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James Corden Responds To Claims He Doesn't Drive During Carpool Karaoke


James Corden responds to claims he doesn't drive during carpool karaoke. A person who was paying close attention saw James and Justin Bieber filming the scene with the car hooked up to a rig and another car pulling it.

In a funny response to the fan feedback, The Late, Late Show's official Twitter account posted a picture of James and Samuel L Jackson trying to drive and wrote, "Guys, we don't even use an actual car."

Ben Winston, the chat show's executive producer, further confirmed that James often drives by tweeting:

When we are performing a 'stunt' as part of the Carpool, we only utilize a rig because James is unable to drive. In perhaps 50 carpools, this has only maybe happened four times. Safety is crucial!- Ben Winston

Following a tremendously successful career in LA, James returned to UK television over Christmas for the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special. James Corden responds to claims he doesn't drive during carpool karaoke and explains why he and his creative partner, Ruth Jones, decided to bring the show back:

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/james-corden-responds-to-claims-he-doesnt-drive-during-carpool-karaoke/ by Xander Oddity on 2022-10-16T12:11:41.213Z

Let's observe their actions. For a while, we weren't sure, but we wanted to see if there was anything there. After that, I thought that life was too short. Fear is the only motivator that matters. Although it may sound pretentious, none of us can guarantee tomorrow. You must attempt to complete everything as we are only here for a moment. I would rather accomplish something than not.- James Corden

Despite the fact that the special was a big success, it is unknown whether the show will continue with new episodes. However, Stacey actress Joanna Page said she would love to perform a yearly special.

Corden Not Driving For Bieber's 'Carpool Karaoke'

People Also Ask

Does James Actually Drive In Carpool Karaoke?

As long as they aren't recording a stunt, like a dance or a costume party, Corden does drive throughout the show, according to an executive producer of the show. There you have it, then! You can be confident that "Carpool Karaoke" is real; they are simply taking extra precautions to keep the roadways safe when the show is airing.

Who Was James Corden's First Carpool Karaoke Guest?

George Michael was James Corden's first Carpool Karaoke guest.

What Kind Of Car Does James Corden Drive In Karaoke?

If you are familiar with James Corden, you already know that he performs Carpool Karaoke while driving a Land Rover Range Rover. The British actor has several Range Rovers and other thrilling cars in his collection, but the Land Rover is primarily used for the show.

How Is Carpool Karaoke Filmed?

In essence, a video that demonstrates how the segment is filmed was tweeted by someone. James' vehicle appears to be being towed by a larger truck, and the wheels on which the tires are mounted are adorable small wheels.


James Corden responds to claims he doesn't drive during carpool karaoke. James Corden may have overdone the snark a little, but it was really just a mirror of the exaggerated responses that people posted online, both from their own accounts and from websites that cover entertainment news.

To Corden's credit, there definitely ARE others who find it puzzling that he doesn't consistently recall his workplace. Additionally, there are others who are still unaware that episodes of late-night talk shows are recorded several hours before they are broadcast.

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