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JS Conferences 2016 - Exploring The Top JavaScript Conferences


In 2016, there were numerous JavaScript (JS) conferences held all over the world, providing developers with an opportunity to network, learn new skills, and stay updated with the latest developments in the field.

These JS conferences 2016brought together some of the most influential and talented developers in the world, sharing their knowledge and experience on a variety of topics related to JavaScript.

What To Expect At A Typical JavaScript Conference?

JavaScript conferences are important events for developers who work with the programming language. They offer a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from experts, network with peers, and discovernew technologies and best practices. But what can you expect at a typical JavaScript conference? Here are some of the key elements to look out for.

Keynote Speakers

At most JavaScript conferences, the opening sessions feature keynote speakers who are experts in the field. These speakers often provide insights into the latest trends and techniques in JavaScript development, and they may share stories about their own experiences with the language. Keynote speakers can help set the tone for the conference and provide inspiration for attendees.

Breakout Sessions

After the keynote speakers, most conferences have a series of breakout sessions throughout the day. These sessions are typically led by subject-matter experts and cover a wide range of topics related to JavaScript development.

For example, there may be sessions on front-end frameworks like React or Angular, back-end frameworks like Node.js, or emerging technologies like WebAssembly. These sessions usually include a combination of lecture-style presentations and hands-on coding exercises.


Some conferences offer longer workshops in addition to the shorter breakout sessions. These workshops may last anywhere from a half-day to a full day, and they typically provide a deeper dive into a specific topic.

Attendees may be required to bring their own laptops and code along with the workshop leader. Workshops are a great opportunity to learn a new skill or technology in-depth.


Many conferences also have an exhibition area where vendors can showcase their products and services related to JavaScript development. This can include tools and frameworks, consulting services, or even job boards. Exhibitors offer attendees a chance to learn about new tools and services that they can use to improve their development workflows.


One of the most important aspects of attending a JavaScript conference is networking. Conferences provide a great opportunity to meet other developers who share your interests and may be working on similar projects. Attendees can exchange ideas and best practices, make new connections, and even find job opportunities. Many conferences also have social events like happy hours or parties, which provide a more relaxed environment for networking.

The Future Of JavaScript Development - Insights From 2016 Conferences

JSConf US Conference

One of the most popular JS conferences 2016 was JSConf US, which took place in Austin, Texas. This conference focused on the latest developments in the world of JavaScript, and was attended by developers from all over the world.

Some of the topics covered at the conference included React, Webpack, Node.js, and ES6. The conference also featured a number of workshops, hackathons, and networking events, giving developers a chance to learn new skills and connect with other professionals in the industry.

FullStack Conference

Another major JS conference that took place in 2016 was the FullStack conference, which was held in London, UK. This conference focused on full-stack development, covering a wide range of topics related to JavaScript, including front-end development, server-side programming, and mobile app development. Some of the key speakers at the conference included Douglas Crockford, the creator of JSON, and Ben Halpern, the founder of dev.to.

Ng-conf Conference

In addition to these two major conferences, there were several other JS conferences held in 2016 that were equally informative and engaging. For instance, the ng-conf conference focused on AngularJS, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, and was held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference was attended by developers from around the world, and featured a variety of talks and workshops on AngularJS-related topics.

JSConf EU Conference

Similarly, the JSConf EU conference was held in Berlin, Germany, and focused on a wide range of JavaScript topics, including front-end development, testing, and user experience. The conference featured a variety of speakers, including key figures in the JS community such as Douglas Crockford, and was attended by developers from all over Europe and beyond.

Velocity Conference

Another noteworthy JS conference that took place in 2016 was the Velocity conference, which focused on web performance and optimization. This conference was held in Santa Clara, California, and was attended by a mix of developers, designers, and web professionals. The conference featured a variety of talks and workshops on topics such as web performance, mobile optimization, and UX design.

JSConf Asia Conference

There were several other notable JS conferences that took place in 2016. For instance, the JSConf Asia conference was held in Singapore, bringing together developers from all over Asia to discuss the latest developments in JavaScript. This conference featured talks and workshops on a wide range of topics, including the use of JavaScript in robotics, the challenges of scaling web applications, and the role of JavaScript in the Internet of Things.

Node Summit 2016

Another noteworthy conference that took place in 2016 was the Node Summit, which was held in San Francisco, California. This conference focused on Node.js, a popular JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. The conference featured talks and workshops on topics such as building scalable and reliable Node.js applications, the role of Node.js in the enterprise, and the latest developments in Node.js tooling and frameworks.

People during JS conference
People during JS conference

Forward JS Conference

Additionally, the Forward JS conference was held in San Francisco, California, focusing on emerging trends in JavaScript development. This conference featured talks and workshops on a wide range of topics, including reactive programming, serverless architecture, and building web applications with WebAssembly.

React Native EU Conference

In 2016, the JS community was also beginning to explore new areas of development, such as virtual and augmented reality. This led to the emergence of conferences such as the React Native EU conference, which focused on using React Native to build mobile applications with a native look and feel.

The conference featured talks and workshops on topics such as building VR and AR applications with React Native, and integrating React Native with other technologies such as GraphQL.

EmpireJS Conference

Finally, the EmpireJS conference was held in New York City, focusing on JavaScript development in the context of the finance industry.

This conference featured talks and workshops on topics such as building scalable financial applications with JavaScript, using JavaScript for data visualization and analysis, and the challenges of managing large-scale JavaScript codebases in finance.

People Also Ask

What Were The Top JavaScript Conferences In 2016?

Some of the top JavaScript conferences in 2016 included JSConf, Fluent, Node Summit, Forward JS, and EmpireJS.

What Topics Were Discussed At The JSConf In 2016?

The JSConf in 2016 covered a wide range of topics related to JavaScript development, including web animation, machine learning, serverless architecture, and more.

What Was The Focus Of The Forward JS Conference In 2016?

The Forward JS conference in 2016 focused on emerging trends in JavaScript development, including reactive programming, serverless architecture, and WebAssembly.

What Were Some Of The Emerging Areas Of JavaScript Development In 2016?

In 2016, the JavaScript community was beginning to explore new areas of development, such as virtual and augmented reality, as well as using JavaScript in the finance industry.

Why Are JavaScript Conferences Important For Developers?

JavaScript conferences provide developers with an opportunity to learn about the latest developments and techniques in the field, as well as connect with other professionals and build their network. This is especially important in a field as rapidly evolving as JavaScript development.


Overall, the year 2016 was an exciting time for the JS community, with numerous conferences and events taking place all over the world. These JS conferences 2016 provided developers with an opportunity to learn new skills, connect with other professionals, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out in the industry, attending a JS conference is a great way to enhance your knowledge, expand your network, and get inspired by the work of other talented developers in the community.

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