James Cordon Responds To Claims He Doesn’t Drive During Carpool Karaoke

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 24.01.20

James Cordon responds to the viral footage showing his car being pulled during episodes of Carpool Karaoke.

Ol’ Smithy’s a bit of a big deal on the other side of the pond, presumably because no American has ever laid eyes on the hideous Lesbian Vampire Killers.

Of course, his Carpool Karaoke episodes have catapulted him into YouTube megastardom as the late night presenter has sung with every music legend the world over… and Chris Martin.


However, people were horrified yesterday – yes, horrified – to learn that James doesn’t actually drive the car during episodes.

Does James Cordon drive during Carpool Karaoke?

Seemingly, not.

The news was broken to a distraught public on Twitter by zolihonig, who posted the video with the caption:

Saw James corden and Justin Bieber filming carpool karaoke and this is why I have trust issues — he isn’t even driving!


Next thing you know they gonna tell us that his friends don’t *actually* need a ride.”

Is anyone really that surprised? There’s no way he’d be able to concentrate on the road and keep his passengers entertained.

This is Hollywood, people – it’s all smoke and mirrors in Tinseltown.


With fans voicing their feelings of betrayal all over the internet (get a grip, we’re on the brink of a catastrophic pandemic) Corden hit back at fans and enlisted the help of Samuel L Jackson.

It showed the pair perching on stools, wearing wigs – paying homage to Jackson’s famous Pulp Fiction scene.

Sharing the photo on Twitter, Corden captioned it: “Guys, we don’t even use a real car.”

How very droll.

I was about to share everyone’s comments in the Twitter thread, but for some reason it’s full of Louis Tomlinson fans asking James to do an episode with him.

I’m not kidding:


Weird place the internet, innit?

And now one of the directors on the show – Ben Winston – has addressed the claims, dismissing the idea that James doesn’t drive.

Why doesn’t James Cordon drive during Carpool Karaoke?

Well, apparently he does, just not for certain stunts.

Winston said:

“Not true! We only use a rig when we are doing a “stunt” as part of the Carpool – when it would be impossible for James to drive! This has occurred only maybe 4 times in 50 or so carpools… Safety is key!”


Anyway, will fans get over this truly shocking revelation?

Will the internet get its Louis Tomlinson episode?

We’ll bring you more as soon as we have it.

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