, these experiences can enhance the overall wedding celebration.
  • Budget Wisely - Create a realistic budget that includes all aspects of your destination wedding, from travel expenses and accommodations to ceremony and reception costs. Factor in currency differences and potential unexpected expenses to ensure a stress-free financial experience.

Jamaica Destination Wedding Cost - FAQs

Are There All-inclusive Wedding Packages Available In Jamaica?

Yes, many resorts and venues in Jamaica offer all-inclusive wedding packages. These packages often cover essentials such as ceremony setup, floral arrangements, catering, and sometimes even the services of a wedding coordinator. Reviewing these packages can help streamline the planning process and potentially save costs.

How Can I Ensure That My Wedding Budget Is Realistic?

To create a realistic budget, consider all aspects of your destination wedding, including travel expenses, accommodations, venue costs, catering, entertainment, and any additional activities. Research thoroughly and leave room for unexpected expenses to ensure your budget is comprehensive and manageable.

Are There Off-peak Seasons That Might Offer Cost Savings For A Jamaica Destination Wedding?

Yes, there are off-peak seasons in Jamaica, typically during hurricane season from June to November. While this period might offer cost savings, it's crucial to consider potential weather-related disruptions. Many couples opt for the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) to balance cost savings with favorable weather conditions.


The estimated destination wedding cost Jamaica includes venue expenses, accommodation, and travel, creating a memorable experience for couples and their guests. A destination wedding in Jamaica offers a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking a unique and romantic celebration. While the costs may seem substantial, the memories created in this Caribbean paradise are priceless.
Understanding the various elements that contribute to the overall expense allows couples to plan and budget effectively, ensuring that their dream wedding in Jamaica is not only beautiful but also financially feasible. With meticulous planning and a touch of Jamaican magic, couples can embark on a journey of love that will be cherished for a lifetime.
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