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Japanese Airline Forced To Put On Extra Flights As Sumo Wrestlers Overload Planes


An unusual and weighty situation unfolded when a Japanese airline forced to put on extra flights as sumo wrestlers overload planes. This quirky and unexpected incident garnered attention worldwide, highlighting the unique challenges that airlines can face.

In this extraordinary situation, the focus was on a group of sumo wrestlers traveling on a particular flight in Japan. Sumo wrestling is a traditional and revered sport in Japan, known for its larger-than-life competitors. While sumo wrestlers are celebrated for their skills and achievements in the sport, their sheer size and weight can create logistical challenges in other aspects of life, including air travel.

The aircraft's weight limits are designed with the safety and balance of the flight in mind. When these limits are exceeded, it can affect the aircraft's ability to take off, potentially compromising safety. In this case when a Japanese airline forced to put on extra flights as sumo wrestlers overload planes, presented a unique challenge for the airline.

To address the issue, the airline was forced to delay the flight and make necessary adjustments to ensure it could safely take off. These adjustments likely included rearranging seating arrangements and possibly leaving some luggage behind to compensate for the added weight.

In a remarkable twist, the airline reportedly had to schedule additional flights to accommodate all the sumo wrestlers and other passengers. This situation showcased the airline's commitment to safety and its willingness to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

More than 20 sumo wrestlers showed up at two airports in Japan seeking to catch a flight to the island of Amami Oshima, which is located in the deep south of the nation. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, they were traveling to the island since there was a tournament taking place there and they wanted to take part.

The airline was concerned the passengers would be too heavy for the Boeing 737-800 flights when they arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo and Itami Airport in Osaka to board them.

The airline made the ' very rare' decision to arrange separate flights exclusively for them because of concern that the increased weight would impact the plane's fuel reserves.

In a local television interview, a representative for the Gunma wrestlers said:

I was joking about the possible weight concerns, but it actually turned into a problem. We had great support, although we are a little tired.- A representative for the Gunma wrestlers

The airport at Amami is smaller than those at other ports, according to The Guardian, and the extra weight on the return trip may have made it difficult for the plane to take off.


Japanese airline forced to put on extra flights as sumo wrestlers overloaded planes. The incident serves as a unique and memorable chapter in the world of air travel.

It highlights the importance of adhering to weight limits and safety standards, even in the face of unexpected challenges. This story serves as a lighthearted but instructive example of how air travel can sometimes take unexpected turns. For the latest and most detailed information, you can refer directly to the provided sources.

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